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Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited – Scam Or Goldmine?

June 14, 2022 by Phil

Is Paul Mampilly's Profits Unlimited a scam?

If you are looking for an objective review, you've come to the right place. Here, we freely give you the three sides of the newsletter's story.

First, we provide what the editor's claims are, including all the relevant details you need. 

Second, you will read about what the positive reviews are. Subscribers often voice out their approval, and this piece will show you what they like best about the service.

Third, we are not afraid to tell you what the negative reviews are. Expect to see even harsh assessments since this is not a puff piece. Our goal is to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Let's begin our review.


  • Name: Profits Unlimited
  • Editor: Paul Mampilly
  • Publisher: Banyan Hill
  • Website: www.banyanhill.com
  • Service: Monthly investment research advisory
  • Cost: $47 annual fee, $495 lifetime membership fee

This advisory from Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill is an entry-level service. According to its website, the editor will provide names of great stocks to buy. In addition, he will indicate when to sell them.

The editor also claims that the companies he recommends are the same ones Wall Street pros are keen on. Every month, you will receive "the name, the ticker symbol, and the buy price range."

Mampilly says that all it takes is less than 10 minutes. If you follow his lead, you will get amazing gains from your investments.

However, the editor clarifies that he is not a broker or investment advisor. But if you follow Mampilly's advice, he guarantees that your returns will even be better than those from fund managers.

Moreover, you can subscribe for a year or avail a lifetime membership.

What is Banyan Hill?

According to the publisher, it reaches a total of 700,000 readers. It is indeed an impressive number as it could mean that multitudes trust its track record.

Notice we mentioned that it could mean that, not that it automatically means that exactly. In this industry, publishers often do everything possible to get email addresses. In fact, many complain about such tactics.

So while this is a significant number at face value, it does not mean all of them follow Banyan Hill because of the quality of its services.

But what exactly does the company offer? According to its website, the firm focuses on myriad investment opportunities.

These include option plays, small- and mid-cap stocks, and income-producing investments. Banyan Hill also says it provides information on commodities, natural resources, and undervalued domestic companies.

The truth is, these have not always been its specialty. In the past, the company were all about off-shore accounts. It focused on investments with other countries when it started operating in 1988. 

In 2016, the group looked at investing prospects in the United States.

Banyan Hill wanted to be "America's No. 1 Source for Smarter, Safer, And More Profitable Investing." This line is even prominently written on its website.

For its leaders, the banyan tree is the perfect symbol for the firm. Since the tree is among the strongest in the world, it can withstand even the most brutal storms.

The publisher wants its subscribers to be like this. Through its recommendations, people who listen to them will survive the worst financial catastrophes. Subscribers will be as secure as the roots of the tree.

Among its editors are Charles Mizrahi, Ted Bauman, Ian King, and Paul Mampilly. Ian Dyer, Michael Carr, Clint Lee, and Chad Shoop also have their newsletters.

Aside from paid subscriptions, Banyan Hill also offers six free newsletters. Based on our experience, such free services attract many people to give their email addresses. 

Companies then use that as opportunity to sell upgrades and new services. We think these free newsletters are a factor in the company's formidable reader base.

Although another tidbit may also be the reason. You see, Banyan Hill is under The Agora. Our regular readers already know about this umbrella organization from the (in)famous Bill Bonner.

Aside from our feature on Bonner, we also have an extensive review of Agora and its subsidiaries.

Our article tried to answer queries asking if the company is legit or another scam posing as an investment research firm. We encourage you to read those articles if you want to know more about its operations.

What is Profits Unlimited?

According to Banyan Hill, this service is Mampilly's flagship service. The newsletter focuses on "innovative companies across multiple industries" that are about to go big.

When you subscribe, you will access the editor's research and insights on companies he is looking at. Mampilly will also give you his model portfolio so you can see which stocks to buy.

According to the publisher, the price is already a steal because of the editor's caliber. Mampilly supposedly has been earning millions for clients for many years already.

This time, instead of making rich people more wealthy, the investor wants to help the "little guys."

Since he has access, connections, and experience, Mampilly can easily help everyday Americans achieve financial independence. The goal is to give unlimited profits to people keen on retiring comfortably.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager and Wall Street insider who claims to have more than 130,000 readers. His career started when he was hired as a research assistant in Bankers Trust.

From there, he climbed the corporate ladder and worked in Deutsche Bank, ING, and other financial institutions. Among his career highlights is when Barron's named his hedge fund one of the world's best.

