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Luke Burgess’ “#1 Gold Stock of the Decade” – “3,727% or More Virtually Overnight”?

January 20, 2022 by Theodor

If you've ever dreamed of striking it rich mining for gold, then you're going to want to hear what we're about to say. Luke Burgess is claiming he has discovered the “#1 Gold Stock of the Decade”.

He tells us that this stock is backed by not one, but two legends of the mining world and that the newly listed firm behind it has made “one of the richest gold discoveries of the last 50 years”, let's inspect these claims.


The Teaser

We learn that this historic gold discovery is located deep in the remote mountains of one of the coldest places in North America. It is here that we will discover one of the highest-grade gold finds in the entire world.

Luke Burgess is a self-admitted “gold bug”, but he brings a levelheaded approach to precious metal investing that proves rational thinking in a largely emotional market can be incredibly profitable. Today, Luke is a writer and editor for the Outsider Club's Junior Mining Trader and also maintains his own private investment portfolio. We have covered other mining presentations here in the past, including Bill Shaw's $4 Nickel Royalty Stock and Dave Forest's Neodymium “5G Metal” Company, among others.

Getting back to our gold discovery, Luke says it “could be worth billions of dollars” and as a direct result “make today's investors magnificently rich”. This is because the discovery is 100% owned by a publicly traded company, whose shares are trading for under $4 (as of Q1 2021).

Initial drill results in the area around the property back up these claims, with the report showing “abundant evidence of additional high-grade findings across the property”. Additionally, tilt samples are also displaying free gold, leading the geologist in charge to proclaim that “the project is vastly underdeveloped”. Luke also calls it “one of the biggest money-making opportunities” he's seen, with potential of 3,700% returns.

Apparently, they aren't the only two singing the praises of this gold mining project, as “two of the mining world's biggest legends” are also invested in the company that owns this project. One runs an asset management firm that manages $11 billion dollars and is one of the company's largest shareholders and the other is “the most esteemed gold executive in Vancouver” and he also owns a massive position.

With exciting drill results and some heavyweight backing, this company could be the next miner to breakout.


The Pitch

Luke is attempting to win subscribers over to the Junior Mining Trader investment newsletter, which costs $2,499 at its lowest rate, with a 90 day risk-free trial.

The price includes the “Newfoundland’s NEW Riches: The Junior Gold Stock That Could Make You Huge Gains” special report containing the name and ticker symbol of the #1 Gold Stock of the Decade, as well as e-alerts on other opportunities throughout the precious metals mining sector and a members-only website, with private member reports, analysis, and stock picks.



A New Gold Rush?

Luke believes this discovery is poised to eclipse all other mining discoveries made in the past decade.

Part of his confidence stems from the fact that it recorded “the single best drill hole in the history of the mining jurisdiction” in which it is located. This location is the Canadian province of Newfoundland, which has recently become one of the hottest spots in the world for gold exploration.

The province has a long history of gold and precious metals mining, but few outside the junior mining world are aware of what's going on up in Newfoundland. This sentiment is seconded by Dr. Quinton Hennigh, who is the renowned geologist behind Kirkland Lake Gold and Novo Resources, among others, who says that this company's discovery is “a potential second swan zone”, referring to Kirkland Lake's massive high-grade gold mine in southeastern Australia.

Hennigh explains that not only is this firm's discovery “extremely rare”, but the shallow depth of it, at less than 1/10th of a mile beneath the surface, makes extracting any potential gold “much easier, cheaper, and faster”

Another thing this gold miner has going for it is the sheer enormity of its exploration property at some 373,000 acres. This easily makes it the largest mineral claimholder in the province and its drilling program one of the largest in the world, with a total length of about 125 miles when all is going to be said and done. Under normal circumstances this would be easy to dismiss, but Dr. Hennigh thinks “the entire property is prospective”, meaning the potential for multiple high-grade gold discoveries within this large land package is very likely.

How can we be first in line to get in on this new gold rush?


Revealing the #1 Gold Stock of the Decade

Luckily, Luke revealed just enough clues to lead us directly to the miner behind the richest gold discovery of the last 50 years.

  • The founder comes from a family with deep ties to mining, which some call the “first family of prospecting”.
  • One of the two “mining legends” who are shareholders recently invested nearly $50 million in the company via a non-brokered private placement of shares.
  • The company has a 400,000m drill campaign underway, one of the largest in Canada and the world.
  • It has already made not one, but two bonanza-grade gold discoveries on its property, with huge potential for more.

Based on such claims, we're sure the company Luke is talking about here is New Found Gold Corp. (TSX-V: NFG.V) Here is what gave it away:

  • First, New Found Gold's founder and executive chairman is Collin Kettell, who comes from a well-known mining family that previously founded AuEx Ventures. A company responsible for the Long Canyon deposit, which was ultimately sold to Newmont Mining for $2.3 billion dollars.
  • The “two mining legends” who are significant shareholders are Eric Sprott, who recently ploughed $48 million into the company back in November and Rob McEwen, the former founder and chairman of Goldcorp, who owns approximately 7% of the company's stock.
  • New Found Gold's 400,000m drill campaign is underway utilizing nine drills, with plans to ramp up to fourteen drills, focusing on a 7.8km corridor along the Appleton fault and a 12.4km corridor along the JBP fault of its Queensway gold project in Newfoundland.
  • The company has indeed already made some high-grade gold intercepts.

