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The “Tesla Killer” Stock (Jimmy Mengel) – Exposed!

The Tesla Killer Stock Review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

Jimmy Mengel from Outsider Club claims that The "Tesla Killer" is Here. He says this new technology will make Tesla obsolete and that there is one stock that is set to increase by as much as 11,666%.

In this review I'll be going over what the technology is he's talking about as well as the stock being teased.

The teaser:

The teaser presentation I came across is shown here, but there are likely others floating around the internet as well...

Tesla Killer

This presentation is by Jimmy Mengel, who is a newsletter editor for Outsider Club where he alerts subscribers to new investment opportunities. Mengel has become somewhat of an "expert" when it comes to financial advice in the realm of investing. His writings have been featured on a number of different media outlets, such as Wealth Wire and Green Chip Stocks, and he's been featured as a guest on CNBC a number of times.

Some of the claims he makes in his presentation about this new fuel technology that is the Tesla killer includes:

  • costs next to nothing to fill up your tank
  • has no carbon emissions
  • involves what he calls "blue gas"
  • is 300% more powerful than oil

He talks about how there are only around 10,000 vehicles that run on "blue gas" today, but this number is predicted to be as much as 10 million in the coming decades, and that this is predicted to create:

  • a $2.5 trillion market
  • 30 million middle-class jobs
  • and "a whole wave of millionaires"

He even claims that this new "blue gas" revolution will make more millionaires than the marijuana boom or cryptos.

To make the teaser even more enticing, he has supposedly found one stock that is set to soar in price. What we are told is that:

  • "investors stand to make more gains than buying Tesla pre IPO"
  • it's the pioneer of this "blue gas" revolution

Sounds like a pretty good deal right? I mean, Tesla's stock price was around $17 per share before it IPO'd. If you would have bought in then, it would be up 1,288%.

Mengel even goes as far as to claim this "blue gas" stock will "deliver earth-shattering gains" of 11,666% in months.

The sales pitch:

As always, this presentation ended in a sales pitch. 

You are able to get all of the information about this stock he's teasing in his report, The Tesla Killer: Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution...

The Tesla Killer - Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution

HOWEVER, in order to get your hands on this free report you must first pay to subscribe to his subscription advisory service, The Crows Nest. This is the same sales tactic used for most investment teasers, such as Alan Knuckman's "Penny Contracts" and others we've recently reviewed.

This The Crows Nest service costs $99 per year and provides subscribers with monthly investment recommendations, updates, etc.

But I'm guessing you don't want to have to buy into this just to find out the stock he's teasing... and you're in luck.

First let's talk about what this "blue gas" stuff is he refers to and then we'll expose this stock once and for all.

"Blue Gas" Explained

"Blue gas" is just a term that Jimmy Mengel made up for marketing purposes. What he's really talking about here is hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells that are being used to power electric vehicles.

It's true that vehicles using this technology emit 0 carbon, with water being their only byproduct, and it is being used as an alternative to the lithium-ion batteries that Tesla uses... which means it does present Tesla with some competition.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Here's how these engines work: you have 3 parts, an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte membrane. Hydrogen, or "blue gas", is passed through the anode and oxygen passes through the cathode. A catalyst splits the hydrogen molecules into its protons and electrons, and then the protons pass through the electrolyte membrane at the same time the electrons go through a circuit, generating electricity.

So the electricity here is generated through electrochemical reactions, completely different from that of the lithium-ion batteries Tesla uses.

This technology has actually been around in some form since the 1800's and was even used by NASA and the Russian Space Program. It's not quite the brand-new opportunity that Mengel leads one to believe, but it is still a very underutilized technology that has a lot of potential.

What Is This "Tesla Killer" Stock?

Anyways, let's get to the point here, which is the company he's teasing as the "Tesla killer".

Some of the better hints he gives us in the presentation include:

  • it was the company behind the start of the fuel cell revolution over 40 years ago
  • the founder was a geophysicist for Shell Oil in the 1970's
  • it made a deal to supply 2,000 fuel cell buses in Shandong, China

And that's all we really need to piece this puzzle together.

The company he's talking about, which let me remind you he thinks could be better than buying Tesla pre-IPO, is Ballard Power (BLDP). This is where the clues point.

  • Yes, Ballard Power was founded over 40 years ago, in 1979, and has been one of the biggest companies behind the expansion of the fuel cell
  • Yes, Ballard Power's founder, Geoffrey Ballard, worked for Shell Oil in the 1970's
  • And yes, Ballard Power formed a joint-venture company with Weichai Power in China to provide "at least" 2,000 fuel cell commercial vehicles

Not only that, but I've heard word from a subscriber who has confirmed that this is the stock being teased.

*Note: He also mentioned this stock only being around $3. This is the only clue that isn't accurate, but makes sense because the presentation is outdated and BLRD has risen a lot since then.

A Good Investment?

Will Ballard Power really provide you with massive gains of up to 11,666% and be a better purchase than shares of Tesla pre-IPO?

