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Alternative Wealth Network Review – Complete Details

April 17, 2022 by Phil

A lot has already been said about cryptocurrency. You may even have opinions about it already. But in this Alternative Wealth Network review, we focus on a specific type called microcurrencies.

What are they? According to trader and editor Tom Gentile:

They are tiny digital currencies created specifically for industries around the world.

Apparently, "real estate, technology, energy, biotech, health care, and financial services," among others, use microcurrencies. As a result, people make transactions much faster and cheaper.

In fact, Gentile says that these businesses save more than $600 billion a year. Because of this, the trader claims that "companies are scooping them up like crazy."

We like how Gentile likens them to penny stocks but in the crypto market.

So, where does he come in? Well, he says he has assembled a team of experts who know which microcurrencies are poised for growth. When you subscribe, you will have access to their research and analysis.

Are you ready to become the next crypto millionaire? He claims he can take you to your dream destination; just subscribe to his service. But before you do, read all about it first in our objective review. 


  • Name: Alternative Wealth Network
  • Editor: Tom Gentile
  • Publisher: Money Map Press
  • Website: www.moneymappress.com
  • Service: Crypto (microcurrencies) investment research advisory
  • Cost: Regular price - $599 annual fee, Standard - $79, Gold - $99, VIP Platinum - $149

Money Map Press offers Tom Gentile's Alternative Wealth Network to those who want to try crypto. But unlike the regular digital currency, the advisory focuses on microcurrencies. 

Gentile claims that it is the most lucrative opportunity in crypto. With it, you can be among the millionaires in the space. 

When you subscribe, he will tell you which specific crypto to trade every month. In fact, the recommendations have the potential to grow up to 1,000% in a year. This is the kind of growth he promises.

Those who subscribe early can get a founding members' discount. This is to encourage more people to find financial freedom through the digital currency.

We have already written about the editor in the past. We reviewed his teasers on his Four-Day Profit Cycle and “Surge Strike” Opportunities

Moreover, we have articles on his other newsletters: the Weekly Cash Clock and the Fast Fortune Club. Read our past writeups if you want to know more about his style.

What is Alternative Wealth Network?

The service is the newest offering from Money Map Press and Tom Gentile. Alternative Wealth Network is all about cryptocurrency. However, it focuses on what the editor calls "microcurrencies."

He says that "billions of dollars" are pouring into this investment space every day. Right now, the editor says that crypto has already overtaken silver in terms of value.

This means that you have an opportunity to be a crypto multi-millionaire like him. 

When you subscribe, he and his team of experts will guide you as you start trading the digital currency. Also, they will tell you which ones you should and shouldn't buy. 

Of course, you will also hear about the most vital part. They will instruct you when to cash out your holdings. This way, you will get the most enormous profits possible. 

Gentile asserts that microcurrencies are the new class of crypto that will beat Bitcoin. Once you see their performance, you will understand why you should take advantage of his newsletter.

Some of them are:

Empire Token – up 5,103%
Bitrise Token – up 2,657%
Kuma Inu – up 2,406%
Ainu Token – up 1,897%
CryptoMines – up 1,714%

According to the trader, these are all within 30 days. Are you all enticed just yet?

Before you get too excited, we caution you to read further first. Yes, these numbers look phenomenal, but we do not know the other variables.

As you know, editors have this habit of cherry-picking results that make them look good. They have slick copywriters who specialize in that. 

We are not saying that such is the case for this advisory. However, our point is that we must make it a habit to practice restraint when we see too-good-to-be-true numbers.

In fact, the pitch says you have a chance to make 50 times and up to 100 times your money. Gentile adds that you can get these gains in just a year.

Imagine that. How lucky are all of us to have someone like Gentile in our lives. What a champion.

Not only that, but your subscription will also bring you to a platform. In it, you will be able to talk to other traders. If this is indeed legit, it's honestly a promising feature. We can credit him for that.

It will indeed be helpful to have a community that will help each other out. Since crypto is still new to a lot of people, there is room for more information exchange.

However, we wonder how "democratic" the platform will be. What if subscribers voice out their criticisms of the service? If there will be people who speak against the editor, will Gentile allow them?

If interested, Money Map Press has different packages for you. Read about the pricing and features in the next sections.

Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile claims that he was an early adopter of the cryptocurrency market. He adds that he invested in it years before analysts at financial giants even realized it was significant.

Moreover, his profile says that he was a trailblazer as he mined Bitcoin on his own in 2013. At that time, the cryptocurrency was going for slightly more than $100 a coin.

Today, the website states that he is considered one of America's leading cryptocurrency authorities.

He says that he has already personally amassed a million-dollar fortune in this market by trading these once-obscure coins. As a result, he knows a lot about this space.

In addition, Money Map Press says industry veterans regard Gentile as the world's leading pattern trader. This is quite a claim, to be honest, but the firm provided no solid proof about this statement.

