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The Alzheimer’s Company Being Teased by Behind The Markets – Opportunity to Make 113,584%?

July 2, 2021 by Theodor

 Dylan Jovine is here to tease us with a cure that could spell “the end of Alzheimer's” and one that he also thinks “could be the biggest drug ever”.

While this could mean a boon for humanity, which may potentially help up to 50 million people and of course, translate into massive financial benefits to investors, we should be skeptical. But Dylan says he has three words for us that will change our perspective. Lets find out how much truth (or not) there is to this.


The Teaser

These famous three words are the same ones that a scientist wrote down on a piece of paper in October 2013 and we're told they are “so simple that a five year old could say them”. But these words also hold the key to a new breakthrough…

Dylan Jovine has been writing about the stock market since 2003 and he is the founder & Chairman of Behind the Markets, a company whose mission is to bring individual investors the same quality investment research institutional investors have access to. We have covered a couple of Jovine's pitches here in the past, including his CRISPR Stock and “5G Weapon” Company.

These infamous three words have garnered our scientist hundreds of millions in investment dollars, first in May 2015 from Fidelity Biosciences to the tune of $217 million and then in August 2016 from none other than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos himself, who cut him a check for $130 million. It also took his company just 390 days to reach a $1 billion dollar valuation, faster than any company in history, including Facebook. All because of these “three words”.

Apart from treating a cruel disease, the author tells us that they could also “mint as many millionaires as other big winners started by visionary entrepreneurs”. And he is going to “show us the three words…pictures, details and more…so we can see this breakthrough for ourselves”, thus giving us the chance to get in for massive gains.


The Pitch

In order to get these three words and the name of the billion dollar company in question, we need to subscribe to the Behind the Markets investment advisory service. Normally $199 for a one year subscription, Dylan is offering the the first 1,000 people who respond to his teaser a deal, selling it for only $39.

For this price you will receive direct access to a model portfolio, which typically recommends one new stock per month, 24/7 access to a “members only” website, and no less than 7 free bonus reports, including the one being teased here entitled: “Past the Blood-Brain-Barrier: The Small Company Revolutionizing Alzheimer’s Disease”.


The 3 Words Worth $20 Trillion

The title of this section stems from the author stating that “this breakthrough has the potential to save the United States $20 trillion over the next twenty years”. This is owing to so-called “experts” saying that this treatment could help with “the biggest medical expense facing this country.” 

Besides this bold claim, Dylan also says that “there are 3 key ingredients to successful biotech investing”:

  1. Breakthrough Science…for which you need breakthrough scientists. Our mystery company is apparently “led by the former Head of Neuroscience at a Big Pharma giant”.
  2. A Massive Market. Since this company is working on a miracle treatment which could save the country up to $20 trillion, it pretty much takes care of itself.
  3. Distribution Partner. This last ingredient is by far the rarest and most special according to Jovine and this company possesses it.

These have been the author's keys to previous biotech wins and he says “today’s company has the potential to be bigger than all of them”. This is because those three famous words we were teased earlier actually stand for “Blood-Brain-Barrier”.

This is significant, because the challenge with Alzheimer's is getting treatments to reach the brain. This is due to the Blood-Brain-Barrier stopping 100% of large-molecule drugs from getting to the brain and 98% of small-molecule drugs as well.

This is the problem today's company solves. As it has allegedly developed a “Trojan Horse” that sends a signal directly to the Blood-Brain-Barrier to let it through. By actually making it to the brain, these drugs can begin the process of treating the disease itself, which differs from the Alzheimer’s drugs currently on the market.

With the annual cost to treat just one Alzheimer's patient currently around $27,672, which comes out to a little over $2,300 per month. Multiply this by millions of people and The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that, “caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s will cost American society $20 trillion including $15 trillion to Medicare and Medicaid”. While these estimates may be trumped up, it is still clearly a massive market.

