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Alan Knuckman’s Daily Double Club Review (aka “Breakfast Club”) – Legit Advisory Service?

Daily Double Club Review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

If you're looking for more information on Alan Knuckman's Daily Double Club then you're in the right place. Is it legit? Is there really a $1 million guarantee?

In this review I'll be going over what the Daily Double Club is, how it works and what you get, the $1 million guarantee and why you shouldn't count on it and more.

There are probably lots of different promotions for this advisory service, but I recently came across a promo where Knuckman was referring to it as the "breakfast club"...

Alan Knuckman The New Breakfast Club

In this promo some of the more outlandish claims that were made included:

  • members can potentially "in rare cases, theoretically score up to 47 times their money or more"
  • you "could have the greatest odds of at least doubling your money in a month"
  • and that this "new 'breakfast club' research could show you the chance for at least $1 million in market-trading profits"

Sounds amazing and all, but then again just about every investment advisory service sounds amazing in the promotions. 

Let's see how good this really is...

Daily Double Club Overview

Daily Double Club
  • Name: Daily Double Club
  • Type: Investment advisory service
  • Publisher: St. Paul Research
  • Editor: Alan Knuckman
  • Cost: Supposedly normally costs $3,000/yr, but discounts are often available

What Is the Daily Double Club?

The Daily Double Club is a follow-along trading advisory service that provides subscribers with trade recommendations, similar to others we've reviewed here such as 100X Club and IPO Speculator, just this service is focused on options trading and provides daily recommendation. The person running things is veteran trader Alan Knuckman, and it is brought to us by the St. Paul Research investment advisory firm, which has connections with the Agora Financial company.

The focus of this service is on options trading, and members don't need any experience to get started. A guide for getting started is provided, and since Knuckman tells subscribers what to buy and when, experience just isn't a requirement... although having some is always beneficial and we never really recommend blindly following someone else's advice.

Who Is Alan Knuckman?

Alan Knuckman

Alan Knuckman is currently employed by St. Paul Research as an investment analyst where he runs the Daily Double Club as well as others, such as Weekly Wealth Alert and Rapid Riches Report.

He has been trading for over 25 years and began his career on the floor of CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade). Throughout this time he's worked with all aspects of the options markets, and it's worth noting that he holds the series 4 and 24 securities registration credentials.

In short, Knuckman is the real-deal, and this is obvious when you see him featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNN and others for his expertise on the markets.

Other FAQ's

Is the Daily Double Club legit?

Yes, this service is legit. As you know, Alan Knuckman is an experienced trader who knows what he's doing, and the St. Paul Research company behind it all is also legitimate. They provide a variety of different investment/trade advisory services.

Can you trust the trade recommendations?

To some extent, yes, but there is one issue with this service that I'll go over soon. It's a common complaint with services like this that deal with options trade recommendations.

Are there refunds?

Nope. They state in plain words that "no refunds are available on this service". So be sure to read this review entirely to get a better idea of what this is all about before making any decisions.

How It Works

The Layout:

As mentioned, this is a follow-along trading advisory service, and the layout of how it works is pretty simple.

Each day subscribers will be provided with a new trade recommendation at 9:29am - well... each day that the markets are open.

This is why he sometimes refers to this service as the "breakfast club"... because a lot of people will be eating their Wheaties and Fruity Pebbles around the time they receive his daily trade alerts.

These daily trade alerts will be sent out via text message, and are nothing more than a short, one-sentenced message providing the details.


The idea with this Daily "Double" Club is that you'll get to enter into a trade that has the potential to double every day, but it's important to not that these aren't going to double within the day... but rather have the potential to double within the month.

Knuckman claims some stocks reap most of their profits within small 30-day chunks of time, and in the promotions for this service he has shown many examples of this, such as Autozone here...

Not all stock charts do this, but what he does is backtests his strategy to find stocks that trade well with this method, and other criteria these stocks must meet before he thinks about recommending them include:

  1. Must trade on major American exchanges, such as NYSE or NASDAQ
  2. Must have a market cap of at least $500 million - he doesn't want any volatile micro-cap stocks here
  3. Must have at least 2 distinct upticks lasting around 30 days within the past year - these upticks should account for at least 50% of the year's profit
  4. Must pass the "4V Indicator" test - this is a proprietary indicator he uses that looks at volatility, trading volume, fundamental, technical and relative value, and open interest

And lastly, it's very important to know that this is all about options trading, which I already mentioned. He looks for good stock charts, and then makes what he calls "zoom trades", which are really call options. Call options, if you're unfamiliar with these, give the owner the right to buy a stock at a certain price within a certain time frame. Here's a short 1.5 minute video by Investopedia that provides a good basic overview:

The reason he's recommending options here instead of just regular stock trades is simple... because options provide much more profit potential. If you were trying to double your money within a month trading regular stocks that have a market cap of at least $500 million, this would be much harder.

