Jimmy Mengel’s “Blue Gas” Stock – Exposed!

Jimmy Mengel Blue Gas Stock

by Anders

April 10, 2020

If you're wondering what this "blue gas" stock is that Jimmy Mengel has been teasing then you are in the right place.

Is it really a better investment than Tesla was pre-IPO? Will it really produce gains of 11,666%?

In this short review I'll be going over what exactly "blue gas" is and the stock he is talking about here.

Spoiler Alert: Don't get to excited, gains of 11,666% are a pipe dream.

You've probably came across one of the presentations online. There may be multiple floating around, but what I came upon was "The 'Tesla Killer' Is Here" presentation...

Tesla Killer

As Jimmy Mengel states, this new technology, "blue gas", is going to make Tesla obsolete, and this is why he's calling it "the Tesla killer"...

Blue Gas The Tesla Killer

And of course we are told that he has identified one "tiny stock" behind it all that is "set to trade higher than Tesla within the next few months"...

blue gas

As already mentioned, he claims this opportunity is "more lucrative than buying Tesla pre-IPO" - and let me remind you that Tesla's stock price has went up over 1,200% since it's pre-IPO days.

Mengel says this stock could deliver "earth shattering gains" of 11,666% in months.

And of course it's all a sales pitch..

So how do you find out what this stock is?

Well I'll be telling you in a minute, but normally you'd need to get the special report, titled The Tesla Killer: Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution, "completely free of charge".

But, of course, in order to get this "free" report you will first have to subscribe to The Crow's Nest newsletter subscription service, which costs $99/yr (supposedly normally priced at $199/yr).

The Crow's Nest is a follow-along newsletter advisory service where subscribers are provided with investment and market research on a regular basis. Subscribers get:

  • Monthly The Crow's Nest newsletters that cover everything from hacks to reduce living costs, boosting income, growing retirement funds, alternative investment opportunities, reducing your taxes, and more
  • The latest investment research from Mengel and his team, including updates on the markets
  • Members area website access where an archive of all past newsletters and research can be found
  • "Insider opportunities" where subscribers are provided with investment recommendations
  • and a bunch of special reports, including "The Tesla Killer" report.

This is an entry-level newsletters service. It provides more of a broad-level overview of the market and what's going on. There are investment recommendations made, but it's not a very high-level investment recommendation service like some of the others you'll find online.

What Is "Blue Gas"?

If you were able to make it through the entire agonizingly-long presentation, then you know that Mengel is really talking about hydrogen fuel cells. "Blue gas" is just a made-up term for marketing purposes, similar to other investment teasers floating around, like "Q-Shares" and "The Hypernet".

Hydrogen fuel cells emit zero carbon and their only byproduct is water, making them a very eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels and a competitor to the lithium ion batteries that electric cars like Teslas use.

The way they work, in a nutshell, is like this: there are 3 parts of a fuel cell... an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte membrane. Hydrogen molecules are passed the anode and oxygen through the cathode. What happens is that the hydrogen molecules are split up, protons and electrons being split from the molecule, and the protons pass through the electrolyte membrane and are forced through a circuit that generates electricity. This is an oversimplification of course.

The reasons Tesla's (and other electric cars') batteries might be in trouble up against this fuel cell technology is because they...

  • take forever to charge
  • don't drive very far on a full charge
  • cost a lot

Hydrogen fuel cells are improvements in all three of these areas, as explained in this short video from Business Insider:

Who Is Jimmy Mengel?

Jimmy Mengel

Mengel is the guy behind The Crow's Nest newsletter service, and also the editor behind The Marijuana Manifesto, which is an investment advisory service for cannabis industry investors - both of which are publications coming to us from the Outsider Club, a contrarian-focused investment advisory company.

As mentioned, The Crow's Nest is a pretty broad-level newsletter service, covering much more than just investment recommendations like many do. This is somewhat expected if you look at Mengel's background. His passions include "government malfeasance, civil liberties, natural health and the area where politics and finance collide", and he has been featured on media outlets for various topics ranging from tech IPO's on CNBC to food safety law on Christian Science Monitor. His writings have also been featured on places like Wealth Wire, Health Wire, Green Chip Stocks and Healthier talk... a broad range here.

He doesn't have the strongest background in any one area, and it's not like he was some industry leader and has inside information on things, but he does seem to be a good fit for the type of newsletter service that The Crow's Nest is.

The "Blue Gas" Stock Exposed

But anyways... let's get to the point here. What is the stock he's teasing?

Let's go over some of the clues he gives us in his presentation:

  • it's a $3 stock
  • it began this fuel revolution over 40 years ago
  • its founder was a geophysicist for Shell Oil in the 1970's - him and his team made a breakthrough in 1987
  • has signed $200 million worth of deals with China's largest engine and auto parts companies
  • is supplying 2,000 fuel cell buses in Shandong

So what is the stock?

