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Tom Gentile’s Daily Flash Cash – Scam or $4,325/day Potential? [REVIEWED]

Daily Flash Cash review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

Is Tom Gentile's Daily Flash Cash advisory service as good as he claims it is? Can you really "potentially make up to $4,325 in as little as two hours every single day the market is open" - as he claims? 

Or, is this just another over-hyped bust... a scam that you'd be better off avoiding altogether?

In this quick review we'll be going over what exactly this Daily Flash Cash is, what you get if you subscribe, past performance, complaints and more.

Claims Made

There's a good chance you decided to do a little extra research because this opportunity sounded too good to be true. Tom claims that you can make as much as $4,325 in as little as 2 hours per day with his strategy and that "Daily Flash Cash Is the Fastest (and Simplest) Way to Make Money I’ve Ever Seen".

Daily Flash Cash

Additionally, he claims you only need 2 minutes of time to do this per day - to actually execute his trade recommendations.

In some of the promotional material he even goes over a long list of double and triple winning trades that he has recommended in in the past, which looks pretty incredible.

But again, this sounds a little bit too good to be true... and what's up with this talk about some "money dial" that identifies these lucrative trades? We have come across misleading investment teasers such as Jeff Yastine's "Q shares" before, so let's dive a little deeper into things here and see if this is as good as it is claimed to be...

What Is Daily Flash Cash?

  • Name: Daily Flash Cash
  • Product: Investment advisory service
  • Editor: Tom Gentile
  • Publisher: Money Map Press
  • Cost: $5,000

Daily Flash Cash is an investment advisory service ran by Tom Gentile that provides subscribers with actionable options trade recommendations regularly - along with live trading sessions trade sheets and more.

The service is paid for annually, and is expensive, but is claimed to have had very good performance. However, the performance records shown in the promotional material can be misleading, as I'll be discussing in a bit.

How It Works - The "Flashpattern" Trading Method

Tom talks about these "money dials" and "flashpatterns", but this can get confusing.

The "money dial" he talks about is some sort of algorithm that identifies patterns in stock prices. And "flashpatterns" are the types of patterns that this "money dial" finds.

Flashpatterns, as he calls them, are simply patterns that can be identified where a stock makes the same moves at the same time every day, consistency.

What Tom looks for are patterns that have 80%+ consistency and are for large-cap stocks... and he trades these.

It's All Options Trading

Obviously he isn't trading regular stocks here to produce the large and fast returns he brags so much about. This is all about options trading, which consists of trading contracts that give you the right to buy or sell a stock at a specific price by a specific date, rather than actually purchasing stocks. Options are much more volatile than stocks, which is why Tom is able to find quick & profitable trades on large-cap companies.

With this service Tom recommends basic calls and puts, and looks for options with tight spreads. He also recommends contingency orders with this service, which is a feature some trading platforms offer that allow investors to specify how long they want to be in a trade. All of the details and specifics for each trade are provided.

What You Get

  • Flash Cash Trade Recommendations - Every morning that the market is open Tom Gentile will analyze new "flashpatterns" that have been identified and alert subscribers as to what stocks are being targeted for the day - along with all the parameters for executing the trade, such as the Time Contingency.
  • Money Dial Trade Sheets - This is a sheet that comes from the "money dial" and provides the top "flashpatterns" identified every morning.
  • Live Trading Sessions - Every week on Monday Tom holds a live trading session where subscribers can follow along with real-time trades.
  • Daily Flash Cash Network - This is a forum subscribers get access to where they can communicate with other subscribers and share tips, tricks, etc.
  • Flash Cash Meetings - There is also mention of Tom Gentile holding in-person meetings for his subscribers, but I'm not sure how often these are or where they are held. Information is vague here.
Daily Flash Cash bundle

Who Is Tom Getile?

Tom Gentile

If you have heard of Tom Gentile before or have seen his appearances on places like Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc... then you probably already knew this service was focused on options trading before even hearing it mentioned.

Tom is a veteran options trader and has been called "America's #1 pattern trader" (who gave him this nickname I don't know). He started out learning options trading from his parent's basement and later went on to found Optionetrics, one largest financial tech companies providing options trading education.

Currently he is employed by Money Map Press, which is the publishing company behind his Daily Flash Cash service.

In addition to his advisory service, Tom is also an author of a handful of books, some of which include The Options Course, The Volatility CourseThe Index Course, and The Stock Market Course - all of which are educational trading books.


There is no 3rd party data I could find as to the performance of this service, but Tom does state that he has made 235 double and triple digit winning trades over the past year, and I have no reason to disbelieve this.

There's no doubt Tom knows what he's doing and is certainly an expert when it comes to options trading. But, these performance stats can be a bit misleading - I'll get to this in the Complaints section.

Cost & Refunds

The cost is $5,000/yr. It's not a cheap service by any means. But, I guess if it performs well then this could be well worth the cost.

As far as refunds go, there aren't any... which is disappointing. Instead, they have a guarantee that you will be given at least one trade recommendation to double your money per day, or else you'll get a second year of the service for free...

I'd rather see a good old fashion refund policy, but this is better than nothing.


The main complaint I have here, and the main problem that I foresee is this...

Getting into trades in time, at the right price, will be hard!

I've reviewed many very similar options trading advisory services in the past that provide trade recommendations to subscribers... and there is always one common complaint with these, which is that it is difficult to get into trades fast enough for them to be profitable.

This isn't long-term investing here. Tom even mentions that you "must take action immediately" after a recommendation is made. But doing so is much easier said than done.

With these types of options trading services subscribers often claim to act on recommendations within minutes of them being made, but are still too late to get in at a good price - the price having already shot up.

Of course Tom Gentile is the first one to the party, so he gets in and out at the exact right prices... But you can't always expect this, which is why the performance records he shows for this service can be misleading - not everyone can have that good of performance.

Is Daily Flash Cash a Scam?

There are people who have voiced negative options about Tom Gentile and the various advisory services he provides, claiming he sells "financial snake oil", but this is not a scam. Tom's been on the news, he's published books... he knows what he's talking about. And if you can look past the somewhat over-hyped sales pitches he throws then you'll see that there is real value here.

That said, the common complaint about subscribers having difficulty getting into trades fast enough is definitely a legitimate concern.

Conclusion - Worth Subscribing To?

Let's do a quick recap here:

  • Daily Flash Cash is an advisory service in which Tom Gentile provides subscribers with trade recommendations on a regular basis
  • The focus here is on call & put options trading - specifically for large-cap companies
  • The past performance of this service is impressive on paper, but subscribers may find it difficult to get into trades at the right price, which will lead to less amazing results
  • The cost for this service is $5,000 per year - there are no refunds

Whether or not this is worth subscribing to depends on what you are looking for and your current situation. This service is more for those looking for quick profits and who have the free-time and ability to act quickly on recommendations... meaning within the minute of them being made. This is not for people looking for long-term value investing opportunities by any means.

Overall the service is legit, the only big downside I see is what you find with pretty much any options trading recommendation service - as mentioned, it can be hard to get into trades in time.

Anyways... hopefully this review has served you well. 

Please leave any comments/questions below and let me know what you think of Daily Flash Cash.


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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