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The Oxford Club’s “OPECALYPSE” with Matthew Carr – Stocks Exposed! [Review]

Oxford Club OPECalypse Review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

If you're looking for more information on The Oxford Club's "OPECALYPSE" teaser with Matthew Carr, then you're in the right place.

In this quick review I'll be going over what you should know about this teaser, the "protection plan" being used to lure in new subscribers, I'll be exposing some of the stocks he's teasing and more.

The Teaser:

There's a good chance you came across the presentation for this, which is at its core an investment opportunity. And, there's a good chance there are multiple variations of the teaser floating around the internet, but this is what I came across...


This teaser takes the old fear mongering approach to lure in new subscribers to the subscription service being pushed by The Oxford Club, which I'll talk about soon.


This is just a made-up word that refers to the impending doom that Matthew Carr believes will be coming our way due to OPEC and Saudi Arabia trying to destroy the US economy and their stronghold on oil.

Matthew Carr paints a very bleak picture of the future. He basically makes it seem as if we are all going to be doomed... UNLESS of course we follow his 3 step instructions.

Some of what is said in the presentation includes:

  • "Saudi Arabia and OPEC may have just launched an oil war"
  • they want to crush the US oil industry and the US dollar
  • Saudis started to attack after the corona virus caused US stocks to plunge and left us vulnerable - gave massive oil discounts to try to put US energy companies out of business

This has been a top concern among some high-up government officials. And it is true what was said about the drops in oil prices, as you can read on CNBC, Ted Cruz and other senators have even warned the Saudis to stop using "economic warfare" with their oil prices. This statement was made after Saudi Arabia dropped their oil prices drastically, which some believe is an attempt to put US energy companies out of business.

There's always some power struggle going on between countries for one reason or another, and right now many believe other countries are trying to take advantage of the fragile state the US economy is in.

The US dollar is a global currency and the petrodollar system is still in place, and this system of other countries using the US dollar for oil exports has benefited the US economy handsomely... but not everyone likes how the US makes out on the deal. We are told that China want's to take over this market and turn it into the "petroyuan".

And back to Saudi Arabia... their economy was hurt when the US passed them up and now has the highest crude oil production in the world. 

The oil trade is big business, and everyone want's their piece (well, at least China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia)

As we are told:

  • we have Saudi Arabia trying to put the US energy companies out of business
  • and we have China trying to replace the petrodollar with the petroyuan

AND... according to Matthew Carr there is another phase of the Saudi's "oil weapon" coming that he claims "will trigger a massive shift in the global economy".

He hints that it will be worse than the 2008 recession and that...

  • many US oil and energy companies could crumble and dozens will go bankrupt
  • inflation will soar
  • "real estate may go through another crisis"
  • "unemployment could also soar"

So what can you do about this impending doom and destruction that always seems to be looming around the corner in some people's minds?

Well, this is when the sales pitch comes into the presentation...

The Sales Pitch:

We are told that there are specific actions we need to take to protect our wealth, and these are all outlined in Matthew Carr's "End of the Petrodollar Protection Plan". 

This "End of the Petrodollar Protection Plan" is a series of reports that detail what stocks you need to avoid, stocks that you should invest in, and one particular stock that "stands to go up 695% OR MORE from the U.S.-China money shift" (more on this soon).

BUT, in order to get these reports you first have to subscribe to Matthew Carr's Strategic Trends Investor advisory service, which is basically a follow-along stock picking service that provides subscribers with stock picks on a regular basis.

*Note: This is the same sales tactic that was used in other teasers we've exposed, such as with Paul Mampilly's "Endless Energy" pitch and Matt Badiali's "Magic Metal" teaser.

Who Is Matthew Carr?

Matthew Car is the chief trends strategist at The Oxford Club, which is the financial newsletter publisher behind this teaser and Strategic Trends Investor. 

Before joining the team at The Oxford Club where he edits Strategic Trends Investor, The Viper Alert, Profit Trends and others, he was in the world of finance for around 20 years. He claims to be a leading analyst in the energy sector, but also has expertise in small cap tech, cannabis, cloud computing and so on. Basically, he is an expert on identifying trends, it it's not so important what industry they are in.

This makes sense because right now with this OPECalypse teaser the whole thing is based on a trend... a very pessimistic trend, but nonetheless a trend in the control of the oil trade.

The "End of the Petrodollar Protection Plan"

We are doomed unless we follow this plan, so we are told. But what is this plan exactly? Let's find out...

It consists of 3 stages, and for each step Matthew Carr teases certain stocks, let's begin going over Stage 1 and the stocks he things you should get rid of...

Stage 1: Dump These Holdings as the Dollar Falls

The first stage of the protection plan is to get rid of stocks that could tank... which are indebted US companies that could go bankrupt if the interest payments rise as predicted.

All of these companies are popular investments that are in many 401(k)s. Here's what we are told:

  • Company 1, aka "Death Stock No. 1", is a gas & oil firm that is $40 billion in debt and only has $3 billion in cash
  • Company 2 is a Texas-based, the second largest energy company in the world, has a -5% profit margin, a ROE of -12%, is $11 billion in debt with only $1.1 billion cash
  • Companies 3-7 we aren't told much about, just that they "are poised to go down in flames".

Now normally you would have to buy into Strategic Trends Investor to get access to the report that goes over these 7 stocks you should dump, which is Seven Popular Stocks to Dump Before the Petrodollar Collapse...

