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Premium Income Letter’s 5G Stock – Exposed!

Premium Income Letter 5G Stock

June 19, 2020 by Anders

If you want to find out what Premium Income Letter's 5G stock is without buying a subscription, then you are in the right place.

In this quick review I'll be going over the teaser for this opportunity and exposing what the 5G stock is, along with the ticker symbol and whether or not it's as good as it is said to be.

The Teaser:

There could be multiple teasers floating around the internet for this 5G stock, but what I came across recently was a presentation by Bill Poulos titled "This Plastic Film is About to Spark a  $12.3 Trillion Windfall"...

This Plastic Film is About to Spark a $12.3 Trillion Windfall

In this presentation Bill Poulos started off talking about how this new technology will unleash $12.3 trillion in new wealth and how it will be a "Historic Money-Making Opportunity For Early Investors".

He eventually gets to the point and tells us that what he's talking about is 5G, and focuses a lot on how 5G tech will improve autonomous vehicles and prevent car crashes - among the many other benefits it will bring.

He refers to 5G as "The God Network" for some reason and claims that there is one company at the forefront of this revolution that is positioned to profit hugely... claiming that this firm "owns proprietary technology necessary to complete the 5G upgrade"... and eventually he gets to the point here too.

The technology this company manufacturers is a tiny antenna inside this small plastic strip, which is called a strip antenna.

Poulos claims that this invention "could potentially deliver explosive gains of 1,432%". And then later he says that it "Could Be The Secret To An Investment Windfall Of 538%, 6,826% Or More".

His statements don't really add up, but the point is that he claims this company could be and incredible investment.

The Sales Pitch

As expected, there is a "free" report where all of the information is covered on this company, which is called: #1 Stock Pick for the Coming $12 Trillion 5G Revolution...

#1 Stock Pick for the Coming $12 Trillion 5G Revolution

And in order to get this "free" report you first have to pay $49 for his Premium Income Letter subscription service, which is basically a follow-along investment advisory service that provides investment recommendations, market research, warnings, and more.

*Makes sense, right? You can get this "free" report... but you have to pay before getting it.

This is how all of these advisory services are marketed nowadays... tease some amazing new opportunity, dangle a "free" report that explains everything, and then make people buy into a subscription service before getting the "free" report. This is the same way the recently reviewed "Blue Gas" and "Ghost Money" Trades teasers worked.

But anyways, back to the point... you won't have to pay for the subscription to Premium Income Letter because I'll be exposing the company he's talking about next. First let's talk briefly on who this guy actually is though...

Who Is Bill Poulos?

Bill Poulos

Bill Poulus is a co-founder and head trader at Profits Run, which is an investment advisory firm.

His background isn't nearly as impressive as some of the editors you'll find running other advisory services, but he does seem like a stand-up guy and actively donates to various charities. His career includes 40 years in the auto industry, much of which was with the Cadillac Motor Car Division where he held an executive position. Trading was just a hobby, but was something that he'd been doing since the 70's and had gotten pretty good at... which was the reason behind him co-founding Profits Run.

Profits Run provides a handful of different advisory services, The Premium Income Letter just being one of them.

The 5G Stock Being Teased

Back to the point now. 

Normally you'd have to buy into his subscription service to find out what the company is, but I've done the research and there are enough clues given for us to piece this together.

Some of the clues he provides include:

  • trades for $9
  • has over 49,000 patents
  • manufactures the "strip antenna" we were shown
  • the "first ever phone call made on a 5G phone was made between Qualcomm... and the company behind this $9 stock"
  • Cevian Capital invested $2.78 billion, Investor AB invested $2.20 billion, AB Industrivarden invested over $801 million in shares, Primecap Management Company has over 100 million shares, and BlackRock has $1.1 billion in this stock
  • Sprint has a 7-year contract with them, T-Mobile made a $3.5 billion deal, and AT&T also has an agreement with them

So what is it!!??

All clues here point to Ericsson (ERIC). And this is a confident answer.

  • Ericsson manufacturers "strip antennas" - the same ones we were shown
  • Ericsson does trade at around $9 (of course this is going to fluctuate)
  • Qualcomm and Ericsson (along with Verizon) completed the first 5G call, end-to-end, on a test device
  • Cevian Capital, Investor AB, Industrivarden, Primecap Management Company has over 100 million shares, and BlackRock are all large investors
  • Yes, Ericsson holds around 49,000 patents

Ericsson, ERIC, it is.

Good Investment or Not?

Seeing gains of up to "6,826%", as we are told in the presentation, isn't something you should expect. You can never take investment teasers too seriously. They are often misleading and you have to remember that they always end in some sort of sales pitch.

However, the company does have a good position in the 5G space and could be a solid investment.

One of the major problems that 5G has is that the signals can't pass through solid objects. They are very fast and can transmit a lot of data, but a wall, a door, trees, etc... will block the signal.

The solution is to have 5G hotspots, antennas, etc. literally everywhere... in every room or space where you want 5G available. However, this doesn't sound all that practical... until you consider the strip antenna's that Ericsson is manufacturing. These can be used to line surfaces with 5G connectivity. They can be placed underneath wallpaper on walls, painted over top of, etc. The point is that they are easy to place everywhere, which is what 5G needs.

Just don't get your hopes up too much

Expecting 1,000+% gains like we are led to expect from the presentation will likely lead to disappointment. If you want a more realistic price forecast then you can look on places like CNN Business, where there is an ongoing 12-month forecast kept up-to-date by a number of professional analysts.

Quick Recap

  • Claims that one company is positioned at the forefront of the 5G revolution
  • Says that investing in this company could lead to gains of up to 1,432% - and then later he says that it "Could Be The Secret To An Investment Windfall Of 538%, 6,826% Or More"
  • The company manufactures strip antennas for 5G connectivity
  • Only vague information is provided on the company, and in order to find out what it is you first have to subscribe to Bill Poulos' Premium Income Letter
  • I've done the research and now you don't have to buy into it just to find out - the 5G stock he's teasing here is Ericsson (ERIC)

You're welcome!

Let me know what you think about this 5G stock pick below. I hope this quick review has helped you out!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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