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Stephen Leeb’s 5G Stock Revealed – The “5G Fix”

Stephen Leeb 5G Stock

September 4, 2020 by Anders

5G investment opportunities are all the rage nowadays and it seems that all the investment gurus and experts have a teaser of some sort for making big money in this newly emerging market.

Stephen Leeb's 5G stock pick is one that he thinks could make investors filthy rich... claiming it could rise up to 2,247%. 

Normally you'd have to buy into his investment newsletter service in order to get the details on this company, but I'll just be telling you for free (name and ticker symbol) in a bit.

That's quite a bold claim, but nothing outrageous compared to other hyped-up 5G teasers we've come across in the past, such as the "Perfect 5G Stock" that was teased by Lou Basenese or the "Turbo Button" stock from Navellier.

The teaser:

Leeb's promotional approach is centered around a "devastating 5G flaw"... and the "$5 stock that could be the biggest tech opportunity of all time"...

Devestating 5G Flaw

Sounds incredible, but let's go over what he's actually talking about here before getting too excited.

The Problem With 5G

5G is up to 100x faster than 4G and will be able to carry more data. Because of this, it will be essential to new technologies such as IoT and AI.

However, the one big downside 5G has is that its signals don't travel far and can't pass through solid objects.

While 4G signals can travel about 10 miles, 5G can only travel around 1,000 feet. That's pretty bad... and its signals are blocked by solid objects such as trees, windows, doors, walls, etc.

The Solution

There are a bunch of companies working on a bunch of different solutions to this problem. But generally speaking, the solution is to have antennas that can transmit 5G just about everywhere. There is no way around this at the moment.

The 5G company that Leeb is teasing he claims "fixes 5G's fatal flaw", making it vital to the 5G revolution.

He teases it as a little-known company that "has single-handedly developed the solution".

Not true... but let's entertain the hype for a monent.

How good is the opportunity?

Well, he claims investors could bring in $117,385… $234,770… $469,540 or even more.

And he goes on to claim that "it could easily soar 5x… 10x… 20x… maybe even 100x".

Sounds good right?

But it doesn't end there. Leeb continues to hype the heck out of this opportunity and teases the ability to become debt-free, build a new addition on your home, or even buy a new Cadillac "without a second thought".

Now that's pushing it.

But the reason this company will supposedly soar in price is because he predicts it will generate $6.6 billion in royalties from its 5G tech, sending its stock price to the moon.

And after all the hype... after the excitement of finding out about this opportunity starts to peak... you are hit with the fact that the only way to get more information on this company is to buy into Leeb's investment newsletter service.

The good news: You won't have to buy into anything. I'll be going over the stock he's teasing for free.

Who Is This Leeb Guy?

Stephen Leeb is a good salesman when he comes out with investment teasers, but this doesn't take away from his impressive background making him an authority when it comes to investing. 

His expertise mostly lays in the realm of macroeconomic trends and commodities such as oil and precious metals. This makes sense considering his positions, which include that of Chairman and CIO of Leeb Capital Management, Director of the tech holding company Plain Sight Systems over at Yale University, head of the advisory board of an oil & gas exploration company, member on the advisory board of a gold exploration company along with a silver exploration company and more.

And besides all of this he also has authored a handful of notable books, including The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel, The Oil Factor: Protect Yourself and Profit from the Coming Energy Crisis, and others.

5G Stock Revealed

Leeb is the type of guy you'd want to listen to when it comes to investment advice, but is his 5G pick really any good? 

Well, let's piece together the clues and see what he's teasing here.

Some of the better clues about the company that we were given include...

  • They design and build "some of the best, cutting edge antennas in the world"
  • The company's stock prices is trading around $5 (fluctuates of course)
  • It is at the forefront of 5G beamforming technology
  • They own over 1,000 5G patents
  • They have over 40 major contracts and do business all over the globe

Other clues were given as well, but I'll keep this short and just get to the point. The company he's teasing here is certainly not little and unknown... it's Nokia (NOK), which is a name most of us are probably familiar with.

