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Review of “Future Shock 2020” (Martin Weiss) – Massive Gains?

Future Shock 2020 Review

September 7, 2020 by Anders

Martin Weiss, the founder of Weiss Ratings, has been teasing the opportunity to make a lot of money by investing in a "Future Shock 2020" opportunity.

He claims this "will go down as the single biggest tech-investing opportunity in history" and that you could have already "used this new strategy to see gains of 1,230% … 1,424% … 2,836% and MORE".

In this quick review I'll be going over what's going on here and what he's selling... because we know there is always something being sold.

The Teaser:

The teaser video is set up to look like some soft of news interview, but it's really just a promotion with TV journalist Jessica Borg (who knows how much she was paid) and Martin Weiss...

future shock 2020

The presentation is broken down into three parts, so let's go over a bit about each...

Part 1: The Tale of Two Worlds

This really just provided some general information on how there is a huge investment opportunity coming and gave some background information on Martin Weiss.

A "future shock" was originally described as "rapid change that shocks society", and Martin Weiss is predicting what he calls "future shock 2020" to be huge... "a massive economic disruption happening worldwide" that is going to be one of the biggest investment opportunities of the next two years.

According to him, with this opportunity you could become "vastly richer", possibly making "returns of 566%, 815%, 6,400%, even 15,621%". But then again... just like that 5G teaser from Stephen Leeb that we recently exposed... you have to take these predictions with a giant grain of rock salt.

The teaser is filled with a lot of talk about how Weiss has helped guide investors safely through tough markets in the past and lots of examples of predictions that he got right, such as a 2004 buy Weiss Rating for Apple that could have made investors 15,621% (to-date)... but of course conveniently leaves out any mention of losing recommendations, which are bound to happen.

Part 2

Here the biggest "future shock" opportunities were talked about, which include AI, autonomous vehicles, and others. The information provided here was very brief, and this is because there is more on this given in the free report, which I'll talk about next.

Weiss talked about different companies that are leaders in the industries and what they are working on, but doesn't give any investment recommendations. All the companies he talks about are well established and certainly don't have stock prices that could easily 10x your investment.

Part 3: Future Shock Strategy Revealed

And lastly, in part 3 Weiss gave some basic information on the strategy behind his Weiss Ratings service.

All investors have to do is look at the Weiss Ratings. When a stock is rated B- or higher, it's a buy. When it's D+ or lower, it's a sell. And all the C ratings are neutral and mean hold.

This is pretty simple, and this is also normal stock investing... no day trading, options, etc.

Weiss Ratings keeps a running list of all the stocks. They rate over 9,000 of them and suggest keeping the top 10 in your portfolio.

The Free Report

This is like a second teaser in a way. It builds on the information provided in the presentation, but still doesn't provide any specific investment opportunities. 

The title of this report was called "Future Shock Opportunities: Avoid the Big Losers, and Ride the Biggest Tech Boom Winners in over 100 Years", and after watching the video presentation I was led to this...

Future Shock Opportunities

In this report one of the focuses is on bluechip stocks that everyone should avoid... or at least that they think should be avoided.

15 Blue Chip Stocks to Avoid

What Weiss claims is that you should avoid the oil companies Exxon Mobil, Schlumberger, Occidental Petroleum, and Halliburton, industrial giants Boeing, Raytheon Technologies, General Electric, Dupont, Ford, Dow Inc., and Altria Group, the transportation companies FedEx and Booking Holdings, and the retail giants Walgreens and mall operators like Simon Property Group. 

All of these companies have sell ratings at the moment.

Six Best Future Shock Profit Opportunities

More information on the 6 best "future shock" investment opportunities was also given. These include...

  1. AI
  2. Educational technology
  3. Work from Home tech
  4. Autonomous vehicles
  5. Robotics
  6. Telehealth

However, in order to actually get the juicy details on what stocks they are recommending in these market sectors you'll have to buy into the service being promoted, as you can see here...

I'll talk more about the service in a second, but first let's go over who's running the show here...

The People Behind It

Martin Weiss is the main guy behind it all. He is the chairman of The Weiss Group, which includes 3 different companies. He founded Weiss Research in 1971 and this was the start of what we have here today. After returning to the US having worked in Japan as a Fulbright Scholar, he began by issuing ratings on banks and savings institutions, and then in 2001 started issuing ratings on stocks. Overall Weiss' career is pretty impressive. Some other notable achievements include presenting papers on the economy to the US Senate and House of Representatives, and having fluency certifications in 7 foreign languages (just to name a few).

John Markman is the guy behind the "Future Shock" strategy. He's the leading Weiss Ratings tech analyst and comes from a background developing stock-screening software. He actually worked with software developers at Microsoft to build a stock-screening and stock-selection system in the past. This was originally developed for Microsoft and became MSN Money, which he was the first managing editor of. I'm not sure of the details of the software, but I do know that Markman's software is now being used by Weiss Ratings since he's part of the team.

It's a Weiss Technology Portfolio Promotion

In order to get any actionable information as to what stocks they recommend investing in for this "Future Shock", you first have to sign up for the Weiss Technology Portfolio, which provides subscribers with a list of stocks to buy using Jon's screening and selection computer software as well as good-old human brain power.

This supposedly normally costs $5,000/yr but through the sales funnel I went through it was discounted to $2,850 for the first year.

At the moment the have a guarantee where if you don't make 100% returns within your first year of following their recommendations you can get a second year for free. He mentions that this offer will be gone in a few days, but this could just be a marketing tactic to make it seem more urgent that you buy in now.


It's pretty darn expensive to buy into this service, so it makes sense that you'd want to know how well these Weiss Ratings actually perform.

Well, the service is pretty new, but we are told that it has an average return of 159.8% (including dividend reinvestments)...

And it is also said to have outperformed the S&P 500 by 8.8x...

But we don't know how long of a time-frame these results cover. The service is a newer one, so the track-record here doesn't really tell us all that much.

Recap & Conclusion

  • Martin Weiss predicts that the "Future Shock" happening now will be "the single biggest tech-investing opportunity in history" and that investors could get very rich.
  • The "Future Shock 2020" presentation is a promotion that lures investors into a new service by Martin Weiss and Jon Markman that provides investors with buy/sell ratings for stocks.
  • To get any specific information on what stocks to invest in, you'd have to buy in to the service.

So should you buy in? Well, the people behind it definitely have solid reputations and backgrounds, but the service is so new and without a long-standing track-record it's hard to make a call on this.

As always, do your own due-diligence before buying into any service like this.

Hopefully this review has provided some value to you and helped clear the air on what's all going on here. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you think this service is worth spending several grand on?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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