Sure enough, if we’d followed the instructions, we could have made $1,400 in just 12 days, and walked away.

Get in, Get Paid, And Get Out

There are countless examples like the one just shown.

The “quick cash” system breakthrough was built by a disgruntled engineer back in 1978 who was so fed up with the government’s handling of our monetary system that he renounced his U.S. residency and left the country.

But before he vanished, he supposedly left behind an indicator that has since fallen into the hands of computer programmers who have turned it into one of the most reliable money-makers on Wall Street.

Here is the indicator on your screen, in plain sight:


The good news is, we don’t need to understand this thing at all for the chance to create an income stream using slivers of the stock market and a simple computer transaction.

We only need an ordinary brokerage account to make money off of short-term market moves.