So is there still time to get in before the price jumps to $10, $20, $30 or even $50 per share as Luke believes?


Multi-Billion Dollar Discovery?

I should qualify upfront that junior mining/exploration is a specialized corner of the market, which I have no particular insight into. Having said that, New Found Gold is far from typical. Even someone who doesn't typically invest in exploration companies can see that. 

So some of the hype that New Found Gold is getting is wholly warranted. After all, the company is still newly listed, its shares have only commenced trading in September, it is still relatively small at a market cap of just over $1 billion dollars and it remains largely undiscovered by most analysts and investors. In short, it has a lot of potential. Not only as a standalone concern, but as a potential acquisition target, given the rising price of gold and its solid drilling results to date.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Luke Burgess is claiming that he has discovered the “#1 Gold Stock of the Decade” and its south of the border in the Great White North.
  • Luke says this high-grade gold discovery “could be worth billions of dollars” and as a direct result “make today's investors magnificently rich”.
  • This and some other details are all we learn about the gold miner before being strongly encouraged to join the Junior Mining Trader investment newsletter, at a cost of $2,499. Among other perks, this would net us the “Newfoundland’s NEW Riches: The Junior Gold Stock That Could Make You Huge Gains” special report containing the name and ticker symbol of the company being teased.
  • Thankfully, enough clues were dropped to lead us directly to the stock of New Found Gold Corp. (TSX-V: NFG.V) and save readers the $2,000+ price tag.
  • New Found Gold has some exciting prospects and a formidable team in place to carry them through to completion. Time will tell if its discoveries live up to their potential, but wagering on shares at their current price point is a good risk/reward speculation.

Do precious metals explorers already make up a part of your portfolio? Are there any other exploration projects out there with the same potential as New Found Gold? Let us know in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Fascinating article. I already own shares in Newmont Mining. Hmmm should I buy more of NEM?
    I need to do more research. Thank you for an interesting read.

  • I can't find this on the exchanges, most common return is national Fuel Gas, can you point me to an exchange where I can buy in?

  • First of all, I'm a skeptic of ANY recommendation the Outsider Club or the Crow's Nest makes for the reason that they use disinformation, deceit, and poor short term investment advice, period. I subscribed to a Junior Mining newsletter that touted the present day mine in Idaho formerly named Midas, I purchased stock in that company as a beginning investor, looking for mining companies that would be good for both present mining operations and be a good long-term investment as well, if held. It turned out to be the single most disastrous series of trades I've ever made, losing me virtually thousands of dollars as from the day I first bought it, below the buy price the Junior Mining subscription had recommended to purchase it, the Midas mine did nothing but plummet in price. I kept on buying it, thinking that, it was becoming even more of a bargain, so why not keep adding shares. I acquired 7000+ shares of the stock beginning in August 2020, on through January 2021. At that time it was an OTC listed stock, requiring a $6.95 purchase or sale per transaction fee. Then without an advance notice to stockholders the company suddenly issued a 1 for 10 share reverse split, both to prop the price up, and to place the ticker symbol on the NASDAQ, where it would hopefully be more noticed and more saleable to investors. What happened, instead was the stock price more quickly dived into the depths. That body slammed my stock position in it, after it was also renamed Perpetua, an entirely generic name that had no instant correlation to anyone scanning stock names or ticker symbols, which only served to cause the stock to sink even lower. The only upside was that it was then listed on a major USA exchange, which eliminated the brokerage transaction fee. Well, whoopee! [sarcasm] I sold it off at a huge loss, keeping only 1 share of it to allow me to monitor it, in event it ever showed any sign of moving steadily upward. It never has. This was a highly recommended stock by Outsider Club. Their motto is "because you'll never be on the inside."
    As for deception, they use the same video footage filmed with the lead exponent shown walking the ground, over which the Midas mine sales pitch for their subscription was offered, on later junior mining sales pitches for other mines, not even remotely similar to the terrain in which they are supposedly located. What turns out to be blatant disinformation, when I researched the pitch for the mine whch is supposedly the richest one ever, it was said to be located near the Swan Lake deposit, in Canada, among other nearby mining locations. When I decided to investigate the locations, since I was now firmly set against ever subscribing to any of their publications again, after the first disaster with one of them, I soon found out that the Swan Lake deposit was nearby other prospective and active mines IN AUSTRALIA.
    On scale of 0 to 10, therefore, I rate Outsider Club and its affiliates as a -10. A zero would be for flat out missing on their calls. A -10 is fitting for their decisions to disguise their prospective and promoted subscriptions using outright lies and false innuendos as to the immediacy of the likely gains you might make if you don't subscribe to their publication on the first day you see, hear, and read it.
    The service your evaluation provides is a great way to inform those who seek information on the stock picks recommended by many pitchmen trying to sell you on an instant subscription purchase. Keep them coming, no matter what. It may save a lot of remorse and money on the part of investors who merely want to find a way to let some of their money work for them, instead of them working for all of their money. 🙂

  • As an edit of my long post on Outsider Club, I want to correct the name Swan Lake to just Swan. I was mixing it up with Tchiakovsky's famous Swan Lake composition over a century ago. My bad. Confused memories, sometimes, at my senior citizen age. 🙁

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