What You Get 

I've broken this down into the core of what you get with a subscription for this service as well as some "bonuses".

The Core of What You Get:

  • Trade Recommendations - Every day that the markets are open at 9:29 a.m. subscribers receive a text message regarding the trade for that day. This equals about 253 trades a year on average.
  • Trade Analyses - Full analyses of the recommended trades will also be provided. Subscribers will get these via email and will also be able to access them in the website members area.
  • Trading and Market Bulletin - This is sent out weekly and provides a recap of how the market was over the week, updates on currently held recommended positions, any changes to the plans, etc.

Guides & Bonuses:

  • $300 VISA Gift Card - He says that this gift card is for subscribers "to upgrade your smartphone". At the moment of this review there is no option to not receive this.
  • Guide to Free and Low-Cost Online Trading - This goes over the different options you have to trade for free through brokers online, or at very low costs.
  • Guide to "Zoom Trading" for Beginners - This goes over the basics of trading call options, which is what I mentioned he is referring to when he says "zoom trading".
  • My Top Five "Daily Double" Picks for Right Now - Here subscribers are provided with his top 5 picks to trade right now - this is a rolling list.
daily double club bundle

Cost & Guarantee

They claim that the "full list" price is $3,000 a year, but I'm not sure if it's ever actually sold at this price. This might just be a marketing stunt.

Through the sales funnel I went through they had a discount to get a 2-year subscription for $1,999, which is a 67% discount since a "full list" 2-year subscription would cost $6,000.

Why not get rid of the $300 gift care and just lower the darn price??!

This is a very good question. I think the gift card thing is ridiculous, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a hidden agenda behind it. My guess is that they are giving this out because it provides a good excuse as to why they can't give out refunds.

The $1 Million Guarantee & $60,000 Bonus

Instead of giving out refunds they have a guarantee.

*Note: If you do want a refund you can still try to get one by contacting their customer care department at 1-844-858-9331. I'd recommend trying.

The guarantee is this: they state that they keep a running spreadsheet of all the daily recommendations made through the service. This spreadsheet is based on a theoretical $1,000 per trade and if the gains don't add up to $1 million at the end of 2 years then subscribers can get a lifetime membership for Daily Double Club free of charge, which is the "$60,000 bonus".

Sounds good and all, but there is a problem with this...

The problem: There is one very common complaint that I see with advisory services that recommend options trades in particular - something you should be aware of. This is that it is often difficult for subscribers to get into the trades at the right prices, even if they act on them within minutes of being recommended. 

When a recommendation is made, all the subscribers jump on it as fast as possible, possibly driving up the price too much for it to be very profitable. And since all subscribers to this service know the exact time that Knuckman's recommendations will be published, then I'd imagine it could be difficult.

So, Knuckman records the paper trades that HE MAKES, not that you actually receive. What I mean is that he's the first to get into the trades, because he's the one recommending them. So he get's in at the perfect price, but you might not... as I often see with subscribers... and so your trades might not be nearly as profitable... but the paper trades that Knuckman records still might make this $1 million guarantee void.

Pros v Cons

  • Follow-along service that requires no experience or knowledge
  • Well laid-out and provides guides for getting started
  • Potential for fast profits
  • Alan Knuckman is an experienced and respected trader
  • No refunds
  • $1 million guarantee is somewhat misleading
  • Can be difficult getting into options trades recommended like this at the right price

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • The Daily Double Club is a follow-along advisory service where Alan Knuckman recommends option trades on a daily basis
  • Knuckman is an experienced options trader with over 25 years under his belt
  • No experience is needed and there are even guides provided to help new subscribers learn the basics of options trading
  • The idea is that subscribers will be able to double their money on every trade, which will last about 30 days usually
  • There are no refunds and the "full list" cost is $3,000 a year, although discounts seem to always be available
  • Getting into options trades recommended in services like this at the right price can be difficult
  • The $1 million guarantee isn't something you should rely on

Should you buy into this service? Well, here at Green Bull Research we always recommend that you do your own due diligence. The decision comes down to you in the end, and it also depends a lot on what you are looking for. With a service like this you have to be on the ball. You have to be ready for that 9:29am text and you want to get in the trade as soon as possible. Sure, it's rather simple because you are just following advice for the most part, but this isn't the "hands-off" long-term buy & hold strategy that many investors are looking for.

And keep in mind that you can't expect the same results as Knuckman, due to the difficulty of entering trades at the right price. This is part of the game.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts about it. We appreciate our readers' opinions!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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