According to him, he was already supposed to retire at 42. At the time, he believed he did not need more wealth. However, he wanted to help ordinary Americans navigate investing.

This is his rationale for creating this newsletter. It was not just another gig. His vision was to provide actionable information so his subscribers could get incredible gains through stocks.

Currently, he has ten newsletters under Banyan Hill.

If you want to know more about his background, services, and other personal details, read our profile. In "Is Paul Mampilly Legit? You Need To Read This," we dive deep into all the information you need to know.

We have also written extensively about his past teasers. 

One of them is the iPower company, which he claims is the "next trillion dollar giant." We revealed that he was actually referring to AutoGrid Systems Inc.

We also previously talked about the EV stock he hypes. Based on our research, we found out that this is Cerence Inc.

What You Get

The newsletter provides a standard menu plus seasonal freebies:

  • Detailed monthly briefings
  • Access to model portfolio
  • Weekly updates
  • Instant trade alerts
  • 24/7 website access
  • Dedicated customer care team

At the moment, he offers the following materials free of charge:

  •  iPower: The Tiny Company Launching a $50 Trillion Energy Disruption
  • A Fortune Made in Space: The 3 Hottest Space Stocks to Buy Right Now
  • ReMade in America: the No. 1 Tech Stock for America's New Industrial Revolution

Since these usually change, you may get in touch with them to ask what the current offers are.

Track Record and Reviews

Thumbs up

Mampilly seems like a well-loved editor on Trustpilot's Banyan Hill page.

Many of the positive reviews were on Mampilly. In fact, we suspect that the publisher's 4.1/5 stars from around 860 subscribers are because of his glowing reviews.

More than 70% rated Banyan Hill as Excellent, and 10% said the firm is Great. Only 7%, 5%, and 7% rated the company as Average, Poor, and Bad, respectively.

If these ratings are accurate and not manipulated data, people must really trust the firm's recommendations. These are high marks for a prominent publisher.

According to one reviewer, Banyan Hill's editors give easy-to-follow instructions.

Receiving trade alerts on their phone is a welcome and convenient feature. Based on the commenter's experience, the firm has a good track record.

As mentioned earlier, Mampilly is a rock star in the comments section. Currently, there are 31 pages of comments from those who gave 5-star ratings. 

From the newest page to the oldest, people are raving about the editor and his services. A comment from 2019 succinctly declares: "I trust Paul Mampilly FULLY!"

"Annelise Collins" also gave a positive comment the same year. She says she never imagined making money in the stock market. But because of the editor, her overall portfolio then was up 21%. 

According to her, this is because of Mampilly's "expert knowledge and guidance." Even if there are "crazy days," she says that the editor's "cool and calm voice" gives her reassurance.

Meanwhile, "Sophie Rogers" says this:

We find that in addition to finding hidden jewels, we think that Paul's timing of the sale of a stock is perhaps his greatest asset to us. 
His easy-going personality and support team make it easier to suffer during challenging market volatility. You will not regret his guidance.

We highlight this comment because timing is indeed a critical factor in investing. Some have good timing, while others don't. Often, it spells the difference between big gains and huge losses.

In addition, subscribers indeed often look for sobriety when markets go crazy. If true, Mampilly seems like a dream editor for any subscriber. Again, this applies only if the feedback is indeed genuine.

Another review is from "PAULETTE" who says she subscribed to Profits Unlimited at the height of the pandemic. Mampilly's recommendations caused her to achieve massive gains, she claims. 

In fact, her portfolio was up 100% when she wrote the review. Even if there were times when it was down, the commenter trusted the editor.

According to her, she finds Mampilly and his team brilliant, sincere, and devoted. Due to her success, the added value in her life has "trickled over" to her loved ones.

Here are the other praises for the investor, in the reviewers' own words:

"Elena Marie"

First of all, I'm very pleased that I subscribed to both your services. 
As of June 24th, 2020, starting with $19,474, my gain is $40,526. So in 10 months, you could say I made $4000 per month, which could be a yearly job for many people.


Paul Mampilly has worked wonders for my portfolio. Paul has excellent integrity and a great knowledge of stocks. I love his America 2.0 ideas.

"David and Julie"

My wife and I joined Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes a little over three years ago. We had just retired and were looking to find a way to offset our savings.
Between the two services, we invested about $50,000.00. As of this testimonial, we are up $156,864.00, an amazing 313%. We are so thankful to have found you, Paul.