All the clues point to it being Ballard Power (BLDP), which is a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Its founder, Geoffrey Ballard was a geophysicist that worked for Shell Oil in the 70's - and by 1987 him and his team "had significantly improved the power density of the fuel cell"
  • The company has been around since 1979 - over 40 years
  • Ballard signed a collaboration deal with Weichai Power to form a joint-venture company in Shandong, China to provide at least 2,000 fuel cell commercial vehicles

*Note: The stock price is much higher than $3 now. The whole "Blue Gas Tesla Killer" presentation is fairly old however, and it would have been trading at around $3 when it first surfaced on the internet.

All clues here point to Ballard Power - and I've also heard from someone who has received Mengel's The Tesla Killer: Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution report who has confirmed this.

Ballard Power (BLDP) it is.

A Good Investment?

Will BLDP really bring you gains of 11,666% in the "coming months", as Mengel claims? And is it really going to be a better investment than if you'd invested in Tesla during its pre-IPO days?

Well, people who invested in BLDP back when the "Blue Gas Tesla Killer" presentation first appeared, which was sometime in early 2019 I believe, have already made some nice returns, but there is certainly no guarantee that it will provide gains like we are told.

Saying that it is going to increase in price by 11,666% is quite a far reach... and most analysts predict nowhere near this... as shown in CNN Business' stock price forecast, where the highest 12-month forecast is much less than +100%... far from Mengel's 11,666%.

What you have to remember here is that Mengel is throwing a sales pitch at as. This is all really just a lure for him to bring in new subscribers to his newsletter service... and his speculative predictions are based on potential that the company may have, not based on the companies lack of profitability and unsteady financials that are shown on paper.

That said, there are a number of people out there that believe the company's luck is changing.


Quick recap:

  • The "blue gas" technology that Jimmy Mengel is referring to are hydrogen fuel cells
  • He claims that investing in one well-positioned company in this industry could bring in gains of 11,666% and is a better investment opportunity than Tesla was pre-IPO
  • In order to get his "free" report that provides details on the company he is teasing, you first have to subscribe to his The Crow's Nest newsletter, which is $99/yr
  • I've done the research and found out that the company he is teasing is Ballard Power (BLDP)

And now you don't have to buy in to find out! You're welcome!

Hopefully this short review has helped clear the air on what is going on here. Be sure to share this post to spread the word.

Also, let me know what you think about this investment opportunity below. I'm interested in hearing other people's opinions.

About the author 


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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  1. Sounds like your people like the blue gas idea-which is, as I suspected, a form of the hydrogfen powered fuel cell which the USA used on rockets or the capsuels it launched to the moon , I provided stqble electricity but , needd the high pressure of very chilled hydrogen 2 gas and was not seen by NASA engineers as tomorrows electric source-before the energy crisis and the fear of global warming.
    Personally, i prefer modern solar cells, but even they are made of plastics with expensive rare earths and must be replaced too often,. I much prefer on a statistical , and safety basis-nuclear fission powered reactors. Thee are numerous ways we have already used to make electricity with atomic power-we understand and can make them work. They are(I did the numbers so I cannot say they are untouchable) -all the Western nuclear plants in operation, all are safe and have lower accident, leaks or fires or other screw ups than any other industrial power manufacturing process-further-the fuel system is so safe it needs a separate industry of its own!
    Fission is 80 + years old and is 80 years proven safe and reliable.
    Fusion, the mircle energy maker that imitates the sun, is a great idea but it has been promised every 5 years"In five or ten years we'll have usable totally green" fusion. It is now 80 years worth of "in five or ten years. . . "
    Even could fusion be made workable in 1 hour-it will take hundreds of billions of dollars to make the plants and make enough to power the US and then the world. We have Solar, H2(hydrogen fuel cells) and we can build a nuclear plant in a year or two and now, make them small and easily rail transportable.
    The USA can solve our energy problems NOW-we can do it GREEN, but will big oil and gas companies(the devil's own road to the destruction of the planet for humans) allow the rest of us to go green while they are saddled with most of the drillable reserves of naturql gas and forms of oil and coal-none of which they want to let go of and have tio take the loss.

    If we do't do something-we will all begin a death spiral, beginning with the mass illegal immigration of millions of Muslims and Africans, as well as Asians to Europe, because they can no longer eat or live and breed in places like Bangaladesh, desertifying Africa and Asia and parts of central & South America. We do this now or we wait and either have to murder them via gas or poisons-or accept them as fellows on our "lifeboat".(see movie made in late 30's early 40's , written by John Steinbeck about the fate of EuropeundefinedAmerica in face of German aggression.) We have to act SOON or our kids and the rest of humans will die ,miserably.

  2. Wow, I remember one of my professors discussing this very thing way back in the 80's! His stance was he didn't think it would "be viable, because one of the byproducts was water and how do you account for all the water on the road, especially in wet or cold climates". Curious to know what advances have been made to address the issue because it does appear we're headed in that direction. Thanks for the info!

  3. I would like to invest in blue gas but not in a company that has any business partnership with China. Are there any other blue gas companies like this?

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