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  • Chris Rowe’s “#1 Crypto Pick” (Crypto’s LAST Frenzy) – 100x Your Money in Days?

Chris Rowe’s “#1 Crypto Pick” (Crypto’s LAST Frenzy) – 100x Your Money in Days?

Chris Rowe’s “#1 Crypto Pick” (Crypto’s LAST Frenzy)

April 30, 2024 by Theodor

According to Chris Rowe, we are entering the final phase of the biggest crypto frenzy in history.

This final phase is about to trigger on May 20th and Chris has a “#1 Crypto Pick” that will make us a fortune.


The Teaser

Trillions of dollars will flood into one corner of the crypto market for one final time.

Source: truemarketinsiders.com

Chris Rowe is a former Wall Street money manager known for accurately calling every major market top and bottom of the last 30 years. We have previously reviewed some of Chris' previous teasers, including his Apirion” Stocks and “Tech Boom 2.0 Stocks.”

This is set to send hundreds of small coins soaring 5x, 25x, and 100x higher in just days.

What is it?

First, Chris directs us to an interesting chart:

Source: truemarketinsiders.com

It shows a recurring pattern that is about to happen again due to two things:

1. $27 trillion plowing directly into crypto

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris is talking about the new upcoming ETFs for smaller cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

This is the one-time event that will spark the last, best bull market, in crypto history.

Yahoo Finance agrees, saying this event will “spark an investor frenzy“, as institutions pile into crypto for the first time.

2. The new supply of select cryptocurrencies will shrink, on a scale we’ve never seen before

Most of us have heard about Bitcoin’s supply cut that just happened.

We even wrote about what some of the biggest winners from Bitcoin's Halving could be.

However, the biggest gains don’t come before the halving, but rather way after it because this is when the smaller coins (with all the upside) finally start their bull run.

It happened this way during the last two Bitcoin Halvings and simple supply/demand economics dictate that prices will increase.

Chris sees the writing on the wall and he's going to reveal his #1 crypto coin to buy today as well as all the details on a $0.03 coin that just partnered with Amazon.


The Pitch

Both of these picks along with a third recommendation are revealed in a special report called Crypto’s Final Frenzy: The Biggest “Millionaire Maker” Event in History

Source: truemarketinsiders.com

The report can be ours if we subscribe to a monthly research service called Sector Focus. It costs $49 for the first year and includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, as many as 10 investment ideas every month across crypto, tech stocks, options trading, commodities, and two special reports.


Crypto's Final Bull Market?

Chris' two catalysts are intriguing enough to unpack, starting with the $27 trillion figure that is supposedly piling into the crypto market.

The way this is worded in the presentation could easily make one think that $27 trillion worth of cryptocurrencies are about to be purchased. This is not the case.

What Chris or his ghostwriters did was take the combined assets under management of the top eight financial institutions in the U.S. – $27 trillion and assume that all or most of these will be invested into crypto.

In reality, less than 1% or $27 billion will be allocated towards crypto over the long term and most of that will be going into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and maybe one or two other cryptos.

This isn't insignificant and the new demand will help support the price of the top cryptocurrencies just mentioned, but it won't send them to the moon over the short term.

Crypto Supply Shrinking?

This should be re-phrased to the supply of Bitcoin shrinking.

Bitcoin has a programmed limit of 21 million coins, the last of which is to be mined around the year 2140.

Some other coins also have programmed supply limits, but their adoption isn't likely to become mainstream like BTC due to several issues ranging from transaction costs to niche-only uses.

So as you can see, calling this “the biggest crypto frenzy in history” is some persuasive copywriting.

If history is any indication, prices should start going up after a Bitcoin Halving event, and when new crypto ETFs are added into the mix, they will provide an additional boost. But we're not quite at the frenzy stage where nearly the entire population is buying crypto like they did in 17th-century Holland during the Tulip Mania.

Now that our expectations have been jolted back to some semblance of reality, what are Chris' “last frenzy” crypto picks?


Revealing Chris Rowe's Crypto Picks

Chris reveals his top pick to us for free, while dropping some minimal clues about the others.

#1 Crypto Pick

  • If this crypto frenzy is anything like the last, then this coin alone could return as much as 48x like it did last time around.
  • This coin has some serious institutional support behind it, with anonymous buyers holding as many as 11.1 million coins, another buying 5.5 million, and yet another buying 5.2 million.

Chris' top crypto pick is Solana (SOL).

#2 Crypto Pick

  • This crypto is becoming one of the safest, and most efficient ways to not only purchase items but to transfer money from person to person.
  • They have just partnered with two of the largest online retailers, including Amazon.
  • The coin is selling for just $0.03.

The pick here is WAX Token (WAX).

  • Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a purpose-built ecosystem for Web3 Gaming and NFTs that facilitates secure transactions and instant payments between individuals.
  • WAX announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) last month, integrating its network into the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) service.
  • As I'm writing this, WAX is trading for $0.06.

#3 Crypto Pick

Sadly, no clues, hints, or tips are offered about the name of this last pick.


Make 5x, 25x, and 100x in just days?

Small crypto coins have surged by the amounts Chris promotes here in the past, but as we know by now “past performance is no indication of future results.” 

As for spot Ethereum ETFs launching in May, it looks more and more like SEC approval is going to be delayed.

Does this completely blow up Chris' investment case?

Not entirely, as there are still some saving graces.

Although the U.S. launch of an ETH ETF may be delayed, Hong Kong is set to debut its first Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs on April 30. It won't have the same impact, but Hong Kong is one of the largest financial markets in the world, so the debut of these ETFs will funnel fresh capital into the two largest crypto coins by market cap.

Secondly, buying SOL and WAX as stand-alone speculations isn't what I would do, but as part of a bigger basket of cryptos, they make more sense.

To put a new twist on an old Forrest Gump quote, buying crypto is like a box of chocolates, you never know exactly what you'll get, but it is entertaining.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • According to Chris Rowe, we are entering the final phase of the biggest crypto frenzy in history and he has a “#1 Crypto Pick” that will make us a fortune.
  • Two catalysts are driving this final crypto frenzy: Billions of dollars in fresh institutional funds buying crypto coins for the first time as spot ETFs launch and Bitcoin's Halving shrinking its supply.
  • Three coins will be big beneficiaries of these moves and they are only revealed in a special report called Crypto’s Final Frenzy: The Biggest “Millionaire Maker” Event in History. The report can be ours if we subscribe to a monthly research service called Sector Focus, which costs $49 for the first year.
  • Chris' revealed his top crypto pick for free as Solana (SOL), we were able to reveal his second pick as WAX Token (WAX), and no clues were forthcoming about his third pick.
  • Buying crypto coins is like taking a spin at the roulette wheel, sometimes you can steal some money from it and other times it steals money from you. But buying Chris' recommendations as part of a larger basket of crypto coins helps the odds.

Are SOL or WAX part of your crypto holdings? Tell us in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • I think you need to look at the tokens that meet the ISO20022 Standard. There are 7. I own SOL but it is not one of the 7.

  • Can you expose this
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    • The Fed in combination with the largest banks already own your broker held stocks, unless you hold any as a stock certificate. Also consider the war powers act of (year?) 1917 for emergency confiscations.

  • when I enter wax to add to my sample portfolio for tracking Schwab says invalid ticker. When I try sol it loads Emeron Grp (ADS), but lists GSOL as ticker for Grayscale Solana. Hard to decipher this analysis.

    • Hi Al,

      Inconveniently, cryptocurrencies cannot be purchased from a regular brokerage account. You need an account with a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Crypto.com to buy and trade coins like SOL and WAX.

      I hope this helps,

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