Nokia is a Finnish telecommunications and consumer electronics company that does business worldwide. They are heavily involved in telecommunications infrastructures, tech development and licensing.

The clues match up well here.

  • Yes, Nokia's stock is trading around $5 (at the moment).
  • Yes, Nokia designs antennas. Their Massive MIMO antennas help to boost network capacity and are used with 3D breamforming, as was mentioned.
  • And Yes, they own over 1,000 5G patents and so on.

It's a match... but is it really the amazing investment opportunity Leeb teases it as being?...

Potential to 100x Your Money?

Don't count on that!

The primary part of Nokia's business is manufacturing telecom equipment, although they also make money through licensing with their large portfolio of patents. They claim to be owed a patent licensing rate of up to $3.50 for every 5G smartphone, but these royalties are negotiable and this number certainly isn't set in stone.

The company bought out rival Alcatel Lucent in 2016 and this made them the 2nd largest telecom equipment company in the world. And although their operations in China haven't been going that well with the fierce competition, they could be positioned well due to nations that want to reduce dependence on Chinese tech, such as how Orange, a major telecom company in France, stated it would give contracts to Nokia and Ericsson, but not Huawei.

They have good things going for them, but will you really get rich investing in NOK?

Well, first off, let's make it clear that there are other companies such as Qualcomm that they'll have to compete with. Leeb makes it sound like this company is the only one with any solution to the 5G problem, but this is just good marketing... and is misleading.

Not only that, but the low stock price (around $5) doesn't mean much. Sure, it's a low price, but Nokia has a market cap of around $25 billion and has had one of around $100 billion several times. It's not some tiny company that is going to increase exponentially in size in a matter of months... far from it.

It's worth a second look, but as usual the marketing around this opportunity is over-hyped and you have to take things with a grain of salt.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Stephen Leeb has been teasing the opportunity to invest in a company that has the "5G Fix" to counter 5G's "fatal flaw".
  • He believes this company's stock could increase as much as 100x or more.
  • All the details on this company are provided in special report, which you'd have to buy into his investment newsletter service to get your hands on.
  • Here at Green Bull Research I just gave you the name of the company for free.

You're welcome for that!

I hope this quick review has been valuable to you, which is the goal here.

As always, let us know what you think of this stock pick. Should you start looking into which Cadillac you want to purchase?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Thank you for the reveal! Appreciate it. As I mentioned in my earlier e mail. I spend hours researching to locate the BIG stock they (those who want you to buy into their books, newsletter, group, etc) I found one they were promoting – Bloom Energy – but couldn't find the 5G one.
    So happy to be a part of YOUR group!
    Cheryl Patella
    Miami, Florida

  • Am an elderly widow and I try to follow the happenings in the stock mkt. I got lucky way back with Netflix but it was just because I liked it. However with little background or solid information I sold it at $50.

    Thanks for sharing Nokia. I am interested and thankful you so kindly shared this information. I don’t know that I am any smarter but am inclined to be a risk taker and will surely check it out as it is interesting with its possibilities. Again thanks. Shirley

  • Especially if purchased when it is down, I kind of just presume a company with this reputation can be a solid investment. As usual though, thought of 10X investment seem to me to be overstated. Ultimately there are a lot of antennae providers. Plus it doesn't appear to own any sort of proprietary chip for each and every phone. AF

  • Gents and ladies at GBR,

    Much appreciation for your detective work, not that I was looking at Nokia in the first place. I believe you are correct in that the NOK goal is to return to their previous high-water market cap. If so, I believe you may be able to double your money over the course of a couple to three years, as we see that climbing out of the COVID hole will take a while. . .

  • Great job on Nokia, it's highly appreciated. I still remember Stephen Leeb back when he was hyping Oil and NAT for $ 200 bucks. Lot of people lost their shirt including me (investing in Enerplus) !

    Klaus, Simi Valley, CA

  • Hi Anders
    Thanks for your report. There are some schools of thought that expect that what apple is doing will render 5G obsolete before it even gets off the ground, i would be interested in your thoughts

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