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Nick Black’s UAI Companies – 5x In The Next 12 Months?

February 4, 2023 by Theodor

Self-proclaimed tech expert Nick Black is here to share a new technology that he says will “save the economy.”

He calls it “UAI” and it's our best shot at massive gains in 2023.


The Teaser

Artificial intelligence has been all over the news lately and for good reason, as the much-ballyhooed technology has finally arrived.

Source: moneymappressinfo.com

Nick Black is a former professional MMA fighter turned digital asset portfolio manager and commentator. Given his background, he should have a unique take on the tech space. This will be much welcomed, as I have reviewed plenty of web3 presentations lately. Such as Andy Snyder's “XRI” Metaverse Stock and Lou Basenese's “Area 52” Quantum Microchip Company.

A staggering amount of investment is pouring into AI specifically.

Consider this, in 2019, global private AI investment was over $70 billion. In 2021 this figure reached almost $94 billion. While definitive stats for 2022 aren't yet available, the long-term trend is clearly up.

Microsoft just invested $10 billion into ChatGPT-creator OpenAI, Google has spent nearly $3.9 billion on AI-related deals since 2006, and Amazon is quickly moving to automate its warehouse and logistics systems.

The market potential of AI is in the trillions and a brand new kind of artificial intelligence could “5x our money” in the next twelve months.

A New Type of AI

Tesla's October 2022 Artificial Intelligence Day saw the introduction of Optimus.

The robotic humanoid formerly known as  “The Tesla Bot” is designed for the mass market as a personal assistant. It is also priced for it, with an introductory price of around $20,000.

But the most important part of Optimus is actually a component hidden inside the lower-left side of the robot's chest.

Source: moneymappressinfo.com

You could say it's the heart that makes everything else function.

This is where the real opportunity lies, in the component at the very heart of Optimus.

Nick believes investing in this “UAI” technology will make us filthy rich. The best part is, we can get in on it now at close to the ground floor for a surprisingly tiny amount – just $0.38 to be exact.


The Pitch

Bloomberg says UAI will be “embedded everywhere” and Nick has created four dossiers on companies we should buy now.

Source: moneymappressinfo.com

All come included when we subscribe to the Digital Heavyweights “community”. The regular cost is $5,000 for a full year, but we can get in now for “only” $1,950. For this price, we get all four UAI company dossiers, two special reports, and two weekly live streams containing new recommendations, and more.


What in the World is “UAI”?

UAI is short for “Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence” and it's going to change the world over the next century.

How is it going to do so exactly?

It's been named ubiquitous for a reason. That's because UAI is going to be in everything, everywhere, all at once.

As an example, Apple's AI assistant Siri is powered by this technology. So is the fastest application to ever hit 1 million users – ChatGPT, and it's behind the algorithms that make self-driving cars possible.

These are just a few present-day examples. But consider this, UAI doubles in power every six months!

Source: moneymappressinfo.com

As this growth curve continues to accelerate, the companies behind UAI technology stand to make trillions of dollars, and we could get a piece of the action if we know what to invest in. At least in theory.

Such exponential growth is possible because UAI is made of tiny agents, so to speak. These agents speak to other tiny agents found in other applications. As these agents interact and learn from each other, they become more intelligent and powerful.

The Tech Behind the Tech

Nick says the key to making money with any technology is knowing the bits and parts that go into it. 

This means that the biggest gains will come from tiny UAI companies that are going to power technical applications all over the world. And we're not just talking about long-term gains here either, as much as 400-500% could be made over the next few months, as UAI continues to grow.

So what are the companies behind the tech that could end up being bigger than the finance, healthcare, and retail sectors combined?


Revealing Nick Black's UAI Companies

Nick does drop some details about his UAI picks in his video presentation. Here is what we know:

#1 The UAI Marketplace

  • Provides packaged AI software to the small and midsize business market.
  • Run by the “Father of AI”, a genius who’s trained the cream of the crop Ph.D.’s in the business.
  • Like eBay did with consumer goods, they've created a B2B marketplace for businesses to access UAI.
  • Market cap of around only $50 million at the time of the presentation.

This sounds like SingularityNET (AGIX).

  • SingularityNET is a globally-accessible AI marketplace, where users can browse, test, and purchase a variety of AI services. Sounds like a marketplace to me.
  • The “father of AI” title has been bestowed upon a few figures over the years and decades, so it is much debated. But SingularityNET founder Ben Goertzel has also been dubbed this.
  • AGIX's market cap was about $50 million before its huge run-up to over $200 million since the start of the year.


#2 The Automotive UAI

  • Founded by one of the earliest investors in DeepMind, Google's AI platform.
  • They have partnerships with 2 major auto consortiums, $78 billion German multi-national Bosch and $3.1 billion multinational FESTO.
  • It touches virtually every part of the automotive value chain, from manufacturers to consumers.

This is most likely Fetch.ai (FET).


#3 The UAI Hedge Fund

  • This tiny UAI-powered hedge fund is already dominating, its first portfolio outperformed one market benchmark by 32%, and the second portfolio beat another by a massive 45%…while the S&P sunk by 11%.
  • Anyone with $10 to their name can have their digital assets managed by what's been called “the most advanced AI trader on the market.”

I'm pretty sure this is Numeraire (NMR).

  • Numeraire is a Crypto-Informed Artificial Intelligence Hedge Fund, so pretty close to what Nick is describing.
  • The price of Numeraire from $28 to under $10 and back up again in the past year. It is also the platform behind the AI-driven Numerai hedge fund.


#4 The Cloud Security UAI

  • The underlying blockchain technology behind this innovative UAI company has never been hacked.
  • 198 million people voted this technology the second most important of its kind.

Admittedly, this isn't much at all to go on. But Nick could be talking about VIDT DAO (VIDT) here. Can't be sure though.

  • VIDT uses open-source blockchain and timestamping technology to make data and documents verifiable.


10x Your Money over the Next 12 Months?

There are some outrageous growth projections for AI floating around, including the one in Nick's presentation:

Source: moneymappressinfo.com

I don't know about this.

That said, there's no denying that Artificial intelligence and UAI are just in their infancy, at least commercially speaking. As AI becomes embedded in more consumer applications and the adoption curve goes beyond the current early adopters to the late majority, gobs and gobs of money will definitely be made.

Since all of Nick's picks are in the form of tokens rather than stocks, I would recommend treading carefully, as these are notoriously volatile and erratic. If AI really really does grow 100x by 2030, a few hundred dollars in a basket of early-stage bets could set up some very nice returns.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Nick Black says something he calls “UAI” will be the best investment this century.
  • “UAI” is short-form for “Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence” and it's beginning to live up to its name by being in everything, everywhere, all at once.
  • Nick has created a series of dossiers on four digital assets we should be investing in. They are ours if we subscribe to his Digital Heavyweights “community” at a cost of “only” $1,950.
  • Fortunately, we were able to reveal three of his four picks for free. They are SingularityNET (AGIX), Fetch.ai (FET), and Numeraire (NMR). The fourth may be VIDT DAO (VIDT), but don't quote me.
  • Most of Nick's four picks have been voted as some of the best AI crypto coins to buy in 2023. A small speculative basket made up of them could fare well as the AI adoption curve grows.
What are some of your bold UAI predictions for the next decade and beyond? We want to hear them in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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