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David Fessler’s “The Next Stock of the Decade” – 210x Return?

December 9, 2020 by Theodor

David Fessler is the author of an investment newsletter that talks about “the next stock of the decade” and compares its investment potential to the one of Netlfix back in the early 2000’s or Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and NVidia a couple of decades ago. According to him, by investing in this one  “Mars Technology” stock, you can earn “210 times your money”, which is a very precise figure so let’s see what this is all about.

Fessler teases that by subscribing to his investment newsletter: Strategic Trends Investor, for $79 per year currently, reduced from $249. You will have access to 12 monthly issues of the letter, as well as weekly wire updates, a Library of special reports, trade alerts, weekly interviews with CEOs, business leaders, industry experts, as well as four bonus reports. For those who particularly like saving their money and don’t mind holding onto it whatsoever, here is what we were able to find out free of charge.

David Fessler is a degreed electrical engineer and has served as vice president of two successful tech businesses – Quality Telecommunications Inc. and LTX Corporation. He describes himself as a “veteran of the semiconductor industry” and has built a second career in the investment field for himself over the past 12 years. 

Back in 2019, he started recommending 5G stocks that doubled in just a few months and he was also one of the first ones to identify the early potential of Tesla in 2013. He enjoys learning and finding new investment possibilities, especially in the field of tech and claims to have found a new $10 stock that will revolutionize the energy industry over the next decade.


The Opportunity

Fessler mentions from the very beginning that the stock he is teasing “has nothing to do with 5G, blockchain, new smartphones” or any other hyped new sector you are probably already familiar with. As our faithful readers will be, since we have covered teasers in all of these sectors. See: 5G Booster Stocks and Jeff Brown’s Blockchain Stocks.

He goes on to talk about a ground-breaking technology that was created by “a brilliant NASA rocket scientist” and even goes as far as to name it the “Mars Technology”, as NASA first asked this same scientist to develop and create “both oxygen and fuel on the surface of Mars.”

According to the author, the base component of this new technology is “just 100 millimeters by 100 millimeters”. By reversing the technology first created for NASA, the scientist was able to generate “powerful, clean electricity” without combustion that can potentially revolutionize the way buildings and personal homes have access to an environmentally-friendly source of energy. 

The biggest selling point of this new tech is that it doesn’t require sunlight. It doesn’t require wind. It doesn’t require power lines connected to a coal or nuclear plant. All it takes is a standard natural gas connection plus some regular, good old fashioned air.

Fessler claims that this tech is about to revolutionize the entire world and if mass-produced, it would become a leader in the energy market, which means every investor in this stock can potentially become a millionaire in less than a decade.


The NASA Technology Stock Being Teased

When it comes to the clues provided, Fessler was quite generous, so we were able to identify the company he teases. Keep reading.

  • David starts by mentioning that the company was founded by a former NASA employee and that its stock was around $10 at the moment when he first teased it, back in July.
  • He then goes on to say that “this is a company that has created the most game-changing new technology in the world today” and that “Yale has called the coming proliferation of this type of technology the next best thing”. These are all positive claims, but don’t hold too much substance and don’t really say much about the company itself. 
  • However, another clue we receive is that “the company recently IPO’d and now trades for less than $10 per share…but is set to become the most important company in America.”
  • Another clue that tells us something specific is that this firm already has “deals in place with Walmart, Google, eBay, Apple, Staples, FedEx”, and others.
  • According to Fessler, Walmart already has more than 30 stores running on this new energy source. Additionally, Ikea, FedEx, Staples, AT&T, Honda, and 20 companies from the Fortune 100 have all made a deal with this small company and are rethinking their entire business models, so as to be able to integrate this ground-breaking alternative source of energy.

