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Quantum Glass Battery Stock (Matt McCall) – Revealed!

July 13, 2020 by admin

Batteries... can't live without them. They power our smartphones, laptops, cars, and a lot of other mundane stuff. In the tech world, enhancement or discovery of new models of batteries is an important field of study. And when it comes to investing, advancements in any industry could be big money makers for the public.

So then, what the heck is Matt McCall's "Quantum Glass" battery stock. We’ve been teased about batteries that last much longer than lithium-powered batteries before, but what about “quantum glass”?

In this article we are going to investigate and expose the stock in Matt McCall’s teaser which he calls the “Quantum Glass Battery”.

Let's begin with the teaser...

The teaser:

This pitch goes down the typical “tiny unknown company” route. The photo below is from the teaser I found by Matt McCall. Do keep in mind that there might be a number of variations for this teaser, but we’re going to talk about this one, titled: “Breakthrough 'Quantum Glass' Battery Will Ignite the Global $3 Trillion Electric Car Revolution”. In his report, he alleges that a certain technology can thrust the electric vehicle industry into a $3 trillion one. He calls it the “quantum glass”.

Matt McCall is the guy behind it all. According to Investopedia, he has 18+ of experience in finance and investments under his belt, starting when he was an account executive for one of the largest brokerage firms in the US, Charles Schwab.  He then became the chief technical analyst and co-hosted for a radio show called “Winning on Wall Street”. Additionally, he had made multiple TV appearances on networks like CNBC, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV, and eventually became a co-host of a daily investment show on Fox Business. Some of the firms he leads are CrowdVest.co (equity crowdsourcing platform), Crowdvest Securities (a FINRA/SEC registered broker-dealer), and Penn Financial Group, an investment advisory. AND... he also wrote two investment books, “The Next Great Bull Market” and “The Swing Trader’s Bible”, which he co-wrote with Mark Whistler. In short, he knows a thing or two about investing... but you still can't fall for all the hype these guys throw at you.

In the teaser, he gives the audience a glimpse of his portfolio, starting with Skyworks, a ‘little-known’ chip maker which went on to become Apple’s supplier of microchips fort the iPad. He stated that had you followed his initial recommendation, you would have relished in the 361% increase in shares of the firm. The same thing would have happened with, again a small company, called iRobot which soared as high as 695%.

This is the typical hype from teasers like this... lots of talk about how great they are.

Anyways... McCall claims that this new battery tech he's teasing has also been called the “forever battery”, “the battery that could change the world”, the “holy grail” of energy storage, and even going so far as to call it the “Jesus battery”.

The Jesus battery? Really Matt?

Of course, the teasers are never complete without the names of industry leaders already rushing to be the first ones to get in on the action. There are the automotive companies like GM, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Nissan, and Volkswagen and many more. Firms that, as McCall reveals, “are scrambling to get this technology inside their vehicles”.

Bosch and Continental, the largest auto parts suppliers in the world, are also said to be backing this technology.

Even leading oil companies like British Petroleum and Exxon are seemingly preparing for the impact it will have on them, and they are already making huge investments.

It's sounding pretty darn good, and what's more is that this quantum glass battery is said to fully charge in 60 seconds and is expected to go 1,000 miles on a single charge.

Matt says matter-of-factly that the quantum glass is virtually irreplaceable since it can last up to 150 years. He explains that the average life of today’s typical Li-ion battery is between 300 to 500 charge cycles before its capacity to store energy starts to degenerate, but with the quantum glass battery, it can apparently be recharged for over 100,000 times without losing its quality.

So, how the heck do you get in on this opportunity?

You already know... McCall suggests investing in one "tiny company", which of course I'll be exposing in a bit.

  • He calls it the "tiny company at the epicenter of this groundbreaking technology" and that this company is  "less than 1/1,000 the size of General Motors"
  • He goes on to call it "the tiny firm that’s paving the way for the global $3 TRILLION electric car revolution"
  • And the reason this company is supposedly such a goldmine is because it has "secured the key patents to the technology behind the production of the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery"
  • He also mentions that "this tiny company is off the radar of just about everyone, including the big boys on Wall Street"

The technology behind the quantum glass battery is so impressive that Matt thinks children a few years from now will not think of gasoline-powered cars and gas stations AT ALL; the same way millennials think of telephone landlines…wait what?

And what’s more is that Tesla might not be safe with this discovery because this will grow as much as 67,976% in the coming years - a prediction of course.

The sales pitch:

We know what’s next, right? After hinting how much this "tiny company"'s stock could climb in the near future, Matt slowly shifts his directions to his sales pitch.

