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What Is Larry Benedict’s “One Ticker Retirement Plan” All About?

October 13, 2022 by Theodor

Hedge fund manager Larry Benedict returned 23% during the 2008 financial crisis.

Now he's going to show us how to make all the money we need, in any market, using only a single stock with a “One Ticker Retirement Plan.”


The Teaser

As evidenced by double-digit returns during the worst market in fifty years, Larry doesn’t invest the traditional way. His approach has nothing to do with “buy and hold” and it flies in the face of everything a financial planner would ever tell you.

Source: opportunistictrader.com

Larry Benedict is the owner and CEO of The Opportunistic Trader, LLC. Which is a monthly newsletter for easy-to-understand trading plays. This may be the first time we've taken an in-depth look at one of Larry's teasers, but its not the first time we have reviewed a trading strategy here at Green Bull. See 2x Money in 60 Days with Flow Trading and The Untold Story of Optionetic's Co-Founder, as examples.

Today, Larry's agreed to come forward and reveal his unique method, including the name of the ticker symbol we need to get started.

After doing a brief online search, it seems Larry has his branding on point. Monopolizing results for the term “one ticker trading.” He's definitely not the first to apply such a strategy, but he may be among the first to commercialize it.

Larry's Discovery

Being a professional trader for over 30 years, Larry picked up some things.  But it wasn't until he got fired that he discovered his one ticker strategy.

He would get hired, start trading, and lose money. Over and over again. No matter what he did, nothing worked. Eventually, he realized what was missing: Specialization.

This became his new approach – Forget about 99% of stocks, forget about the latest fad, find one thing and stick to it. So far, so good.

Before long, he says he was making $1,000 in a day, then, $10,000 in a day, then, $100,000, and so on and so forth. Larry's hedge fund – Banyan Capital, made Barron’s list of most successful hedge funds one year, so there is something to this claim.

Larry says his strategy boils down to just two rules, which he's going to reveal next, along with the one ticker that he uses.


The Pitch

You knew it was coming…Larry's put together a special report to help everybody get started using his special strategy called: The One Ticker Retirement Plan.

Source: opportunistictrader.com

Inside the report is Larry's #1 pick for today’s volatile market and a step-by-step guide on how to use small moves to potentially make thousands of dollars in both bull and bear markets.

Its all ours along with a companion report – Larry’s Guide to Options and much more. If we subscribe to the One Ticker Trader newsletter…for a special price of only $19.


The One Ticker Strategy in Action

Here's how it all works according to Larry…

Rule #1 is Specialization

This flies directly in the face of one of the oldest mantras in finance: Diversification. 

Of course, when things are bad (like this year), this won't help much, with some $3 trillion in retirement savings wiped out so far this year. Larry says there's a better way.

With his strategy, it’s “possible to make decades’ worth of gains in just a matter of days.” This is because as a trader, there are no bad markets. Billions of dollars are up for grabs every year. Even years like this.

Rule #2 is Use Options

Again in the face of convention, Larry insists that options are a dream come true for everyday folks, especially in a crazy market.

This is because options work whether stocks go up or down. All it takes is a small stock move in either direction for you to potentially see a huge winner…or a loser. It's a doubled-edged sword.

As for an actual “over the shoulder” demonstration, Larry breaks it down like this:

He zeros in on a single ticker. Uses it for a period of time, a month, two months, maybe more. Then, when conditions change, he switches to a different one. Never trading more than one ticker at any given time.

The best part is with this method, we get to enjoy life. We’re talking about a few trades a month. That’s it. We get in, make our money, and get out. So, what is this one ticker?


Revealing the One Ticker for a Comfortable Retirement

Larry's top ticker is: Invesco QQQ Trust (Nasdaq: QQQ).

This is the Nasdaq 100 Index ETF and it is a trader favorite.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Highly liquid – average daily trading volume of over 56 million shares.
  • Low expense, tax efficient even for holding.
  • An active options trading strategy market with multiple expirations and strikes for both calls and puts.

I suspect the last point is why Larry favors the predominantly information technology ETF. I say ‘suspect', because our presenter doesn't go into any depth about how to use the ticker.

The only detail we are privy to, is that this is an options trading strategy.

This is something I do know a thing or two about.


Can you really retire by trading options?

Well, nothing is impossible. But the most probable answer is no!

While I can't speak to Larry's strategy in particular, as it was never disclosed. I can tell you that about 90% of all retail traders lose money. The reasons are myriad:

  • Informational disadvantage. A Bloomberg Terminal subscription costs $30,000 per year. Institutional traders have them, the vast majority of retail traders do not.
  • Trading costs. Most institutional trading desks pay commissions of a fraction of a cent per trade. What is your commission/markup rate?
  • Trying to time the market. Try to do this over the very short-term enough times and you will lose.

If you elect to try out a strategy with money you can afford to lose, it's no harm, no foul. But putting retirement money on the line is a hard stop.

For this reason and the others stated above, I cannot recommend options trading as a tangible wealth building strategy.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Former hedge fund manager Larry Benedict has a “One Ticker Retirement Plan” that he says will make us money in any market.
  • His strategy is all about specialization (using only one ticker) and using options to make a few well-timed trades per month.
  • Larry reveals all, including how to get started using his strategy in a special report called: The One Ticker Retirement Plan. We can get our hands on it with a subscription to the One Ticker Trader newsletter for a special price of only $19.
  • Larry's top ticker that he uses in his own trading is: Invesco QQQ Trust (Nasdaq: QQQ).
  • Options trading is a rough endeavor for retail traders. About 90% consistently lose money and the disadvantages are too much to overcome.

What has your personal experience been trading options? Share with readers in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • I signed up for Larry’s $19 deal but have not received notices of all the trades he brags about. I missed enough of them to be concerned about in this situation. Who needs a buy alert but not sell notice. I complained but they do not seem to care.

  • The $19.99 for Larry Benedict’s One Ticket Trader service is money well spent. He doesn’t provide a lot of option trades, about 2 or 3 per month, but they work. I started the service in late October, executed five of his recommendations thus far, and netted about 13% overall. All five were profitable. If you want his more aggressive services, with significantly more trades per month, you’ll have to invest much more, around $1,500+. I’m tempted, but so far have resisted the urge. I’ve only been with the service 2+ months, but so far, very good! If the consistent success continues, it might be worth the larger investment.

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