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Jeff Brown’s “Project Xi” Tech Stocks -Breakthrough of the Century?

September 1, 2020 by Theodor

I bet you are tired of stock pitches from former Wall Street investors-turned-financial-gurus in which they try to sell amazing investment opportunities wrapped up in the form of yearly subscriptions to their newsletters?

Unfortunately the man behind Brownstone Research – Jeff Brown isn't much different, but fortunately for you we are going to be reviewing his recommendation and also attempting to reveal the company names and ticker symbols.

The Near Future Report newsletter is a subscription service that has been on the market for quite some time but the 2020 edition includes the latest report “Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolutionwhich you will get for free, along with other older reports such as “The 5G Device Every American Will Need” and “3 Tech Stocks Powering the American Business Boom”.

The good news is that you won’t pay thousands of dollars or even hundreds for yearly subscriptions. Instead, you’ll have full access to the previously mentioned special reports, as well as 24/7 access to a members-only website, “full archives of past issues and reports and exclusive members-only email alerts with buy and sell recommendations, stop losses, and buy-up-to prices” for only $49.

In his latest marketing tease, “Project Xi”, Brown refers to two big companies that you should invest in as soon as possible to get a chunk of the pie that is supposed to be worth $15 trillion in just a few years. In fact he touts this as “the breakthrough of the century”. Unfortunately, not much information was given in the letter so we are going to do our best to identify the approximate companies he was teasing. Here is everything we learned.


Is Jeff Brown the Real Deal? 

In his latest newsletter, Jeff Brown describes himself as a “Silicon-valley investor and technology executive by trade”. He has over 30 years of experience and is, in fact, a well known financial analyst in his field. 

Brown also acts as the chief-editor of The Near Future Report, a tech and early-stage startup focused newsletter. Thanks to his experience, he says he now possesses the ability to identify tech companies “that have the right stuff”, which he later shares with his readers so they can get valuable intel on which companies to invest in for guaranteed big returns. 

Jeff is someone we've come across quite a bit in the past, having reviewed heavily promoted teasers such as those for his “6G stocks” and “#1 tech stock for 2020”“. He claims to have built start-ups and managed high-tech organizations that made millions of dollars and is now exclusively focused on American tech companies and markets. 


How Good is the Opportunity?

In his latest marketing newsletter, Jeff Brown talks about an incredible investment opportunity in robotics and a project he calls “The Project Xi” because “its mission is to counter a massive threat to America – coming from China”. He also uses the term “economic weapon” to describe a technology that will potentially be worth $15 trillion and will end the so-called “New Cold Trade War” between China and the United States.

He goes on to say that China’s mistake was to “put all it's eggs in one basket”, mainly focusing on manufacturing, which now counts for over 50% of its annual GDP. In response, this “Project Xi” for which the ground-breaking tech started in the Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee, will soon make American factories competitive again and companies “will be in a rush to transition to this new technology” In the same way the steam engine ushered in the First Industrial Revolution according to Brown.

The new technology teased is a combination of robotics, machine learning, visual recognition, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is, allegedly, going to become the next big thing soon. 

Apparently many big companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have already invested billions of dollars into “Project Xi”, as well as the National Security Department ($12 billion), the Pentagon ($4 billion), and the Energy Department ($5.5 billion) all in an effort to re-ignite domestic US production and ween itself off the current dependency on China for manufactured goods of all kinds.

Without giving too many details, Brown points to robotics and Artificial Intelligence as “technologies that could make you a fortune”. Some people even compare robotics now with what Marijuana investments were in 2018 or 5G stocks in 2019. 

However, as with any company in a new, emerging field, you need to be patient to see results. Don’t expect returns of over 100-200% or more in the upcoming months. In fact, some of the companies Brown guaranteed as winners in the past have only seen an increase in their respective stocks of 18% or so, which isn't much at all if you are investing between $1,000-$5,000. 

There's no question that automation and robotization is coming and will create massive change over the coming decades with opportunities abounding as a result of this. So the underlying tech being hinted at is indeed going to revolutionize some industries and create entirely new ones as well. We are still not sure what companies Jeff is hinting at, so we are going to dig a bit deeper into what is being teased in his marketing letter next.


The Companies Being Teased

As we previously mentioned, our purpose here is to try to expose the pitched stocks without you having to pay for the subscription. Unfortunately, Jeff Brown’s “Project Xi” doesn’t provide too much information about the companies teased, so we weren't able to accurately pinpoint the exact names. But here is what we do know, as per Brown’s letter.

  • The first company teased is “one small hardware company” that recently joined Project Xi. 
  • Apparently, some Google, Amazon, and Microsoft services now run on this hardware, with Mercedes-Benz announcing that “every single car in their new line will have this hardware at their core” and “the US Department of Energy is using it in their COVID-19 research”.
  • According to Brown, the company created “a tiny supercomputer that is 60% faster” than anything else you can find now on the market and that “can execute 200,000 trillion calculations per second”. However, what we could find from our research is that, currently, the world’s fastest supercomputer is Fugaku, which is owned by the Japanese Fujitsu Company.
  • Another piece of information being teased about this company is that, in 2016, its shares gained over 1,048% and are most likely to have another spike in the next year or so. 
  • There is another company being teased, which Brown says is “the leader in the machine vision field”.
  • The second and last clue about this second company is that its stock “jumped 324% in less than two years”

We will look to update this article if and when more information about the companies being teased is released. Unfortunately, we weren't able to come up with any evidence to lead us to a concrete conclusion about the names of the companies as there are a great multitude that loosely fit the narrative Jeff laid out.


