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What Is Jim Rickards’ “C-Day” Pitch About?

September 16, 2022 by Theodor

Financial forecaster Jim Rickards calls December 13, 2022 “C-Day” as its the day that America’s #1 safe asset could be facing destruction.

We're talking about cash and when “C-Day” finally hits, we will witness the biggest disruption to our banking and financial system that we've ever seen in our lifetimes.


The Teaser

You may have seen signs like this one before:

Source: paradigmpresspub.org

And not given them much thought. Well, it turns out that this is the first step to something Jim calls “C-Day”, the biggest change to our money supply that we’ve ever seen.

Jim Rickards is certainly no stranger to controversy or bold predictions, as the author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis and six other books. See our in-depth look at Jim here: Is Jim Rickards A Fraud? As well as our review of his Tactical Currency Profits presentation.

He's been sounding the alarm on this issue for over 10 years now and despite these warnings, the danger of “C-Day” continues unabated.

That’s why Jim has created this special presentation, that he says he's paying for out of his own pocket to outline the steps he's personally taking to prepare for the upcoming “C-Day” event. Jim promises NOT to bore us with economic trivia or give us an academic lecture. Just walk us through his C-Day thesis in the simplest terms possible. This way, we can be ready.

Source: paradigmpresspub.org

Specifically, he's talking about the death of the cash version of the U.S. dollar.

One day in the not-so-distant future, the U.S. government and Federal Reserve will simply require all transactions to become cashless, thus rendering paper money and coinage worthless. Jim calls this day “C-Day”, the day America goes cashless.

Needless to say, the elimination of physical cash will have profound consequences:

  • No more cash transactions between individuals that were 100% private and difficult to trace.
  • No more universal means of exchange. As even if inflated, you could use U.S. dollars in every country in the world.
  • No more store of value or asset of last resort against bank failure.

What are we to do in the face of all this? Jim says he's discovered several simple steps we can take to protect our assets and way of life. Not only this, but he's also found ways to potentially make a lot of money as C-Day unfolds.


The Pitch

To get FREE access to these ideas, all Jim asks is that we take a test drive of his flagship research service, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

This isn't ‘free' and actually costs $79. For this we will receive four special reports: The “Nevada Secret” To Buying Gold For 6 Times More Profits, How to Ride “The C-Day Switchover” For Big Profits, The “2x Currency Trade” Handbook, The Ultimate “Off The Grid” Currency. In addition to 12 months of the newsletter, access to a private model portfolio updated in real-time, free tickets to live events, and more.


What in the World is a CBDC?

Money as cash has existed for 4,000 years going back to ancient Babylon.

What’s the future of money look like after America goes cashless? In short, a brand new monetary system. One we’ve never seen before, in the history of civilization.

In short, without cash existing in the physical world, the U.S. dollar will evolve into something called a “Central Bank Digital Currency” or CBDC for short. Far from a ‘conspiracy theory', the Biden administration has thrown its support behind further study and development of what would be known as a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency.

On the surface, a 100% digital currency, recorded on a ledger with encrypted transactions sounds a lot like a cryptocurrency. In reality, it's more like Bitcoin's evil twin. 

For one, these are currencies issued by central banks, they are not created by individuals through crypto mining. They don’t use the blockchain, and they definitely do not embrace the decentralized issuance model hailed by the crypto crowd.

CBDCs are digitally mutated freaks of today's central bank issued fiat currencies, with all of the worst qualities magnified.

Some watchers warn that this digital currency could turn into “programmable money.” Because with it, the government would be able to program what you can spend your money on, how much of it you can spend, and most importantly, what you can’t buy with your own, hard-earned money.

Even more concerning is the fact that at this very moment, CBDCs are being introduced by almost all the major central banks around the world. In the face of a global assault on freedom, what can we do to both protect and position ourselves to profit?


4 Steps to Survive C-Day

The pieces are now almost all in place to turn the U.S. dollar into a CBDC. This much is clear.

Knowing this, our first priority should be protecting your own physical safety and that of your family. This means stockpiling at least enough food and water to last at least 3-6 months. If you can afford more, consider making this investment in your physical well-being.

Beyond this, here are the specific steps Jim recommends we take today:

Step #1: Use the “Nevada Secret” To Buying Gold For 6 Times More Profits

Although Jim recommends investing in physical gold and silver. He says there is another method of investing in gold, which was invented in the state of Nevada.

Apparently, the “Nevada Gold Secret” did better than the overall stock market over the past six years. In fact, it gained 328% more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He could be talking about gold futures/options, gold jewelry or even a gold mining company here.

Step #2: Profit from the “C-Day Switchover”

As the central bankers turn “off” physical money flows around the world, someone will need to build the means to transfer and use the new digital currencies.

This switchover isn’t going to be cheap. The infrastructure isn’t all built yet. No further insight is given here, but could be talking about a specific blockchain or blockchain provider here.

Step #3: Use The “2x Currency Trade” To Profit From Currency Wars

The next round of currency wars will cause even more financial chaos in the markets. The effects of currency wars will ripple across the currency market, the stock market, and the options market.

We need to be ready and more importantly, we can be in a position to even profit from these new digital currency wars.

Jim says this is not traditional currency trading. We don’t need to use the foreign exchange (Forex) market. What he has is something new and better. He goes on say that it’s possible to make these trades in our normal brokerage accounts. These could be exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs) or certificates of deposit (CDs).

Step #4: Make Sure You Have This “Off The Grid” Alternative Currency to Protect Your Wealth

With the death of paper money, you are going to want to have liquid assets to store your wealth, and to transact business “off-the-grid.”

