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Gerardo Del Real’s “Blue Water” Copper Company – Trash or Treasure?

Gerardo Del Real’s “Blue Water” Copper Company

October 22, 2023 by Theodor

Resource guru Gerardo Del Real says a new “Blue Water” formula is about to change resource stocks forever.

The market for this formula has been growing at an enormous clip and one copper company is about to benefit big.


The Teaser

This cup of blue water may not look like much, but inside is a special solution that America simply can’t do without.

Source: digestpublishing.com

Gerardo Del Real has been around the resource space for over a decade and he is the co-founder of Digest Publishing, which focuses heavily on the energy and commodities space in terms of research. We have previously reviewed Gerardo's Junior Resources Monthly newsletter and his “Yellow Metal” Uranium Mining Company presentation.

It's in every single piece of electronic technology, in your cell phone, your TV, computer, coffee machine, and even your blender (if you have one.)

More importantly, it’s also the #1 material used in America’s power grid, the millions of miles of wire that stretch from shore to shore across the country.

What is this essential material?

As you may have already guessed, it's Copper.

The useful, if not common metal has been mined by humans since the beginning of recorded history.

Up until now, the only way miners could get more of this metal was by digging bigger and bigger holes in the ground.

The Blue Water formula is the breakthrough that is changing all this.

A Powerful Extraction Formula

What this chemical formula can do essentially is pull copper drip-by-drip out of rock formations.

In short and without getting too technical, this is the four-step process of how this is done:

  1. The blue water (which is officially known as “pregnant solution”) is put into a tank with two electrodes, one anode (positive) and the other cathode (negative).
  2. An electric current is then applied to the electrodes, forming a layer of pure copper.
  3. The longer the electric current is applied, the thicker the layer of copper on the cathode will become.
  4. Once the sheet reaches its maximum thickness, it’ll be pulled up out of the solution and voila, you have a hardened sheet of shiny copper.

The whole process looks something like this:

Source: digestpublishing.com

This could be a complete game-changer for copper mining. Here is why:

Currently, something on the order of 80% of the world’s copper is trapped in billions upon billions of tons of low-grade waste rock. It’s what miners call a “stranded resource.” 

Such stranded resources have traditionally been piled into useless heaps, with all the copper stuck in rock that’s too low-grade to justify sending to the smelter…until now.

Apparently, new versions of this blue water formula are so effective at extraction, that it can now pull copper out from low-grade rock that was previously impossible to mine.

One small junior resource company controls the recipe for this all-new blue water formula and it could make early investors a fortune.


The Pitch

Gerardo and his buddy John Carl have put together a special report on this company called The Copper Junior with Major Potential, explaining in detail how this junior miner’s business model is built to scale up as demand pushes the price of copper higher.

Source: digestpublishing.com

All we need to do to get ourselves a copy of this report is subscribe to the Profit Cycle Pro research service, at a cost of $79 for the first year or $24.99 billed quarterly. Both offers come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, complete access to Profit Cycle Pro, weekly updates, and more.


The “Holy Grail” of Copper

Quietly, the market for copper has been growing at an enormous clip, far outpacing the available supply.

This demand has emptied the world’s stockpiles, so much so that, according to Bloomberg, they’ve fallen to a 25-year low.

Worst of all, it shows no signs of slowing down.

An additional 58% surge in demand is expected by 2040, which Goldman Sachs' Head of Metals says could 5x or even 10x the price of copper.”

Source: digestpublishing.com

This brings us back to our cup of blue water.

It holds the future of getting more cooper out of the ground, faster, cheaper, and with minimal environmental impact.

Blue Water has the potential to do for copper mining, what fracking did for oil…without the negative environmental impact.

Gerardo's junior miner doesn’t have to go dig up any new chalcopyrite out of the ground in order to turn a profit. It has already secured access to a unique stockpile in Arizona – about 223 million pounds of mining tailings, which it will extract copper from using its unique solution.

It estimates that it can recover 72% of the copper inside the rock using its proprietary leaching process, without the need for a smelter or costly and expensive refinements.

There's no denying, that this new copper-leaching technology has a lot of potential even if it is half as effective as claimed here. Let's find out the company behind it.


Revealing Gerardo Del Real’s “Blue Water” Copper Company

Overall, the clues offered are fairly generic, here is what we have to work with:

  • This junior miner is testing the new blue water extraction technology as we speak.
  • Mining operations are based in the state of Arizona, which is where their stockpile of mining tailings is located.
  • Rio Tinto has invested millions of dollars into this miner, they’re not going to let it fail.

After some internet sleuthing, Gerardo's pick here is Arizona Sonoran Copper Company Inc. (OTC: ASCUF). Here is why I am so sure:

  • ASC is the 100%-owner of the Cactus Mine and Porphyry Copper projects, which are both Arizona-based.
  • These projects have shown encouraging copper extraction rates, with a targeted rate of 80% over the life of the mines, based on preliminary metallurgical work with a new extraction technology.
  • Last year ASC closed a $35 million private placement, which included a strategic investment by Rio Tinto and its Nuton extraction technology subsidiary.


Big Winner of the Copper Boom?

Arizona Sonoran Copper is a pre-feasibility prospector with several things working in its favor.

While actual production and presumably above-average extraction remain a few years away, the miner is the 100%-owner of a high-quality asset in a tier-one location and it has a seasoned management team.

Is this enough to merit an investment?

To be honest, based on how the teaser was laid out to start, I was expecting to be assessing an investment in the company behind the blue water formula itself – Nuton or its competitor Jetti Resources, which is also privately held.

ASC merely has a rights agreement with Nuton to use its patented technology but does not own any of the tech itself.

I like investing in hard assets like resource plays, but I prefer producing names paying out dividends or royalty income trusts. ASC is years away from that.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Resource guru Gerardo Del Real says a new “Blue Water” formula is about to change resource stocks forever.
  • We come to learn that “Blue Water” is a chemical formula that can essentially pull copper drip-by-drip out of rock formations using proprietary extraction technology. One junior miner is using this technology to get a 10-year jump on everyone else.
  • Gerardo and presentation co-host John Carl have put together a special report on this company called The Copper Junior with Major Potential. The report is ours with a subscription to the Profit Cycle Pro research service, at a cost of $79 for the first year or $24.99 billed quarterly.
  • If you read till the end, you can skip this step as we were able to reveal the junior miner in question as Arizona Sonoran Copper Company Inc. (OTC: ASCUF).
  • Arizona Sonoran Copper is currently in the pre-feasibility study phase and it will be a few years before it becomes a full-scale producer. It's a speculative junior mining play with a few things going for it, but overall it's still an early-stage speculation.

Is copper-leaching extraction technology the real deal? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • You are a genius! I love reading your emails. I’m 75, retired, with no spare money to invest, but find your detective work, and common sense advice fascinating

  • I invested in one of Geraldo’s picks years ago.
    Midas Gold which became Perpetual in Idaho. Its now about 90% down from my original price. Great company restoring the Salmon river and forests. Waiting for the Antimony and Gold. Long wait for all permits is almost over.

  • This method has been in use for decades. The solution is acid and needs to have strict pollution controls. Taseko mines had a leaching and electrowinning plant in operation 20 years ago at their Gibralter mines and shut it down. They now have a leaching plant in Arizona that acts very much like fracking in that they pump acid into the deposite without digging it up, and suck the copper containing acid back up to be processed by electrolisis. Producing copper plates. This plant will come on line in 2024.

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