Wolf of Wall Street?

Of course, not all the reviews are rosy. 

"Frederick Foote" says that Banyan Hill does the same scheme shown in the movie Wolf of Wall Street. He claims to have lost over $250,000 as he listened to the publisher for three years.

He adds:

They get paid for pumping and setting up retail investors to the slaughter. Seriously, every podcast from Paul or Chad is "hang in there" it will get better.

Reviewer "Zzzlife Zzzlife" even renamed Mampilly's services as Losses Unlimited and Extreme Misfortunes. They said their $39,000 became $22,000 in two years with the newsletters.

They claim that there are positive reviews because Banyan Hill may have indirectly bribed the writers. The firm may have given them "free perks" or invited them to events.

To be fair, the commenter did not give any evidence for this. It could just be their speculation, so take this with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, "Smart Boy" has the harshest words for Mampilly. For him, the editor is the "worst stock picker in 2021." He says this because he believes Mampilly "blindly follows Cathie Wood."

He adds that retired investors or those nearing retirement should not subscribe. According to him, the editor is out of touch with the markets. He adds, in his own words:

I have lost a lot of money following Paul, and while I cannot do much now, I hope there is a special place in hell for him.

These reviewers did not mince any words, primarilly due to their frustration.

We would like to note again that there are more positive comments on the review site. As to their accuracy, that's another issue altogether.

Fair and balanced

Profits Unlimited's Stock Gumshoe page shows it got 4 out of 5 stars as of this writing. This average score is from the ratings of around 1050 readers.

Once again, it is an admirable score. What's even more impressive is that many seem to want to weigh in on Mampilly's entry-level service.

We found "Thomas Miller's" comment informative on the editor's performance:

Here, we see a subscriber who has been with the newsletter for a while. He also gives a sober overall assessment but highlights why he trusts Mampilly.

We find these kinds of comments helpful for our readers as well. They do not treat editors as gods. Instead, they provide context and even some aspects they did not like about the newsletter.

In this case, the commenter says Mampilly has been great for his portfolio. But there were also some losses.

Another commenter gave a measured assessment of the editor's recommendations. According to "Pedz," he subscribed to Profits Unlimited in 2013. 

The editor firmed his resolve on buying AMD and TSLA then. But he also bought STM and INTU because of Mampilly's prodding. As a result, he says the editor was able to make him a millionaire.

Even though there was a point when "Pedz" became "sick to his stomach," he says the newsletter inspired him to continue.

Because of what happened to him, he says he is glad he paid the subscription fee then. In his own words:

His is the only service that gave me an 80% win-loss ratio – although some, like DDD & SSYS took a while to turn to green.
Maybe I just got lucky during this up move – but Paul’s guidance was very helpful, and $300 that made me a millionaire is a drop in the bucket.

Based on our research, the editor reaches professional investors and newbies. We think showing you his versatility will help you assess him and his newsletter.

It will seem suspicious if only the veterans were impressed. This could mean that his explanations may be so complicated that only those in the know can benefit. 

But it would also be unsettling if noobs were the only ones impressed. This may mean Mampilly only performs for the first few moments upon subscribing. Or that knowledgeable investors do not find him convincing.

Take the case of "Tom Roper." If an investor who has been grinding for a quarter of a century likes you, you must be doing something great. In the comment below, he establishes his credibility in judging Mampilly.

In my 25+ years of investing, I have always used an advisement service. Paul is by far the best growth stock picker that I have encountered.

Meanwhile, we also want to show you someone who experienced the newsletter for a year and continued. For "mmk788," they love the service enough to keep on subscribing.

Been a member for about 2 1/2 years. This is a solid service with good returns.

This point is critical because we have seen a lot of buyer's remorse from entry-level newsletters. For some, a year's worth of newsletters is enough for them to not continue. They eventually unsubscribe.

But for this user, it seems like they are happy with the service's recommendations.

You will read from a new subscriber in the comment below.


Profits Unlimited is awesome! As a newcomer to investing, I couldn’t have asked for an easier entry into the world of stocks and stock-picking. 
It’s obvious Paul Mampilly knows what he’s doing, and I trust his recommendations. I’ve been a member for 2 months now, and many of his picks are already up 10-30%.

What's special about reviews like this is that they assess how editors help them navigate a new world. So ease of use and clear explanations help them. 