Well, the 12-month price forecast provided by CNN Business analysts isn't even close to that predicted by Jimmy Mengel, and the same goes for most other analysts' predictions. But, then again, these analysts aren't big on speculation and never predict the massive gains from winners like Tesla, as an example.

That said, there are some problems with this hydrogen fuel cell tech...

If it's been around so long, why isn't it already taking over?

Toyota Miria was the first publicly available hydrogen fuel cell car. This debuted back in 2014.

That's a while ago... so why aren't hydrogen fuel cell vehicles already more popular?

There are several reasons, one of the main ones being that there is a big lack of infrastructure. There just aren't enough charging stations to make these vehicles a good purchase for most people. And it's not like you can just charge your car at home like you can with Teslas and other electric battery-powered vehicles... fueling stations are a big expense.

These vehicles are also more expensive than battery-powered electric ones.

Not quite as environmentally-friendly as you would think... at least not yet

Furthermore, they aren't the environmentally-friendly planet savers that they are claimed to be by many... at least not yet.

Separating hydrogen gas from natural gas is one of the most common ways that it is obtained, and this is a process that actually gives off carbon emissions. 

CH4 + H2O (+ heat) --> CO + 3H2

Right now we are lacking the infrastructure to use wind and solar energy to separate hydrogen from water through electrolysis, which would likely be the best option. 

There is a lot of potential here, but things just aren't there yet for this to become mainstream for vehicles. That said, this could be good news for investors looking to get in early.

Quick Recap

  • Jimmy Mengel claims that this new "blue gas" fuel will make Tesla obsolete, and calls it the "Tesla Killer"
  • The technology he's referring to here isn't new. We're talking about hydrogen being used in fuel cells
  • There is one stock he claims is at the forefront of this vehicle engine revolution and he thinks it could increase 11,666%
  • Normally you'd have to buy into the subscription service being offered here to get his free report that tells you the name of the stock being teased, but I've done the research and exposed it here
  • The stock is Ballard Power (BLDP)

And there you have it!

You're welcome!

I hope this review has helped clear things up and provided value to you. Be sure to leave us your comments/questions below. We're always interested to hear what our readers think about the different stocks being teased.


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Hello Anders,

    I invested in Ballard a long time ago and lost money. Why should it be different this time around.

    Thanks for your great article


  • That’s for that exposure. Are you able to expose the microchip that they put in the automatic trucks. That seems to be the next big thing. The deep thinking microchip for AI. Thanks.

      • Hi, yes, while I don’t have a link I have several titles. The first one is 5 Stocks That Could Be the Next Amazon, if you put that in several styles will come up. Also the other title is “35 times bigger than amazon” Montley’s Fools.
        Thank you for your quick response.

          • Thank you. But this stock is around 400 Dollars. Can that be it?? They say it’s new technology, Nvidia has been around for years. This teaser is https:undefinedundefinedpro.chooseyourselffinancial.comundefinedpundefinedALN_1millioncode_0519undefinedEALNW757undefined?ESP_MAIL_ID=1392433&ESP_ORG=tfp&ESP_EXP_ID=1933338&ESP_CNTC_ID=MDAwMDU0NTIzMTc2&ESP_A=35521&h=true
            Do you think Nvidia is going to be 35 times more than amazon???


          • Hi. I couldn’t get that link to work. However, I see the domain name is chooseyourselffinancial.com, so this must be a different stock than the one I just mentioned Motley Fool is promoting, but I’d need to see the ad to find out what it is.

  • I bought into this 3 dollar stock and it was at over 19.50 sold out at 16.35 and its at still dropping. Maybe it will be something in 10 years. Cant trust anybody these days.

  • Thank you! So tired of getting "the next big thing" from hundreds of wasteful emails. Its nice to see this come through my email box for a change. Thank you again!

  • You've given me a lot to chew on. I will be watching to see if this BLDP is good or not . Thanks for your honesty

  • Great insight and looking forward to your publications.

    Teeka Tawiri of Palm Beach Venture is pandering a $0.50 Pre IPO stock for a whopping subcription of $2500.

    Do you have information on the Company he's promoting. What's your take?

    I am skeptical of these so called billionaires pandering these penny stocks but selling the speculative information for big bucks


  • Interesting exposure and more so because all of these "exciting" stocks always turn out to be North American companies. More exciting stocks can be found on the other side of the Atlantic such as Ceres Power who manufacture Solid Oxide fuel cells. These are cheaper, will work with any gas so can operate as a domestic unit on natural gas and quite happily work as hydrogen is gradually introduced into the gas supply. As a vehicle fuel cell they will work on butane or propane whilst waiting for transition to Hydrogen. Made from steel they are also robust enough to take the impacts of off road work. Ceres also licence their product to other manufacturers. Ballard are very much a one trick pony. Good at what they do but are hardly going to set the world on fire as predicted. I'm not saying CP are either, Just tthat these hype articles always concentrate on North American Companies, when there are many more interesting companies around the world.

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