Having all this information, we were able to identify the company Fessler talks about as Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE). We were able to come to this conclusion because:

  • Bloom has already signed contracts with no less than 25 of the biggest Fortune 100 companies, including Walmart, IKEA, AT&T, and Honda. It also has international partnerships in place, like the one they struck with South Korea Engineering & Construction and with the Japanese government.
  • The company mentions that it bases its tech on “proprietary solid oxide fuel cell that allows Blue Energy Servers to convert fuel into electricity through an electrochemical process without combustion at the highest efficiency of any power solution available in the world today.” According to management, their tech delivers uninterruptible power options, personalized power quality, and high sustainability, all at cheaper costs. 
  • Although the stock has more than doubled since Fessler originally teased it this summer, it was trading under $10 at that time when one looks back at its price chart.

One of the main advantages of this tech are that it doesn’t require any wires to function, it is small, portable, and powerful, which makes it the perfect candidate for ships, as opposed to oil, which is currently used to fuel them. If the tech proves sustainable in the long term and cheaper than traditional crude oil, which is a HUGE “if” then the company could go on to provide an energy source that can reduce oil spills and water contamination, among many other uses.

Most financial and investment experts believe that the stock will continue to rise as the tech is not only innovative but revolutionary, and Bloom Energy is the only one to produce it. But it’s not like they have ever been wrong.


Is This Alternative Energy Source A Good Opportunity?

As the world changes and ever more devices require energy to function, companies are looking for alternative ways to produce more energy without increasing the costs or overcharging the existing network. Solar and wind energy still represent the cleanest sources of renewable energy and are amongst the cheapest, but they can only be effective in places with heavy winds or enough sunny days per year. 

However, building wind energy farms costs millions of dollars, while solar panels also require plenty of ground. On the other hand, the solution proposed by Bloom Energy rivals both the old and new ways of producing energy, at a fraction of the cost, and importantly, it is a compact and easy to transport energy source. 

The stackable boxes or tiles produced by Bloom Energy are the size of a small fridge and produce enough energy to power an entire building or a supermarket. The ones used to power a single family home are even smaller and can be placed anywhere, without requiring alternative wires or any of the costly infrastructure. This paves the way to a brand new world where people won’t be dependent on the existing power networks to build their homes or farms. In other words, we consider Bloom Energy to be a good future stock pick, as currently it is not even profitable or anywhere close to justifying its humongous valuation.

Even though we don’t think its technology will be stable enough to fuel large-scale products in the next couple of years, it still holds great potential and should perhaps be on your watchlist.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • David Fessler is a renowned private investor and advisor with over 12 years of experience in the field of tech and semiconductors. In his latest marketing newsletter, he pitches his investment newsletter, Strategic Trends Investor, for a special price of only $79 per year. Included, you will receive a series of bonuses, weekly investment alerts, and updates, as well as four bonus reports. One of them includes the name and ticker symbol of a company he calls “the stock of the decade” which can potentially bring you 200 times your initial investment in just a few years.
  • We were able to identify this company for you for free right here as: Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE), a company whose technology is backed by no less than 251 patents. 
  • The founder of the company and the man behind the revolutionary technology is a former NASA rocket scientist who was tasked with coming up with tech to create “both oxygen and fuel on the surface of Mars.”

What do you think about this so-called Mars Technology? Are you currently invested in any alternative energy stocks? Or do you think we are still several decades (or more) away from other truly sustainable energy sources that can be produced cheaply enough? Would love to hear your thoughts as always in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • It's hard to say how farther up it will go since it peaked shortly after its debut in 2018 and hasn't gone back to that level since then. I can see it growing a little over the next year, but with the economy the way it is, that 210x may not come for a while. I'd rather take my chances with a green energy ETF that perhaps has this in the portfolio.

  • The largest component of natural gas is methane, CH4.
    It can never give carbon free residual in energy production.

    Bloom Energy runs on hydrogen instead of natural gas.
    Hydrogen can give water +enrgy.
    This is done in the well-known Fuel cell:

  • Bought BE back in the 3rd week of June and am at 174% gain after briefly going down 15%+ 2 days ago after some hot head at Morgan Stanley downgraded it…possibly due to an "errotic" financial dream!! Also bought INSG back in Feb. and up 90+% so far!! Thanks to Fessler!! His approach to his research is solid…while he specifically doesn't promise results although does show his research!!

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