But it could potentially be even more lucrative…because the challenge with treating any neurodegenerative disease is getting medicine through the Blood-Brain-Barrier (which this elixir does), it may be able to treat other neurodegenerative diseases also, such as Parkinson's, Dementia, and A.L.S. All told, this “technology platform” is expected to address a “$62.7 billion market”. Lets find out the name of this breakthrough business.


Revealing the Blockbuster Biotech Company

Dylan sets this up as being comparable to an early investment in Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Microsoft, saying “a person only gets one opportunity in life to invest in something this big this early…and I encourage you to do the same, immediately”.

Here are some clues to help us reveal its identity:

  • Among its founding investors are Fidelity Biosciences and Jeff Bezos
  • A Big Pharma company recently purchased 11.2% of its stock last year.

  • In the last few months, the company has won the FDA’s coveted “Fast-Track” status for one of their drugs and posted strong data on another one of them.

  • Jovine says that their list of shareholders looks like a “Who’s Who” of Wall Street firms: Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, State Street Capital, Credit Suisse, Schwab.

There isn't a whole lot to go on here, but based on the limited information we do have, Dylan is clearly talking about Denali Therapeutics (Nasdaq: DNLI), here is why:


The Biggest Biotech Winner of All-Time?

I have to come clean here, I have never in my life invested in a pharma/biotech company.

There are a couple reasons for this, one being that the majority of the modern medicine industry simply creates and sells treatments rather than actual cures for real problems, the obvious reason for this is monetary in nature. Two, since I am not an MD nor “science minded” I simply cannot analyze a treatment and determine whether it has any merit or not independently, thus I stay away.

What I can speak a little to, is the underlying economics of Denali and how they look, thanks to our good friends over at Value Spreadsheet:

They appear average at best. One thing we can say that the company has going for it is a broad portfolio of drug candidates, all of which strictly follow the principles of engineering molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier, and guiding clinical development through the discovery and use of biomarkers. Any one of these drugs could be a potential winner, making it more of a long-term speculation than an investment.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Dylan Jovine teases a cure that could spell “the end of Alzheimer's” and one that he also thinks “could be the biggest drug ever”.
  • Dylan tells us that he has identified a company that is working on “a miracle treatment which could save the country up to $20 trillion”.
  • To find out the name of this miracle elixir producer, we must subscribe to the Behind the Markets investment advisory service, for a special limited-time price of only $39 for the first year.
  • Fortunately, there were enough clues dropped for us throughout the pitch to be able to reveal the company in question as Denali Therapeutics (Nasdaq: DNLI) for free.
  • Denali currently has a total of six drugs in the “early clinical trials” stage, any one of which could potentially be the breakout blockbuster drug they are looking for.

What has been your experience with early-stage drug developers? Are you currently invested in any one pharma/biotech company or do you take a basket approach with these? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

    • In the CNS arena no company is farther along and more promising than Anavex Life Sciences with their blarcamesine A-273. They have not yet failed a trial and are now in a phase 3 for Alzheimer’s. Not sure what ticker they are pumping but I don’t think it is this one.

  • I notice that although 90% of men over 50 have BPH no one has managed to find a remedy since the advent of 'modern medicine'. Why is that ?

  • 90% of my portfolio 43 companies) is early stage biotech. Patience is required.
    There are some huge gains on offer in a few companies.

    This stock is not in my portfolio but I am invested in a company which has positive clinical results for this area of medicine. The share price has been over 300% up in 12 months and the big catalysts are due later this year. I should be surprised if the share price gain falls short of 1000%.

    BUT if a company cancelled a trial or the market hates the results drops of up to 75% the share price can been seen overnight

  • I avidly read Scientific American and as an example there have been many articles re: mRNA, so when Covid hit and 50+ pharma companies announced intentions to provide medical solutions, I singled out Moderna as the strongest contender, simply because of my prior readings. BioNTech was was not US and working through Pfizer, so even though also using mRNA, it seemed more confusing from an American investor point of view. I bought Moderna and am still holding it as it went from the $40's to $235's. Careful reading and study of published diagrams indicated precision potential compared to past haphazard tedious approximation approaches of currently more well known pharma (vaccine) companies.

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