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Matt McCall’s “V-Toll” Air Taxi Company – 18x Gains in A Single Year?

May 21, 2022 by Theodor

If a new technology enabled you to go further and faster than any other time in human history, would you want to know about it?

Matt McCall says there's a new way to travel in 2022 and it isn't self-driving or electric cars. Instead, its a convergence of new technologies dubbed “V-Toll” which is creating a transportation mode that's cheaper, faster, and more efficient than driving.


The Teaser

If it is to be believed, this brand-new way to travel will get us from downtown Manhattan to JFK airport in just over five minutes. A trip that can take an hour (or more) in rush hour today.

Source: stansberryresearch.com

Matt McCall has spent more than 20 years in finance and made over 1,000 appearances on various financial networks like FoxBusiness, Bloomberg, and CNN during this time. He's also authored two investment books, so its safe to say that he's made his fair share of calls before. We're familiar with Matt and his previous pitches, including his “V2G” Company and Hollywood Blockbuster Opportunity, among others. But they may all pale in comparison to this one today…

For everyday American's, cutting down on the time spent in traffic is a BIG thing. By some accounts, commuters waste an average of 54 hours a year in traffic. So just how big could a solution to this problem (among many others) be?

Morgan Stanley, for one, just released a report showing that this new technology could grow from $5 billion today up to $19 trillion in the coming years. Given this, its no surprise that some of the ‘usual suspects' such as Bill Gates, Google C0-Founder Larry Page, and even NASA are all investing into this emerging technology.

Matt says in Silicon Valley this technology is known simply as V-TOL and if we haven’t heard of it, we will soon because its the next great advancement in transportation. What is he talking about here? It's…Air Taxis.

Source: stansberryresearch.com

As usual this is followed up by stating that there is one company on the cusp of commercializing this new transportation tech that's about to become “the biggest power player in the rapidly emerging industry”.


The Pitch

The only way to learn more about this opportunity and Matt's No. 1 air taxi company, is by subscribing to Matt's new investment research service aptly titled The McCall Report for only $49 for a limited time.

Source: stansberryresearch.com

This will net us a special report called: The #1 Way to Profit From the Air Taxi Revolution. Containing the name, ticker symbol, and Matt's detailed instructions on how to get in at the best price. In addition, we would get three more special reports, new investment ideas every single month, a model portfolio, and more.


What in the World is V-TOL Technology?

V-TOL stands for Vertical Takeoff and Landing and its engendering a brand new type of vehicle that can…well, fly.

No roads. No runways, and it never has to stop for construction or traffic. This illustration shows exactly how it operates much better than I can describe:

Source: stansberryresearch.com

This sounds like something straight out of The Jetsons, the animated sitcom in which the main character George Jetson commutes to work in an aerocar complete with a transparent bubble top. As far out as it may seem, these vehicles are being produced right now, here in the U.S.

This is happening only 18 miles away from Walt Disney World in a little-known town that’s home to some of Silicon Valley’s best kept secrets. In the small town of Lake Nona, just outside of Orlando, Florida, the first air taxi vertiport is being built.

The plan is to have it fully operational beginning in 2025, at which point air taxis will be available to millions of prospective riders. The aforementioned Lake Nona aerotropolis will simply be the air taxis' home, where they can go to charge, receive maintenance, and be stored. But the Lake Nona vertiport is just the beginning, as more are being developed across the country. This means that in as little as 18 months “skies across the world could come alive” end quote.

Considering that Paris supposedly wants to offer air taxis at the 2024 Olympics, which they are hosting and which are less than two years away lends credibility to what we are discussing here. Asia, the market which is arguably more in need of this technology than anywhere else on the planet, is getting in on the fray too, with Hyundai planning to launch 200 hubs in major cities over the next five years. 

Matt says this is all building up to a $19 trillion market opportunity, with “gains of 12x, 15x, and 18x per year”. The first thing recommended to us if we are interested in this space is to put a little bit of money into what McCall calls “The Rolls Royce of Air Taxis”. Let's find out what this is.


Revealing The V-TOL Air Taxi Company

We are given some clues to work with in this regard, here they are:

  • This company is the third largest commercial aircraft original equipment manufacturer in the world, behind only Boeing and Airbus.
  • They’re the leader in business and executive jets (planes with 150 passengers), controlling over 35% of this market.
  • Taking into account their 1,735 vehicle pre-orders, this company is easily worth over $5 billion at this time.