Good Opportunities or Not?

Even without being able to determine the exact names of the companies teased by Jeff Brown’s Project Xi, we can still mention that investing in anything high tech-related in the upcoming years will, most likely, end up netting decent returns though not out-sized returns at best, given where valuations are today – sky high. You may not hit “the next best thing” yet but companies like NVIDIA, Google, Amazon, and Intel remain solid bets, that if purchased into at good prices will likely continue to net greater returns than the stock market in general over the coming years at least.

As with any other investment opportunity, good returns that can help you retire faster come to those who wait. We encourage you to continue investing for the long-term rather than chasing fast cash through investment newsletter tips and of course continuing to read this column in order to save the subscription cost of many of these newsletters.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • The latest marketing newsletter by Jeff Brown urges you to sign up for an annually-paid service called “The Near Future Exposed” that costs $49 and throws in a lot of bonuses, including 5 bonus reports on the best investment opportunities so far. The no.1 bonus report you’ll receive is the one teased in the letter, Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolution, in which you’ll receive more information about the two companies.
  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t expose these two teased companies for you this time as there just isn’t enough information provided in the newsletter teaser to help us reach any definitive conclusions.
  • Nonetheless, investing in futuristic fields such as robotics, AI, 5G, and visual recognition companies might bring you decent returns in the next couple of years – depending of course on your personal expertise in these respective industries and being able to pick the right companies as well, a tough feat for anyone. 

What do you think about Jeff Brown’s “Project Xi”? What are some of your top investment opportunities in 2020? Are you already invested in companies in the computer vision field? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • LOVE GREENBULLRESEARCH Already! Just started investing 4 months ago, and already tired of all the “ investment opportunities “ that are being sent to me for ( this information is a $5,000 value but for today only is yours for just $49! ) Thanks so much for existing! I’ll spread the word about you guys. Real quick, I’m interested in investing in Gold, because the Fed is printing so much useless paper currency. So I came across Outsiders Club. Watched the video, and as a result, became a subscribe member. In their report I received the name and ticker to this Gold Royalties company. All was good until I found out Midas Gold, the company traded on the OTC market, and then found out the difficulties in investing in the company. The real problem, for me, was that they could have informed subscribers of that before becoming a member. But I’m sure they know that, and that information would scare away potential subscribers. I thought it’s a sneaky way of doing business. Thanks for putting up with my rant, and again for being out there for all of the new market investors who need to listen to you first!

  • Battery supply companies and hydrogen fuel cell companies have potential based upon clean or "cleaner" energy to be at the top of the list, including "Employee #7," from Tesla and his companies.

  • I'm going to guess the #2 company he is talking about is Amberella, Inc. (AMBA). It meets most of the criteria and its cameras will be used in some of the TaaS vehicles as well as EV's.

    As to the first company, I'm guessing it is the company that Gene Berdichevsky is involved in. That was the famous Employee #7 hired by Elon Musk. After an excellent but short career with TESLA, he decided t go out on his own. His biographical sketch has been on the internet for a few weeks. He has been interested in a couple of aspects of battery technology and I believe his aim is to shoot for the stars. That is he doesn't just want to double battery life and charge distance, he wants to knock those two important areas out of the park. One has to do with conserving battery space with a new material, allowing for up to 20% of room previously used in battery structure to now be used in battery cell material. Second, he is interested in new material that is both fire resistant and breakage resistant that also charges very quickly. Who knows if this man will be contracting his new technologies with Elon Musk or not. Lastly, the new battery technology will lost a lot longer than the furthest performing E. V. on the market today, way over the 500 mile per charge thresh hold. I'm not totally sure of the name of the company, but following the information I've put in here will give the researcher a very good idea.

    • Hi Alex. We really appreciate the comment and information. AMBA is a possibility and this is something we’ll have to look into more. Good work!

  • I have been following Jeff browns sales pitch emails for some time now and like you have tried hard to figure who he is teasing about. 2 small 5g suppliers whose technology, capability, location, and pricing were AXTI and RESN (from my detective work). We will see. Another of Jeff’s teaser email promos was all about a small biotech out of Cambridge, MA that was within hours of releasing news on the success in curing a genetic blindness disease. I determined the company to be editas EDIT. He also teased about illumina. Very believable sales pitches!!!

    • Hi,
      I hope you can give me insight??
      Did you have any luck with Jeff’s information did you get Some of The stocks he suggested?
      It’s March 24, 2021 I’m curious to see if anything is happening before I waste more money on these different types of people making suggestions that will work for you!

      If you can please share with me some of the things you think that I should jump on I appreciate your time I’ve been trying to do research and I have a bad head injury and can’t see that well so it’s very hard for me everything I seem to pick does not do so well I try to do all my due diligence I just don’t seem to have the right information.I appreciate anything you can share with me.

      Thank you in advance I am trying to do my due diligence before I purchase stocks not just asking for peoples opinions to tell me what to buy, I appreciate any input thank you so much! Trying to gain back some of the loss that I put my savings in after I was in a bad car accident that I now suffer head injuries. I can’t afford to lose more money on Stock Adviser investors like this. I am trying to do long-term Stocks,making better choices.

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