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Nate Bear’s One Ticker Payouts – Make $100K Per Month?

Nate Bear’s One Ticker Payouts

February 6, 2024 by Theodor

Nate Bear is a former construction worker who once took his last $37,000 in savings and turned it into a $2.7 million fortune in only four years.

He did it using a strategy called “One Ticker Payouts” trading only ONE stock per week for big paydays.


The Teaser

At the heart of Nate's strategy is a market phenomenon that most investors have never even heard of.

Source: monumenttradersalliance.com

Nate is introduced to us as one of the most sought-after trading experts in America today. This is the first I have heard of him, but it's far from the first time we have reviewed a pitch from the Monumental Trader's Alliance or a trading strategy in general.

The little-known market force Nate teases has been studied by the likes of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve.

Even a 139-page study from the ultimate authority in investing – Florida State University College of Business showed it leads to “abnormal returns.”

The phenomenon is called the “Earnings Profit Surge” and it happens after a company beats earnings.

Following an earnings beat, a stock doesn’t just pop on the day earnings are released. Instead, stocks with the strongest earnings reports will continue to move upward for weeks or even months afterwards.

Playing The Earnings Profit Surge

There are several historical examples of this phenomena in action.

One is Gilead Sciences (Nasdaq: GILD).

The stock gapped up after an earnings surprise, but it continued moving up for the next month and a half, for an increase of 19% all told.

Source: monumenttradersalliance.com

Lululemon (Nasdaq: LULU) is another example, with its stock going up after an earnings surprise and continuing it's ascent to log 7% in just over a month.

Source: monumenttradersalliance.com

These are good returns by any measure, but is this all there is to it?

No, says Nate Bear. 

There is something else that allows us to consistently find big short-term winners and it makes the Earnings Profit Surge even stronger.

It's a way to produce even bigger wins in shorter periods by making just one weekly trade at a specific time, on one ticker that’s released a great earnings report.

This “way” is how Nate turned $37K into $2.7 million in only four years.


The Pitch

To master the One Ticker Payouts strategy, Nate is broadcasting live every Monday to reveal his One Ticker Payouts game plan for the week.

The only way to take part in this live weekly event is by becoming a founding member of a brand-new research service called the Profit Surge Trader.

It's designed to help us make big money every week, while only trading one ticker.

If we join as Founding Members, the cost of the Profit Surge Trader for the first year is only $149 and it comes with instant buy and sell trade recommendations, push alerts for the same, and a trio of bonus reports designed to fast-track our success.


The One Ticker Payout Turbo-Boost

Nate discovered that something happens once a stock reports great earnings.

He discovered that the big institutional investors all want to add that winning stock to their holdings.

However, they can’t just log in to a brokerage account and make a single trade like you or I can. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars after all.

They have to build up their positions slowly, over time.

So they add to their positions over several weeks, causing the stock to continue rising for a month or so after earnings come out.

This is important because it also creates an additional opportunity for us to profit.

Here Come The Options

The crux of the strategy is that these huge, hundred-million-dollar money flows increase the value of the stock’s weekly options.

If we buy into these weekly options at the beginning of each week, when the options are often cheaper, we could in Nate's words “make a boatload by the end of each week.”

We're shown an example of Hershey Chocolate Company stock from February of last year to prove this works.

The company had a blockbuster earnings report that month, right after the announcement, the stock popped, and the “Earnings Profit Surge” continued driving the stock 7% higher over the next month.

A $10,000 investment in Hershey's stock would have produced $700 in profit.

However, using the One Ticker Payouts options strategy instead, it would have produced $37,154 in profit, assuming the same $10k placed in each trade.

This is the so-called “turbo-boost” and why Nate focuses on just one ticker each month. It’s so much more effective than trying to guess which stocks will go up over the long term.

Nate calls his One Ticker Payouts the perfect strategy to master options with, regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran or just a rookie.

Is he right?


Make $100,000 a Month with One Ticker Payouts?

There is no ticker teased or revealed in the presentation, as per the strategy, the stock being traded changes every month.

So, I will instead look at the intricacies of the One Ticker Payout strategy and what the odds are that it can work for us.

The strategy can be broken down as such:

  1. At the start of every month, Nate picks one stock that recently experienced a massive (positive) earnings surprise.
  2. He trades that one stock and it's options about once per week. All trades generally being closed out in eight days.
  3. Rinse and repeat

This is pretty simple, up to four trades of one ticker per month.

Where things get a bit complicated are the options trades and more specifically their timing.

Nate himself admits that his example trades, you know, the ones used to generate thousands of dollars in a single month “would have required timing and execution.”

Therein lies the biggest problem, as mistiming the market, even by just a few days, can significantly affect returns.

Time vs. Timing

In 2007, Warren Buffett made a $1 million “time versus timing” wager.

He bet that the S&P 500 Index fund would outperform an active stock fund over 10 years. A single firm, Protege Partners, took him up on his offer.

How did the bet pan out?

Protege returned 87.7% over the decade in its best-performing fund, meanwhile, the S&P 500 gained 125.8% during the same timeframe. A greater return of nearly 40%.

I suspect, although I can't confirm, that the disparity would be even greater against a monthly trading strategy like One Ticker Payouts.

This point is born out by a single chart which shows the effect of missing the market's best days.

Sure the upside of hopping in and out of trades looks phenomenal, as Nate showcased, but outside of large algorithm-based institutional trading desks and Congress members, I have yet to encounter a consistently successful membership-based trading service.

Research suggests approximately 70% to 90% of active traders lose money. The more intricate the strategy, the worse the results.

I can't completely write off One Ticker Payouts without seeing some backtest or better yet, actual results, which unfortunately are not provided to us. But the prospect of weekly options trades that require precision market timing doesn't sound too appealing or sustainable.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Nate Bear, who is not an actual bear, but a professional stock trader, is teasing a strategy called “One Ticker Payouts” whereby you trade only ONE stock every week for huge profits.
  • The strategy boils down to trading a single stock and its options, which has just experienced an earnings profit surge and has institutional money flow and momentum on its side.
  • To take part in the One Ticker Payouts strategy we will need to become founding members of a brand-new research service called the Profit Surge Trader. Nate is using it to broadcast live every Monday and reveal his One Ticker Payouts stock for the week. The cost of the service is $149 for the first year.
  • Since the stock being traded changes every month, there was no ticker to reveal. Instead, we tried to dive deeper into the One Ticker Payouts strategy.
  • What we, and many others, have found is that trying to time the market or options purchases, in this case, rarely, if ever, works. Nate fell short of providing any concrete evidence that this time is any different.

Have you tried trading options based on momentum? Let us know your experience in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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