However, Gentile says he wasn't always a resounding success.

Three decades ago, he was a young teenager who worked 60 hours a week at Home Depot. Then, he earned the same amount every hour regardless of how hard he worked.

The truth is, it's an old story with a new twist. However, the trader used this as an inspiration to try something new.

That was the point at which his life truly started to change. The editor began his business by spending every single night in his parent's basement. He learned the ins and outs of options trading since 986.

After a few years, he developed one of the largest financial technology companies in the world. With it, he instructed individuals on how to trade stocks and options.

He named his company Optionetics for obvious reasons. In fact, Gentile adds that it swiftly established itself as a leader in the field of options education and training.

But he eventually transitioned out of the firm. The sale of Optionetics to one of the world's leading discount brokers for millions of dollars occurred in 2009.

After that, he continued to commit his professional life to instructing others on how to trade.

Gentile has taught his option trading strategies to more than 300,000 traders. He teaches people in a range of environments, including conferences, classes, and sponsored events.

He is also the author of eight books and training courses, all of which have achieved international success.

According to the trader, his personal mission is to share with individuals like you all he's learned over his 30 years in the financial markets.

He says he wants you to break free from the suffocating nine-to-five grind. What the editor wants is for you to experience the magnificent life you want.

We are aware that these points are from his press releases. However, we still want to acknowledge that he does seem to have a genuine interest in teaching people. 

Since we also advocate financial education, we commend his efforts to this end. The more we know about the markets, the more likely we can achieve financial freedom.

However, in the end, it is about the results. Does Gentile really provide the best recommendations? Do his subscribers really experience the gains he promises? What can they say about him and his service?

Continue reading as we discuss more details about the Alternative Wealth Network.

What is Money Map Press?

The publisher promises to provide innovative and profitable business prospects from around the globe.

As the world economy continues to proliferate, new investment opportunities are opening up. As a result, Money Map Press believes that traditional wealth accumulation tactics are becoming obsolete.

It says that you have a decision to make. You can either go ahead of the pack or fall behind permanently.

The firm says that you'll have direct access to a team of financial professionals with combined expertise of more than 250 years. In fact, they constantly uncover trends before the legacy media does.

Money Map Press says that a staggering number of opportunities have benefited their readers already. It was even ahead of Wall Street in making such calls.

These include the first biodiesel pipeline from an energy firm. Another is an up-and-coming tech company providing data centers in a $100 billion space. One more example is a pioneering medical wonder that's effective against cancer.

As per the website, four newsletters serve as the foundation of the investment research firm's offerings. These are the Money Map Report, The Nova-X Report, Fast Fortune Club, and the Alternative Wealth Network.

The first one provides comprehensive coverage of the world's most essential commodities and currencies. Money Map Report says it also sheds light on cutting-edge enterprises and technology.

You may also expect lucrative money-making tips from the service.

According to the publisher, anyone can benefit from the newsletter, no matter their expertise or education.

One of the world's foremost authorities on global investing, Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani, oversees the service. You may read about our detailed profile on Gilani to know more about him and his services.

Meanwhile, Michael A. Robinson is the editor of The Nova-X Report. With it, he keeps his readers abreast of the latest innovative investment trends months and often years in advance.

Since he has been in Silicon Valley for over 35 years, he knows everything there is to know about the technology industry there.

Among the items he's examining are only now beginning to make millionaires of the next generation. This is from his press release, of course. Take it with a grain of salt.

The other leading service of Money Map Press is the Fast Fortune Club. Tom Gentile says that he reveals all his profitable trading tactics in the service.

Since these made him a millionaire, you can also replicate his success.

Again, you should be careful when you hear about such claims. Remember, even the fine print of advisory companies mentions that past performance does not indicate future performance.

Just understand that copywriters will often do what they need to do for more clicks and subscriptions.

Meanwhile, the last flagship newsletter is the subject of our review, the Alternative Wealth Network.

What You Get

Take note that the additional features you're about to see may change. Check with Money Map Press when you subscribe on the updated list.

Standard: $79

  • One year subscription to the Alternative Wealth Network
  • The Digital Gold Rush: The Crypto Investor’s Road Map to Unimaginable Wealth (25 Opportunities)
  • Two Microcurrencies Ready to Rocket 50X–100X Over the Next Year
  • Five Buy-and-Hold Coins That Could Soar 50X or More in the Next Five Years
  • Collecting Cash with Crypto Dividends
  • Making History: The Coming Wave of Crypto IPOs
  • How to Turn $25 into $25,000 in Six Months or Less with NFTs
  • The 5-Step Blueprint for Crypto Trading Success (Video Series)
  • New Recommendations Every Month
  • Daily Debriefs
  • Weekly Microcurrency Watchlists
  • Buy, Sell, and Text Alerts
  • Monthly Market Analysis Videos
  • 24/7 Access to Alternative Wealth Network Intelligence Hub

Gold - $99 

This is a two-year subscription plus:

  • Twice-a-Month Access to Tom’s Crypto Live Virtual Trading Room
  • Tom’s Exclusive Book: Trading Secrets of a Crypto Multimillionaire

VIP Platinum - $149

  • Two-year subscription with:
  • Twice-a-Month Access to Tom’s Crypto Live Virtual Trading Room
  • Tom’s Exclusive Book: Trading Secrets of a Crypto Multimillionaire
  • An Invitation to Join Tom at the Alternative Wealth Network’s Bucket List Retreat (discounted ticket)

Track Record and Reviews

We consulted Better Business Bureau about this service. However, since it is somewhat new, only Money Map Press yielded results. 

