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Gerardo Del Real’s $200 Uranium Picks (Uranium Extreme Fortune Stocks)

Gerardo Del Real’s $200 Uranium Picks

February 7, 2024 by Theodor

The last time uranium boomed was during the early 2000s, mining companies were worth billions of dollars practically overnight, and resource investors made fast millions. 

Gerardo Del Real believes the radioactive material could surge to $200 per pound during the next bull market and mint extreme fortunes.

The Teaser

Gerardo says that he's been able to make millions for myself and his clients with little-known opportunities in the resource space.

But that the setup he's seeing right now in the uranium market will be one of his biggest scores yet. 

Source: digestpublishing.com

We're no strangers to Del Real's calls here at Green Bull, having reviewed his “Blue Water” Copper Company and “Tier 2 Gold” Stocks in the past.

So what is Gerardo seeing that no one else is?

Before we get to that, a quick history lesson.

The last time uranium peaked in 2006, the massive market move was triggered by flooding at Cigar Lake, which was then the largest high-grade uranium deposit in the world.

The world was counting on that mine to solve an emerging supply gap, just like the one we’re seeing now. 

When it flooded, investors realized there would be a shortage of uranium supply…sending prices soaring.

The Biggest Winners

After Cigar Lake flooded, the price of uranium went up 13x!

But the biggest money wasn't made buying the commodity itself, it was made buying into the companies that produced and developed uranium.

For example, investors in Energy Fuels made 139x their money in four years between 2002-2006.

UEX Energy made even more, with 139x gains

And Laramide Resources shareholders more than DOUBLED both of those numbers with 30,800% gains over the same timeframe.

Gerardo points out that had we invested just $1,000 in each of those three companies, we could have walked away with a cool $579,000. 

Still, this is chicken scratch compared to what investors in a company called International Enexco made.

It was a one-stock “millionaire-maker” that surged an incredible 114,300%! Enough to turn $1,000 into over $1.3 million.

The point of all this is to say, that previously unheard-of uranium stocks have the potential to provide life-changing profits in a short period.

The peak cycle for this metal typically lasts only two to four years and we’re entering into a new one right now.

The Pitch

As uranium prices surge, three stocks could make us a fortune comparable to the ones during the last boom cycle.

The names of all three companies are revealed only in a special report called $200 Uranium – And Three Uranium Stocks That Could Generate Extreme Fortunes For Investors

Source: digestpublishing.com

The report is included in a subscription to Gerardo's natural resources investment newsletter Junior Resource Monthly, which is available for a discounted price of $199 for the first year. 

Thrown in are recommended buying price ranges for the three stocks along with a couple of bonus reports also focused on the resources space.


Gerardo's Three Uranium Catalysts

These are the highly anticipated three catalysts that could cause uranium prices to surge to $200 a pound.

1. The “Smart Money” Is Already In

Not long after uranium hit bottom in 2016 billionaires, hedge funds, and other institutional investors quietly began building their positions in the uranium sector. 

Some like Peter Thiel and nerd-turned-villain Bill Gates are big into nuclear energy.

They anticipate this is where the profits will be because supply is too low right now to meet demand.

2. Government's Clean Energy Goals

Simply put, enough uranium couldn't be produced when prices were around $50 a pound.

The goalposts on national clean energy may move, but uranium demand is still in good shape considering China is looking to double its number of nuclear reactors.

India is planning to power 1/3rd of their country with nuclear energy, which would provide power to over 450 million of its citizens, and even the kingdom built on oil – Saudi Arabia is planning to build two large nuclear reactors that would provide 15% of the country’s energy.

All of this is powered by uranium, which is just now beginning to see higher prices to encourage new supply to come online.

3. Fast-tracked Uranium Production

On top of the nuclear and uranium incentives built into the Inflation Reduction Act.

The US government has proposed a $4.3 billion plan to buy uranium directly from domestic producers. 

These things are signaling that higher uranium prices will be here soon

Source: digestpublishing.com

And the tiny uranium companies Gerardo is teasing are at the forefront of this massive push to bolster nuclear energy throughout this decade and beyond. 


Revealing Gerardo Del Real's Three Uranium Stocks

We're given a brief preview of each company, with a few clues sprinkled in.

Stock #1 America's Next Uranium Producer

  • It owns a massive 46 million-pound uranium deposit.
  • The company recently received both its Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license and all of its final EPA permits after a decade of waiting.

Gerardo is talking about enCore Energy Corp. (Nasdaq: EU) here.

Stock #2 Unhedged and Production-Ready

  • In the last uranium boom, this stock went from 16 cents to nearly $7.50 for a gain of 4,587% in only two years.
  • The company has a suite of production-ready assets in the US and has been on an acquisition spree, piling up nearly 300 million pounds of uranium across all of its projects. 

This sounds like Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC).

  • UEC stock did go from 16 cents at the bottom of the market in 2008 to $7.50 at its former peak during the previous uranium surge, in late 2010.
  • It has been a prolific acquirer and now has the most substantial S-K 1300-compliant ISR resource base in the United States.

Stock #3 The Stock That Could Deliver 30x Our Money in Mere Weeks

  • It’s currently exploring a massive, underexplored land package.
  • Despite this, the company still trades below $0.50 and is located in an established mining jurisdiction in Canada.

More likely than not, the pick is Latitude Uranium Inc. (OTC: LURAF).

  • Outside of the Athabasca Basin, the highest-grade uranium deposits in Canada can be found in Central Labrador, where Latitude is putting shovel to dirt.
  • The explorer is now trading way below $0.50, sitting at just under $0.20.


Real Chance to Become A Uranium Millionaire?

Gerardo has made a pretty good case for a uranium bull cycle, is he right?

Currently, worldwide uranium consumption is close to 200 million pounds annually.

The worldwide production of uranium amounted to 1.08 million pounds in 2022 (no official figure is yet available for 2023).

So we're good for now, but demand for uranium in nuclear reactors is expected to climb by 28% to 83,840 tons by 2030, or 1.82 million pounds.

Historically, another type of demand has been the main driver for higher uranium prices, utility companies.

In this respect, demand from utilities has been robust, with companies looking to lock in supply contracts with producers at higher volumes than before.

Time has proven Gerardo right on this call, at least over the short term, as uranium prices are up nearly double since he penned this teaser in the second half of last year. Gotta give credit when it's due.

The expectation is now that the price of uranium will reach $150/lb or higher in 2024, exceeding its previous all-time high of $147.

Given that the peak cycle for this metal typically lasts two to four years, as we already know, this signals that we should only be in the first half of uranium's new bull market. So, plenty of time left to make our millions.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Natural resources enthusiast Gerardo Del Real says the uranium market is set up for one of its biggest bull cycles in history and three stocks could deliver extreme fortunes.
  • His strong belief lies in a trio of catalysts, including a supply/demand imbalance, the flow of institutional money into the sectors reliant on uranium, and governmental incentives.
  • The names of all three stock picks are only revealed in a special report called $200 Uranium – And Three Uranium Stocks That Could Generate Extreme Fortunes For Investors, which we need a subscription to the Junior Resource Monthly newsletter to access.
  • Fortunately, we were able to reveal all three picks for free, they are enCore Energy Corp. (Nasdaq: EU), Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC), and Latitude Uranium Inc. (OTC: LURAF).
  • In hindsight, Gerardo's uranium call was a prophetic one, a rarity among newsletter writers, and we are now in the first quarter or half of a new bull market in uranium.

Are you already riding the new bull wave in uranium? Tell us in the comments.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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