He declares that this idea is so potentially profitable that he put together a “time-sensitive” special reports called “The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution”. It contains all the details investors must know about the company. 

But hey, don’t you worry, it’s free of course! All you have to do is to register to Matt McCall’s *paid* subscription-based research advisory called “Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities”. It costs $199 for a full year. He’s also throwing in a 100% money-back guarantee valid for one year.

What the heck is a "Quantum Glass Battery"?

“The secret is in a newly discovered super material, what I call “Quantum Ion” glass”, says McCall as he starts to explain how the technology works.

Of course, this is not really glass. Li-ion batteries contain liquid electrolytes which are chemical mixtures that conduct the flow of current between the anode and cathode. The new technology is basically replacing those electrolytes with solid ones, thus the term solid-state batteries.

Batteries with liquid electrolytes are highly flammable and less powerful than what you find in solid-state batteries. However, solid-state batteries are traditionally expensive to make. This is the dilemman.

According to The Independent, with solid-state batteries you can charge and discharge it hundreds of thousands of times without it posing a threat of fire or explosion, even in the event that you decide to throw it to the wall or drive a nail through it. This is simply because with solid electrolytes, there’s really nothing to burn. It can also hold 20-30% more energy than the usual batteries that we have today. This also entails longer life spans and will not require replacement every 2-3 years.

Mind you this is not a new idea, but releasing it to the market is not going as smoothly as laboratories and business entities would like since there are still factors that may hinder it, such as the costs, technical designs, and materials. Because the demand for this technology is visibly going to increase dramatically when other tech advancements like the IoT and 5G, whose power will rely on batteries, completely roll out... a lot of manufacturers, researchers, and laboratories are becoming more and more invested in this field.

Stock(s) Exposed

As I’ve pointed out earlier, there are a lot of firms and organizations in this field of research vying to become the next industry disruptor.

Let’s piece together our clues from the teaser to conclude which company is Matt McCall referring to. This way you'll be able to cruise around the continent in that new yacht you've been dreaming of... well... actually... don't count on that.

Now some of the context clues that we have in the teaser are admittedly vague. For example, Matt mentioned that Dr. John Goodenough is giving his full endorsement on this technology. Well, that’s because even the Li-ion inventor had announced on 2017 that he and colleague Maria Helena Braga had developed their own solid-state batteries. This is also the case when he went on and named some industry leaders who are investing in this technology.

This is where it gets confusing, he quotes the International Business Times calling it “The Tesla Killer”, an electric car that can charge fully in one minute. Upon visiting the article, it is pointing to US-based company, Fisker Inc. However, in an article written by McCall himself, he stated that the tiny company he nicknamed the “Jesus battery” is based in United Kingdom.

He quoted Forbes as well, saying that this is the “battery that could change the world”. Forbes, however, was referring to the solid-state battery created by Professor Mike Zimmerman and his company, Ionic Materials. But then again, it’s a US-based company whose headquarters are located in Massachusetts.

Misleading? You bet!

 Let’s look into more clues:

  • “Which is why one of the biggest car companies in the world — a $198 BILLION multi-national behemoth — has sought this tiny firm out. This auto giant produces 10 million cars a year and commands a leading 9.2% of the global car market.”

    According to Wikipedia, the only two manufacturers that produce that amount of cars a year are Toyota and Volkswagen. As of 2019, Toyota owns 10.24% of the global market share, with Volkswagen 3 points behind. This concludes that Toyota is the multi-national behemoth who made a deal with this our mystery company.
  • “Its patents have already been granted and approved in SIX major automotive markets across the globe, including the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Canada, and Great Britain.”

    One company that had confirmed the granting of their filed patents in these countries is actually headquartered in the UK.

Anyhow, let's just cut to the chase here.

Ready for it? 

The stock Matt McCall is referring to is Ilika. A small firm based in the UK, Ilika has been in long-term partnerships with auto-giant Toyota and luxury brand Rolls Royce. They boast of their solid-state battery Stereax® that have been granted eight of its patent filings. Even the photo below checks out:

According to Financial Times, Ilika developed their solid-state battery to meet the demands of Internet of Things (IoT).

Good Opportunity or Not?

Teasers are almost always over-hyped. It is best to always do your research before investing in anything.

As for Ilika, ever since its IPO on May 2010, its position hasn’t moved that much. It opened at 0.52 GBP (0.69 USD) ten years ago, while its latest closing price was at 0.56 GBP, as of writing. Ilika even experienced a dip in 2018 when they closed at 0.12 GBP. Overall, Ilika’s status isn’t very spectacular and can be risky to both short-term and long-term investments.

However, the stock is tiny and the company is on the cusp of a potentially huge shift in battery technology. 