If they are impressed, the editor must be doing a fine job of simplifying complex investing concepts. Usually, beginners are still adjusting, so they need a helpful guide.

Emails, emails, emails

As you know, we also show you the negative comments. This gives you a fuller picture of Profits Unlimited. Here are two complaints about the newsletter:

This is a common complaint with the cheaper investment research services. People say that all they are suitable for is for marketing purposes. They claim that the goal is not really to provide valuable information.

What editors seem to do is give a few commonsense ideas but leave out the meat. So to know the stocks that will make you a millionaire, you must upgrade.

How does Mampilly do this? According to "rail rider," the editor starts by "hyping less costly stocks at a reasonable subscription price." When you're set, he then talks about a newer, better, more shiny stock.

However, Mampilly will not tell you what it is unless you upgrade. Then this becomes a cycle "until you’ve had enough."

Is it fair? Well, that depends on your expectations. If you're coming in knowing that you ultimately get what you pay for, you'll be fine. Understand also that this is how publishers make money.

What some people do is scrutinize which entry-level advisory gives the most value. They take cues and maximize what they know.

But if you agree with the editor's calls, it might also be wise to upgrade. But then, that's entirely up to you. We do agree that since you are a paid subscriber, editors must provide value.

The complaint about spam emails is also common. As mentioned, once publishers get a hold of your email addresses, expect a barrage of marketing materials.

We completely understand how this frustrates many subscribers. Many older people complain about this as they seem powerless against publishers.

Some of these companies even have the gall to say: just hit the unsubscribe button, it's as easy as that.

But the reality is that these do not always work. We have read countless subscribers' accounts of still receiving spam even after having unsubscribed. 

Another complaint about Profits Unlimited is that the recommended stocks are often very pricey. "Randy" and "Venom" said this in their comments.

The latter wondered why there seems to be a disconnect with how Mampilly projects his service.

"Venom" asked why the editor claims to be for the "little guy." When they checked the majority of his recommended stocks, small players will not be able to afford them.

"Randy" shares the same concern. Based on his experience, most of the editor's recommendations "are over $100 a share, some over $200 a share."

As a result, he says "it is a little uncomfortable buying in 100 share lots." What's worse, when he purchased those under $50, he says "they have not done so well."

A commenter who goes by the username "TaMoKi" claims that "Paul Mampilly is NOT Paul Mampilly!"

Why do they say this? Well, according to them, a novice assistant is actually the one managing the day-to-day affairs of most of his newsletters.

The issue here is not about the assistant, the reviewer adds. But we are talking about money here, and subscribers expect Mampilly's expertise. Besides, his name is the one Banyan Hill advertises.

"TaMoKi" wants to tell subscribers to be aware of this. He claims to have lost money because of the assistant's bad calls.

As always, we try to be fair here. Both the positive and negative comments come from subscribers' subjective assessments. So we can't definitively say they reflect the reality you may experience.

Cost and Refund Policy

Banyan Hill and Mampilly call their offer a risk-free investment. It makes sense, as they offer a money-back guarantee for up to one year. That's how confident they are with the service.

But as you know, once you give them your card details and email address, many things can happen. Some have reported non-stop spam and credit card charge issues.

Pros v Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Tons of positive reviews for the editor
  • Mampilly's extensive experience


  • Complaints of spam messages
  • Upgrade needed for some stock teasers
  • Tendency to recommend pricy stocks

Conclusion - Unlimited gains or complaints?

The monthly advisory promises guaranteed gains from Mampilly's recommendations. According to Banyan Hill, it makes investing fun even for beginners as Mampilly provides easy-to-digest investing information.

The publisher boasts that you can trust them because more than 700,000 also put their confidence in its newsletters. Mampilly is among their top editors since he aligns with the company's vision.

It wants to be the top provider of investing information in America. According to the editor, the reason why he got out of early retirement is to do exactly this. So he seems like a good fit for Banyan Hill.

Once you subscribe, you can expect to receive the names of companies that will soon go big. Since he has foresight, you can get in earlier than others. As a result, you will get the most gains.

But how have the subscribers responded? Our research shows that the newsletter and its editor seem to gain their trust. The service got excellent ratings from Trustpilot and Stock Gumshoe.

The comments sections were also peppered with enviable affirmative reviews. Of course, since we want to provide you with a holistic view, we also discussed what the common complaints are.

Now, is Paul Mampilly's Profits Unlimited a scam? After our thorough discussion, how will you answer this question? Do share your thoughts below.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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