Jim tells that this asset is NOT a crypto-currency nor gold or silver coins. This “off-the-grid” asset is portable and it’s worth more per ounce than gold. This is having your own safe deposit box at home or secreting your valuables in a safe haven, as per Barton Biggs' book Wealth, War & Wisdom.


Is a CBDC Coming to America?

Money in America has been replaced by force before, when gold was effectively turned into paper money in 1933.

So from this standpoint, it's easy to see paper dollars being turned into central bank digital currencies. As for the December 13, 2022 timeline, we know there is a Federal Reserve meeting scheduled for Dec. 13th and 14th of this year, but it is expected to be a routine two day press conference and nothing more.

Irrespective of what happens or doesn't happen on this day, I have a personal philosophy:

Hope for the best and do your best to make it happen, but prepare for the worst.

In this regard, Jim's recommendations are simply common sense and measures everyone would do well to heed.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Jim Rickards calls December 13, 2022 “C-Day” as it's the day that America could go cashless.
  • Specifically, Jim is talking about the death of the cash version of the U.S. dollar and the rise of a “Central Bank Digital Currency” or CBDC for short, which we know is already in the advanced planning stages.
  • Thankfully, Jim has discovered some simple steps we can take to protect our assets and way of life under such a scenario. All is revealed in a set of four special reports: The “Nevada Secret” To Buying Gold For 6 Times More Profits, How to Ride “The C-Day Switchover” For Big Profits, The “2x Currency Trade” Handbook, The Ultimate “Off The Grid” Currency. We simply have to sign up to Jim's flagship research service, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence at a cost of $79 to get our hands on them.
  • Among his 4 Steps to Survive C-Day are, buying gold futures/options, gold jewelry or even a gold mining company, investing in the infrastructure that makes CBDC's possible, which is the blockchain, profiting from the ensuing currency wars by way of exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs) or certificates of deposit (CDs). And finally, owning your own safe deposit box at home or secreting your valuables in a safe haven.
  • Nothing here that hasn't been said before, but it merits repeating since so many are unprepared for such a scenario.

When do you think a CBDC will be implemented, December 13th? In a few years? Never? Let us know in the comments section.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • According to your link “Is Jim Rickards A Fraud?…”:
    Apparently, he predicted that by 2020:
    all the gold of the G-20 nations will be confiscated and buried in a former nuclear bunker under a mountain in Switzerland to take it out of the global financial system.
    presumably by Arnie using a ginormous military helicopter, with the help of some robots with Dolby surround sound.

    if he said it WILL be ALL confiscated, then I’d disregard anything he says as that didnt happen. Whereas if he said its his conjecture, then that would be ok. So with this URL, he says a cashless US will be announced on 13th Dec, if this doesnt happen then I’ll just skip anything he says as he doesnt verbalise any uncertainty. I think people need to know which category an idea they have is,
    a specific idea could be:
    a. fact (eg dollar/GBP is now in Sep 2022 at its highest since 1985)
    b. hearsay (my friend told me bitcoin will rocket next month)
    c. personal conjecture (eg I think blockchain will never succeed as a payment system, except in failed economies)
    d. popular conjecture eg the future is crypto (the future US economy will be based on a baseless self referential confusion tactic system created by internet hackers, just hope there wont be a major power cut)

    its perfectly ok to personally conjecture something which doesnt happen, eg Harry Dent conjectured things about gold in his book Zero Hour which didnt happen. But if you start presenting financial conjecture as fact, this often is to manipulate people into buying your info product, eg financial advisory, and is essentially fraud by false representation.

    in the UK, fraud by false representation is legally defined here:
    and is a civil offence, see this URL:
    where you can go to jail for up to a year or 5 years depending on the specifics,

    it essentially means you INTENTIONALLY misrepresent something in order to gain money or to make someone lose money or risk losing money. usually financial gain via deception (deliberate lies to invoke a response).

    in a court case you have to show that the defendant knew that their representation was false.

    so if someone says the US will go digital in Jan 2020 because of a presidential decree that they have seen, buy their info product to learn more, and the prediction never happens, the person is a fraudster and you should not waste even 1 further second on what they say as they will just be luring you into another trap. You need to stick to people who are truthful. A fraudster will knit you a cozy imaginary jumper in exchange for your real money. People often get mesmerised by fraudsters.

    to convict financial newsletter fraudsters you can only do this via a class action, because in the UK you can only go to a proper court if the liability is over £25000. Thus if a financial info product is £2000, as an individual best you can do is get a refund via the small claims court. But if a group of victims gang together as a class action lawsuit, then you can go to proper court. UK lawyers will refuse to deal with a dispute below £25000 as their fees are more than the amount disputed.

    Many financial commentators are kind of financially seducing people in order to siphon out their money with empty promises (I’ll help you double your money) and financial sweet talk (eg the US will go cashless next month). In fact your money will halve, the US will print even more cash next month, and the only cash that vanishes will be your subscription money. They are like the wolf in the story of the 3 little pigs, when he tries to tempt out the 3rd pig in the house of bricks. Enthusing about fruits that are available in the distance.

    Without scrutinising Rickard I wont comment on his specific case as you’d have to scrutinise each word, just to say best thing is to skip anyone who says stuff will happen which doesnt.

    To actually accuse someone of fraud is potentially slander or libel, and you need to go through solicitors and is something you should only do through the legal system. In practice it is much easier to obtain a refund than to take legal action.

    so its best to keep to indisputable facts, and leave the conclusion to the onlooker.

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