If you're a speculator like Matt then it might be worth a second look. 

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Matt McCall teased us about a battery breakthrough which he calls "Quantum Glass".
  • The technology behind this quantum glass battery, which was said to be unprecedented, is the solid-state batteries wherein the liquid electrolytes inside Li-ion batteries are replaced by solid electrolytes.
  • There are a lot of companies racing to perfect this innovation.
  • The company Matt McCall teased us about is Ilika, which really is a "tiny company" still at this point.
  • So, there we have it. It was a little more difficult to identify the stock in this teaser since some of the claims and clues were kind of misleading. What do you think? Is the solid-state battery industry something you would  be willing to invest in? Is Ilika the stock that's going to fund that new private yacht next summer?

    Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


    "Admin", who wishes to keep his/her name a secret for privacy reasons, is one of the top researchers & editors at Green Bull Research. He/she has a passion for helping out ordinary folks and finds great pleasure in exposing deceptive investment teasers. We hope you've enjoyed his/her article.

  • I sat through most of the pitch I found on my e-mail this morning and quite frankly it had
    all the imarkings of the investment scams that are proposed this way on the internet.
    If this was such a good opportunity why not just buy a few thousand shares and relax and
    count your money? Just the same I was intrigued being a naturally curious person. I learned
    that Quantum Glass Battery actually is a thing and then I came across this article which
    really put the whole thing to bed. The idea that all these big companies and money people
    would let such a sure thing go because it would be too small an investment and would be
    bought off the market with just their petty cash is just laughable. They are asking us to buy
    their investment news letter, a sure thing for them and a speculation for us. No, I'll wait
    on the side lines until there is a little fire and not get choked by the smoke they are asking
    us to venture into

    • I've been listening to all the stories about this Quantum Glass Battery and the technology sounds great. I'm just wondering why the Big auto makers haven't jumped on this and why the media hasn't reported on it. I'd like to get in on the ground floor with this technology but I'm unsure as to how to buy the specific Glass Battery stock. Can someone point me in the right direction and let me know if there are any negative issues hanging this Glass Battery technology up ?

  • Good grief, I listened to Matt for nearly and hour, and then you promised to give me a direct answer as to the practical viability of this technology, but………….. Well, we have the name of the company, but how about some learned comments from some chemists or electrical engineers………….or MIT profs?

    • Hi Edwin. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t have the time to go into quite as much detail as we would like. But you can always do more research on your own, and we strongly suggest this.

  • Hi There-

    I am not a proponent of Wind Turbines, Massive Arrays of Solar Panels etc and know that fossil fuels are and will be the energy that moves the nation for years to come.

    That being said 10 years or so ago a battery technology really sparked my interest- Power Technology
    (PWTC) which had the makings of a battery that lasted much longer and was much lighter in weight.

    To me it seemed like a battery revolution about to take place since the "electric car" was gaining more and more momentum – yes the latter did the former (pwtc) did not.

    So the bottom line is I think YES by all means if not "llika" then some other- but I believe it HAS to happen, a super battery- And I will be there research and to invest.

  • I found the quantum glass battery article VERY–VERY INERESTING. You seem to be honest and trustworthy, therefor I am herewith registering to receive future articles. Thank you for your research and hard work.


  • I'll have yo say. McCall's Quantum Glass Presentation was very compelling. Until I got the inside scoop on how it all works I was ready to get in that boat. Opened my eyes. Thanks for making me see thru the fog.

    • Hi Jerry. You will have to contact the company that is running this newsletter service, which is InvestorPlace in this case. We are not affiliated with them in any way.

  • very good report, thanks for spending the time to research and write the article.

    panasonic and samsung are both in this same field and THEY have the funds for R&D.

  • I did a little research and read the following statement: 'Researchers in Spain and Italy have constructed the first-ever quantum phase battery – a device that maintains a phase difference between two points in a superconducting circuit':
    'Superconducting' requires very low temperatures, or most recently, very high pressure at 'room temperatures'. I expect this is why Matt McCall adds the word 'quantum' to his battery description.
    The necessary temperature drop is of the order of what is needed for the first generation Covid 19 vaccine. The pressure requirement is similarly extreme. It may be that without the 'superconducting' capability 'glass batteries' can be produced, but with much less energy storage. I do not see the present (design) generation of 'quantum glass batteries' as a suitable energy source for a car. May be practical for large scale 'immoble' batteries.

  • Thank you for doing the research on this. I noticed a few of the things you pointed out and was already questioning the posting.

