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DeHaemer’s Tesla Bot Profits Stock – Jaw Dropping 3,683% Gains?

September 13, 2022 by Theodor

Elon Musk calls it Tesla’s top priority and it’s NOT a new car, rocket, or a new battery. 

According to DIY investor Christian DeHaemer its something bigger and far more lucrative than that. He’s talking about robots, more specifically “Tesla Bots” and we are going to learn how to profit from them without having to buy a single share of Tesla’s expensive stock or dabble in risky options.


The Teaser

Elon Musk predicts that robots will be “more significant” than Tesla’s entire vehicle business. This is why he’s setting out to dominate the robotics market, just like he did with electric cars and energy storage batteries.

Source: angelpub.com

Christian DeHaemer is Angel Publishing’s veteran financial analyst. His self-admitted specialty is finding emerging technologies that are changing the core of our economy and we’ve reviewed some of his ideas here in the past, including “A Tiny Company Solving America’s Biggest Crisis” and his and Dave Roberts’ Spatial Computing Company.

This presentation is along the same lines given the robotics market theme.

It starts out by introducing us to the Tesla “Optimus”, which looks like something out of a science fiction flick, but this robot is being developed as we speak.

Source: angelpub.com

The Optimus is being marketed as a personal servant that performs simple errands and tasks like taking out the garbage and cutting the grass. We could learn some more details on September 30th, which is the date of Tesla’s second annual AI day, as Musk has previously stated that “they may have an Optimus prototype working by then”.

The focus on robots is justified. Right now, robotics is ‘just’ a $38 billion industry, but by 2030, the industry is estimated to be worth $500 billion. A 1,215% increase in less than a decade! So its not that far-fetched to see robots become a “more significant” industry than automobiles over time, which is currently a$3 trillion industry.

But according to Christian the biggest profits won’t come from buying stock in Tesla or even buying Tesla options. The real profit potential is “hidden much deeper beneath the surface”, in a tiny company that 99% of investors don’t even know exists.


The Pitch

This firm could be the perfect partner Musk is looking for and DeHaemer has prepared a complete write-up on it called: How to Score Tesla Bot Profits Before Elon Musk Sells a Single One.

Source: angelpub.com

Its our if we decide to take a risk-free trial of the Launchpad Trader investment research service for $4,000. This includes the special report mentioned above, a full year of the Launchpad Trader, confidential alerts, private access to a members-only website, and more.


The Tech Rollout of a Lifetime

If Elon Musk wants the Tesla Optimus to be his next game-changing success, there’s one piece of tech that is mission-critical. Otherwise his robots’ full potential won’t be realized.

Have you ever wondered how you’re able to stand upright? Or how you’re able to keep your balance while riding a bike? Its actually not because of our eyesight, but thanks to our inner ear. Unbeknownst to most of us, our inner ear houses critical components that not only gives us our sense of balance, but also a sense of orientation. Like knowing whether we’re upside down, right side up, or sideways. Its all quite complex.

Well, the Optimus needs an “inner ear” to function properly just like we do. The only problem is, this part of our biology is extremely hard to emulate.

But after decades of work, millions of dollars spent on R&D, and the filing of over 27 patents. One little company has pulled it off. It doesn’t look like much:

Source: angelpub.com

So its hard to believe that this tiny sensor is the single-most important component of the $500 billion robotics revolution.

It’s what will give robots their sense of balance and orientation, just like humans and importantly also move with impeccable accuracy. Experts such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers have even confirmed this by stating that: “These sensors are gaining importance as a means for improving dead-reckoning accuracy in mobile robots.”

Thus, if Elon Musk plans to put an Optimus in every single home and totally dominate the robotics industry. He’ll need hundreds of millions, if not billions of these “inner ear” sensors.

The company Christian is teasing here has developed the most advanced “inner ear” sensor around and its technology is proven. Let’s find out its name.


Revealing the Tesla Bot Stock

A few facts about this mystery supplier were sprinkled throughout DeHaemer’s presentation. Here is what we were able to pick up:

  • Its stock trades for around $10 a share right now.
  • Christian has uncovered that Amazon is buying sensors from this tiny company. Boston Dynamics, which is one of the world’s largest robot manufacturers is too.
  • This “inner ear” sensor is protected by 27 patents and counting.

Based on this info, the conclusion is that KVH Industries Inc. (Nasdaq: KVHI) must be the mystery sensor supplier. Here’s why:

  • KVH stocks trades for just $10 per share as of the time of this publication.
  • KVH supplies the Dept. of Defense, Verizon, and lots of other big names. But no confirmation of Amazon and Boston Dynamics as current customers, just that they are “target customers” per their Q1 2022 investor presentation – see page 22.
  • The company has 24 active patents covering its core technologies.


The Best Way to Play the Robotics Revolution?

This presentation by Christian DeHaemer is highly speculative.

First off, Tesla is NOT a present KVH Industries customer. Christian states if this company were already with Tesla, the stock would already be at $50 or $75 or $100. While it is not merely wishful thinking, as KVH is qualified to be a potential supplier, so are some other firms.

Second, some examples of present customers it turns out aren’t even customers. Like Amazon and Boston Dynamics. Only potential customers that KVH is targeting for their Autonomous market segment.

Lastly, while the markets KVH supplies are expansive with plenty of room for growth. The reality is the technology supplier is still a sub-$200 million a year business that hasn’t been profitable in any of the past five years. In the same vein, it isn’t a high growth startup either, having been around since 1982.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Christian DeHeamer says “Tesla Bots” are about to hit the market and he’s going to show us how to profit from them without buying a single share of Tesla’s expensive stock or dabbling in risky options.
  • He’s talking about the Tesla “Optimus” robot here and more importantly an inner ear sensor supplier that purportedly makes it able to function.
  • All the details on this supplier are revealed inside a special report called: How to Score Tesla Bot Profits Before Elon Musk Sells a Single One. However, the only to get your hands on it is to take a risk-free trial of the Launchpad Trader investment research service for $4,000.
  • Fortunately, you just caught a break, as we we’re able to name the supplier right here for free. Its KVH Industries Inc. (Nasdaq: KVHI).
  • The presentation is largely based on the possibility of KVH becoming a Tesla Optimus supplier, which it is not currently. There are a lot of other hypotheticals thrown about, but the reality is that the company in question is not a profitable one. This despite the fact that it was established long ago in 1982.

What is your favorite robotics revolution play? Share in the comment section down below. 


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Forget about robots–what is the capability of this device to replace defective human inner ears Millions of us are specially disoriented and would love to be confident of not falling down because we no longer are able to not become disoriented.

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