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The Apex Profit System – Scam or Legit? [REVIEWED]

Apex Profit System Review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

Is The Apex Profit System that Matt Badiali and John Ross put together legit? Can this really "give you the chances to rack up $100,000 per year"?

Or, is this just another over-inflated scammy sales promotion that is going to lead to disappointment?

In this quick review we'll be going over what exactly The Apex Profit System is, how it works, past performance, some lies we were told in the sales pitch and more.

You've probably come across one of the promotions for this system. The one I landed on was a video presentation titled "Apex Profit Summit", in which Matt Badiali went on and on, for what seemed like all of eternity, on this new system that him and his team have spend over $2.5 million developing...

Apex Profit Summit video

Some of the claims made about this system include that:

  • it is "the most powerful trading protocol"
  • it is a "new pinnacle in investment research"
  • it gives people "the chance to rack up $100,000 each year"... "easily"
  • trades only take 23 days on average

... and so on. There is a lot of hype in the promotional content, making things seem a bit too good to be true.

The presentation went on and on showing a bunch of winning trades that this Apex Profit System supposedly proved successful with, such as these three that "you would be $25,132 richer" with...

But things are misleading here, and they don't even tell us how much of an initial investment you would have to make to earn these types of profits.

But anyways, the idea is that this Apex Profit System has been hidden behind closed doors, and that companies have paid Matt and his team 10's of thousands of dollars for the alerts this indicator gives... but for the first time ever he is now giving the public access to it.

Don't Fall for The Hype

I review over-hyped investment opportunities all the time, Daily Flash Cash and Profit Lining being two more recent ones. This is nothing new.

When you hear about some new "fast money" system that will provide you with money so that you "can easily afford that luxury condo... or maybe you'd grab a new Porsche 911 Speedster... or pay for a four-year education for your kids"... this is a red-flag.

Some of What We Are Told Is Fake

What makes matters even worse, and makes me trust what they are saying less, is the fact that they show us fake testimonials.

Throughout the presentation we were shown a bunch of individuals who have supposedly "cashed in" and made big money, such as "Frank Joiner" here...

But the images shown are fake. They are actually stock photos, as you can see here...

shutterstock photo

What this means is that anyone can purchase these photos and use them as they wish online.

And what this means is that the picture of "Frank Joiner" isn't really "Frank Joiner".

The same goes for other testimonials shown. Below is "Keith Highly" who is said to have made $60 - $70k....

Here is his photo that I was able to find available on a stock photo depository...

dreamstime photo

So... the promotional content seems to be over-blown and, to a large extent, untrustworthy. What is really going on here? What is The Apex Profit System really?

Let's find out...


What Is The Apex Profit System?

The Apex Profit system is a market analysis system that Matt Badiali, John Ross, and others at the Banyin Hill publishing company have developed to provide investment recommendations. 

First, they have the technical analysis tool that they've developed, in which we are told that they have "combined the most effective technical indicators into one proprietary signal". When the tool predicts an upcoming rally in price, the red will cross over into black, as shown in this example...

That is the first part of the system. The second part is when Badiali and his team run the company through their own analysis to make sure it's actually a good opportunity. This is done after this tool gives the green-light to buy.

The People Behind It

Matt Badiali and John Ross

Matt Badiali and John Ross are the main two guys behind it all, and both are co-editors of Apex Profit Alert - a publication of Banyin Hill publishing... the company behind everything.

Matt Badiali is a 20-year veteran geologist that often provides analyses and recommendations on commodities, such as in the mining, energy, and agriculture sectors. Because of his expertise in the field, and the great lengths he goes to in order to gather information, such as traveling the world and getting front-line info, he has been featured on media outlets such as Fox Business News, Barron's, MarketWatch, and more.

John Ross brings a different skill set to the table, which is why these two make a good team. He has 15 years of full-time trading experience and his strength is identifying hidden patterns. According to Badiali, he is one of the top technical traders out there. Additionally, he has a background in coding.

So it seems that John Ross is likely the main guy behind the creation of the technical analysis tool and Matt Badiali is more involved in evaluating companies and opportunities after the indicator has provided alerts, but this is just a good guess.

How It Works

The entire Apex Profit Summit presentation and all of that is a sales pitch. In order to get access to the vetted recommendations that come from The Apex Profit System, you first have to join the Apex Profit Alert subscription advisory service.

This is a follow-along type of investment advisory service that provides:

  • Trade alerts that have been provided by the Apex Profit System and vetted by the team, along with a full analysis of the opportunity and instructions for taking action
  • Weekly podcasts where Matt and John give commentary on the market and where things are heading
  • The Apex Profit Handbook that provides an overview of how this method of trading works - subscribers should read this first
  • Options 101 Guide ebook that go over the basics of trading options
  • Members area website access where subscribers can view the model portfolio, past recommendations and special reports, etc.

This service costs $2,495 per year (supposedly a discount already).

*Note: They don't give refunds. If the service doesn't perform up to par then the best you can get is a 2nd year of service for free.


In the promotional material we are shown a bunch of trades that come from a 15-month long beta test of the system...

The trades that were shown could have provided a profit of $229,304 over the past year.

BUT... this obviously doesn't paint a very clear picture of what's going on here.

First off, they don't even tell us how much you would have had to invest to get a profit like this. And second, they only show us winning trades!

Does this mean there were no losing recommendations? Doubtful! They likely just don't want to show them.

Unfortunately this Apex Profit Alert recommendation service is very new and there isn't much information on past performance... so all we have to go off of is the misleading marketing material that makes it seem as if you are guaranteed to get rich quick.

The Trading Strategy

I mentioned it once, but just to make it clear, this service is all about options trading.

  1. The Apex Profit System identifies possible good trades
  2. The team at Banyan Hill vet and analyze the companies
  3. If all looks good, they trade their stock options

With options you aren't actually buying stocks, but rather you are buying the right to buy or sell a stock at an agreed-upon price and date.

The benefits of trading options include that they are more volatile and can lead to faster profits, and even in some cases be less risky... although generally speaking most people consider them more risky.

For a brief overview on more about options you can watch this short video...

Is The Apex Profit System Legit?

While the hype and promotional content surrounding this system are a bit much, and may lead one to believe that this system will provide guaranteed profits (which it will not), the system is legit. 

The people behind this system are veterans in market analysis and research and are the type of people you'd want to go to for investment advice.

Just don't fall for the marketing hype.


Quick Recap:

  • The Apex Profit System utilizes a proprietary technical indicator to provide stock recommendations, which are also analyzed by a team of experts at Banyan Hill
  • You have to subscribe to Apex Profit Alert to receive these trade recommendations
  • The type of trading being done here is options trading

Hopefully this review has helped clear a few things up for you. Unfortunately there is no clear track record to provide an answer as to whether or not this service is worth joining, so I'll be leaving this decision completely up to you.

Let me know what you think about this in the comment section below...


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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