  • Hey I appreciate your honesty. I am a first time investor in the stock market, I have about $30,000 cash that I want to invest.A buddy of mine who mad millions on Bitcoin and Amazon has been bugging me for years to get in.He brought to my attention EV”s and AV”s ( TaaS with Whitney Tilson ) and it really got me excited, reckon stocks and bio tech stocks. I use to be a player making over a half a million dollars a year in the Sub- Prime Mortgage Industry, had 4 houses, my primary worth almost a million dollars.I had a bunch of medical issues when I turned 50 and had 7 major surgeries and was in the hospital literally on and off for 8 months. I am on disability and live with my 84 year old mother. I actually buy and sell cars and antiques and sports memorabilia etc. I want to the the Poster Boy- 58 year old man that hits some of these monster tech stocks that go up 18,000 % and higher . I am extremely aggressive and a risk taker. Use to be a big time gambler haha and was always afraid to play the stocks because I thought I could not control myself. I have 2 sons in college that are ready to graduate. A lot of these companies are just bait and switch a teaser fee to get you in the door and then you have to pay extra for every tip ?? I watched this video with this guy Big T Teeka Tiwara and he wants $2,500 a year for his Palm Beach Edition stock newsletter, says he has this company that he can only buy pre IPO”s ?? Can you buy pre IPO”s at stock firms ? And there not SPAC”s so he says. He knows 3 of the most powerful VC”s and there letting him in at 50 cents a share, it’s all a bunch of BS. I know we live in the greatest- wealthiest country in the world but everybody is trying to take advantage of you $$$ it’s unbelievable. Thanks for Listening lol

  • The other mystery is the patent (s) held by the company. The technology moving toward production will no doubt involve multiple avenues with associated patents marking relevant discoveries and innovations along the way. Without details of the specific patents and the expertise needed to understand the patent and related technologies, how could you even begin to assess the value of the patents and validity of the claims made? Well you can't, so you'll just have to buy the promise and jump in if you are itching for that quick, easy fortune.

  • this is a generic comment relating to all the stock advisors mentioned here, in the comments & online. They are in the newsletter business. The price starts high but FOR YOU TODAY it is only $49.00 & refundable in full within X months. It's really so inexpensive that probably most people just shrug it off & let it go. If you forget about it for over a year, you get charged the BIG Price. So, how much is earned on selling a couple hundred subscriptions a day? If they are so good at choosing stocks, why aren't they just doing that? Oh, it's because they used to make money for the wealthy but now they want to help you little people – you know, the ones who will give them the $49.00. Someone I knew very well – college educated in investing, major securities work experience-Wall St & D.C. used to call CNBC the gambling channel. Gotta accept that.

  • I really appreciate your "no bull" approach and the analytical way you approached Matt's article on Glass Ion Batteries (aka Solid State batteries. Your analysis really helped me understand and appreciate what's really going on with the technology and the article.

    • I will NEVER give my hard earned money to a CCP controlled company. No freaking way. If it isn't 100% American forget it. If they do have any patents likely they were stolen by CCP agents. I am so sick and tired of the fraud and scams. Where did honest investing go? Where's the integrity of contracts? For four years we witnessed how compromised congress thumb their noses at the rule of law like its a joke… Its gone folks. Its gone b/c there is NO trust in the courts, congress, our elections and a CCP controlled president in office. If my property is NOT guaranteed protected by my own government, then all bets are OFF!

  • Watched McCall's teaser for awhile, but realized I'd have to pay for his newsletter in order to get the name of the small company to which he kept referring. Started doing my own research and came across your article above, so I'm very grateful to you. I can now research that company on my own and talk to my financial advisor. I'm a pretty small investor, so most of my money stays where I can't lose much, or make much, of course. I'm always looking for small companies in which to invest my meager amounts, with the potential of at least SOME profit in the long run. I'll keep looking into this particular company and solid state batteries in general. Thank you SO MUCH for doing the research!

  • I am trying to figure out what the big mystery is here and all of the deep research.
    These news letter companies like yours and other obviously make money some how.
    Why don't you simply buy Matts program and tell us the ticker symbol?

    • Hi Richard,

      We did give the company Matt is teasing here. It’s Ilika and the ticker is IKA on the London Stock Exchange.

  • Thank you so much for the coverage of Matt McCall and his promises. I have been going round in circles trying to figure out what the name of the stock might be without much luck. As a 80 year old great grandmother I would like to invest a little and hope it materializes so I can pass on something to my 34 grand and greatgrand children. It is a little late in my life to be hoping for some wealth but one can always hope. This battery is being thrown around by the Oxford group also and again at the cost of a subscription. I guess the little guy is not supposed to get rich? Again, thanks so much for solving the battery mystery.

  • i cant find it listed anywhere in the stock markets available to trade?I AM TALKING ABOUT" LLIKA"

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