The clear-cut clues led us directly to the answer, which is Embraer S.A. (NYSE: ERJ).


Is V-Tolling The Next Big Thing?

If you're like me, you probably have some questions now that you've wrapped your brain around the concept of actual flying cars finally becoming a reality

First, as you can imagine, any sort of transportation breakthrough like this involves new regulations. On this point, we're told that as of today, both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) have clear paths toward certification of vertical take-off and landing aircraft (V-TOL).

Another thing is overall safety of these crafts, would we be stepping onto a potential death trap or has safety actually been tested and assured? Apparently, NASA and the Air Force are spending time and money working with v-tolling companies to ensure getting on an air taxi is as safe as getting on an airplane. Research so far, shows that its no safer or more dangerous than flying on an Airbus A350 with Delta Airlines. Interpret this however you wish.

Finally, what about consumer deployment at scale? This last thing is really the key to make the whole investment go. There are hundreds of companies working on concept V-TOL vehicles, with a few names creating a buzz for themselves already, but the truth is that several challenges remain before commercialization can be achieved. These namely revolve around battery power and life, advanced air traffic management systems, and noise control acoustics – no one wants to wear ear plugs every time they step into a ride.

Despite the excitement around the concept, it may still be a while until the technology catches up to make this dream a reality.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Matt McCall is teasing a “V-Tol” technology which is creating an entirely new transportation mode that's cheaper, faster, and more efficient than driving.
  • We learn that V-TOL actually refers to Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft or Air Taxis for short.
  • The only way to learn more about this opportunity and Matt's No. 1 air taxi company, is to bite the proverbial bullet and subscribe to Matt's brand new investment research service titled The McCall Report for only $49.
  • Fortunately, there is no need to take this additional step, as we were able to reveal the company he is teasing right here for free as Eve Holding Inc. (NYSE: EVEX). Which just completed a SPAC transaction to become a publicly traded company.
  • There is a lot to like about V-TOL and the benefit it could have on travel and just making getting around easier general, but the truth is that it still remains a way's off from full commercialization. Not a bad speculation with a long-term time horizon.

If available, would you take a ride on a V-TOL Air Taxi? Tell us ‘yes' or why not in the comment section down below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • I love the info that you are able to dig up on all these “investment news letters”. I do have a question, Do you have any info on ” Ian King” Next Generation Coin. I’d love to see what they’re talking about without buying their annual subscription. Hope to hear about it from you soon.
    Thanks, and keep up the great work,

  • Are VTOLs safer than helicopters, their main competition ? Helicopter hubs, although fast and convenient, have not increased in popularity as once predicted because of costs and safety concerns. I do not see VTOLS as much different

  • No, Im guessing it wont have a pilot so there will be no one to strangle when the craft starts falling out of the sky from 1000 feet…

  • My big concern is how will they stop crashing into each other if there are hundreds in the sky eg commuter times. Also areas like the uk are subject to quick changes in the weather especially wind speed. Sorry to be negative and no doubt the boffins will reduce the risks.

  • interesting concept but a couple of questions on the performance graph. The aircraft is supposed to fly at 1-3000 feet of altitude and fly at 405 miles and hour. As far as regulations go the FAA requires that AC flying below 10,000 feet are restricted to 250 knots or 300 Mph. The 405 speed is meaningless. To obtain that type of speed the AC must be jet driven, rotary winged AC are limited in speed by retreating blade stall. Even if you went to a tilt-rotor system to achieve that speed it would still have to be driven by jet engines so you wouldn’t just park it and plug it in, If you think you are going to fly from Manhattan to JFK for the same price as a taxi you are sadly mistaken. Believe it or not, there are wide spaces of the US that don’t have traffic problems so every family is not going to have one in their garage. The people who will outilize these are the same people who can afford helicopter flights now.
    More likely a small multirotor autonomous electric vehicle that can carry 2-4 passengers at 70-80 mph. Still have to work out programing and traffic control.

  • it ain’t happening for a decade or more, because nobody knows where the TREES POLES & WIRES are. Google View took some years to produce it’s fantastic Mapping, but it don’t tell you about 100ft trees in my backyard.

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