Seven Popular Stocks to Dump Before the Petrodollar Collapse

However, I've done some digging around and have some insight into the stocks being teased.

  • The first company is Occidental Petroleum (NYSE: OXY). The clues we are given here match up perfectly... it's about $40 billion in dept, has about $3 billion in cash - and I was even able to find recent articles from The Oxford Club that go along with what they are telling us here... which is to get rid of this stock
  • The second company being teased is Halliburton Company (HAL). This company also matches right up with what we were told. It's Texas-based, recent estimates show it had a about a -12% ROE, it's $11 billion in debt, etc.

And that's all I'm able to expose. For the other stocks 3-7 there isn't really any information provided for me to go off of.

Stage 2: Make Money With These Safe Investments Instead

With every crisis there is opportunity, and stage 2 is all about investing in the right stocks.

There are 3 particular stocks he thinks should be bought right now, one of them is in the gold mining industry, another is an airline company, and the last is a trucking company.

Here's what we're told:

  • Recommendation No. 1 is an international gold mining company that increased its production in an Argentinian mine by 22% last quarter, by 29% in its mine in the Dominican Republic, and by 33% in Papua New Guinea, and has $1.1 billion in Free Cash Flow
  • Recommendation No. 2 is an airline company, the "only airline whose net income stayed positive throughout the financial crisis", raised $4 billion in cash to handle the coronavirus fallout, and has been paying dividends consistently since 1980
  • Recommendation No. 3 is a trucking company that owns "nearly 100,000 tractors and trailers" and "you can get your hands on shares for as little as $31"

And, just like before, in order to get more information on these companies you would normally have to get the report, Three Ways to Prosper From the Rise of the Petroyuan... which you would have to subscribe to Strategic Trends Investor to get...

Three Ways to Prosper from the Rise of the Petroyuan

And also, just like last time, I've done some digging around and was able to find out the companies being teased here so that you don't have to subscribe just to learn more.

  • Recommendation No. 1 seems to be Barrick Gold Corp (GOLD) - everything matches up with what we are told. They have a recently reported FCF of $1.1 billion, they recently reported a 22% and a 29% increase at their mines in Argentina and Dominican Republic, respectively, and they do have a mine in Papua New Guinea.
  • Recommendation No. 2 there isn't all that much information provided on, but some of the clues point to Southewest Air (LUV). We know it's an airline company and we know that it raised $4 billion for the fallout of the pandemic. Southwest Air did recently raise $4 billion by selling stocks and bonds. However, we are told that this company has been paying out dividends since 1980. This is true, but they actually started in 1976, which is close but not an exact match. That said, you can't take everything these teasers say to be 100% accurate... and so this could be the stock being teased here.
  • Recommendation No. 3 isn't very clear. We know it has been trading (at the time of the presentation) at around $31, that it has nearly 100,000 tractors and trailers. Other than this there isn't much info... BUT.. Knight Swift (KNX) matches up here for what's been said - they have nearly 100k tractors and trailers and their stock is right around $31 (at this time).

Stage 3: Here’s a Potential Huge Winner

And lastly, in Stage 3, he recommends buying one particular stock that he thinks will explode in price, telling us that this stock could surge 695% easily from the shift to the petroyuan.

What we are told is limited:

  • This stock he tells us has total assets valuing only in the millions and its stock sells for less than $15.

We aren't told anything else, so I can't even begin to try to figure this one out, unfortunately.

The details of this stock are laid out in his One Major Winner in the Coming U.S.-China Money Shift...

One Major Winner in the Coming U.S.-China Money Shift

And as I've mentioned, in order to get all of these reports you have to subscribe to Strategic Investor, so I think it's worth touching on what this actually is for a minute...

What Is Strategic Trends Investor?

Strategic Trends Investor

Strategic Trends Investor one of The Oxford Club's newsletter advisory services and is ran by Matthew Carr. It's basically a follow-along service where subscribers are provided actionable investment recommendations on an ongoing basis. 

Here's a breakdown of what subscribers get:

  • A monthly newsletter that goes over new trending opportunities and provides detailed analyses on specific investment recommendations
  • Weekly updates on the market and information on when to take profits on recommendations
  • Members-area website access where subscribers will be able to log in and access all present/past recommendations and reports

This service is all about trends, and right now some of the biggest trends include things like virtual reality, marijuana, autonomous cars, AI, 5G, etc. It doesn't matter what sector... Matthew Carr looks for trending opportunities and these are the types of recommendations subscribers get here.

The cost to subscribe is $49/yr for the most basic subscription, although you'll be pushed to purchase the $79 "Premium" subscription.

Quick Recap

  • "OPECALYPSE" is a made-up word used to refer to the possibility of the US's stronghold on the oil industry being hurt by the Saudis as well as China
  • Oxford Club's Matthew Car claims that this could be worse than the 2008 recession, and that there are steps everyone needs to take to protect their wealth
  • In his "End of the Petrodollar Protection Plan" he goes over 7 stocks you should get rid of, 3 stocks to buy right now, and 1 stock that he thinks will go up 695% soon
  • More information on these stocks is provided in his reports, but in order to get these reports you have to become a member of his Strategic Trends Investor service

I've done what I can to expose some of the stocks being teased here. Unfortunately I can't expose his #1 stock that he thinks will increase in price by 695% due to lack of information, but hopefully I've provided some value to you as a reader.

Share this post to help spread the word and thanks for reading!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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