The newsletter's publisher got a high mark from around 320 reviews on the site. It was able to get 4.74/5 stars, which is pretty impressive. It seems like subscribers were satisfied with the company's advisories.

However, when we looked through all the comments, a great majority of them were about customer service. There were very few about the newsletters themselves.

We are not saying that customer service is unimportant. But we were expecting to see more glowing reviews about the advisories. After all, these are the core products.

So it is a bit suspicious that almost all the comments only talked about courteous and helpful agents. Here is an example:

The service is the best and has been for the years I have been with this organization. The rep (Kara) I just spoke with was excellent and took care of my request. 
The investment advice has been excellent. I highly recommend the services provided by their staff.

Hundreds were comments like these. In fact, most mentioned names of staff and how helpful they were. Upon reading, it's as if they are deliberate attempts to make the company look good.

Another thing that we noticed is that before April 2021, there were complaints about the publisher. But after that, there was already a barrage of positive reviews about the customer representatives.

The review below is the type of comment we saw before the positive comments poured in.

We also found one specific review about Alternative Wealth Network. Unfortunately, the commenter's experience was not at all pleasant. Read her assessment below:

Could the positive comments be a result of deliberate operations to increase the firm's ratings? We cannot be sure, of course. As of now, we will take it at face value but with a healthy degree of skepticism.

Moreover, among the 186 complaints as of this writing, Money Map Press resolved around 30 in the last 12 months. 

Most of them were about false charges, refund requests, and slow cancellations. In fairness to the company, they try to address the complaints.

However, we wonder what happens to those who do not complain on BBB. For sure, many subscribers who feel helpless do not take the time to go online. Not many would type on the website to complain. 

Meanwhile, the rating is terrible on the Trustpilot page for Money Map Press. It's true that there are fewer commenters, with 25 as of this writing. Still, the 1.7/5 stars is not good at all.

A whopping 84% gave it a Bad rating. Only 8% said it was an Excellent company. The Average and Poor categories both got 4%.

We tried to look for a comment on Alternative Wealth Network. Unfortunately, there was no mention of it at all. 

What we saw were a few comments about Tom Gentile. One reviewer said this:

I'll admit it, I got suckered into believing that Tom Gentile (one of the members of this joke of an org) was legitimate. 
He isn't, he claims to be something he is not, and upon further research has a long history of scamming amateurs in the financial sector.

Based on the comments, subscribers were clearly not impressed. They complained about Gentile and the company's other newsletters. Most of them asked readers to stay away. Here are a few examples:

This place is a joke.
Money Map Press is a dud!!!
Money map press is a joke.
A lovely group of charismatic scam artists...
Tom Gentile is a scam artist.

We only saw two positive comments. One praised the customer service agent she talked to. The other thanked Shah Gilani for his recommendations and service.

Again, if you want to know more about Gilani, we have already written about him. Check out our article, Who Is Shah Gilani? Are His Services Legit or Scams?

Cost and Refund Policy


If you register via the website, you will see the regular price. Its posted annual subscription fee is $599.

However, there is a Founding Membership promo of some sort. Depending on the features you want to be added, you can get the advisory at cheaper rates. 

Standard - $79
Gold - $99
VIP Platinum $149

Refund Policy

According to Gentile, you have a full 60 days to check if his newsletter meets your expectations. If it is not up to your standards, you may just call them. Immediately, they will give you a full refund.

No questions asked.

How reliable is this guarantee? At this point, there are mixed reviews. Some say Money Map Press has excellent customer service. Meanwhile, others assert that they go through such a hassle.

Try to read more reviews on your own.

If you have the time, you can try to call the firm and gauge if the reps seem easy to talk to. If they seem to be too pushy, inauthentic, or maybe you're just uncomfortable, don't bother.

Since it will be at least a year's worth of relationship, you must trust the publisher. The editor and his team should inspire confidence in you.

Pros v Cons


  • Cryptocurrency has indeed produced millionaires, and the space has the potential to continue growing
  • The newsletter focuses on a specific aspect of crypto, which means you get specialized information


  • Since it's new, we have no track record to look at
  • Crypto is a volatile investment
  • Negative reviews on Money Map Press and Gentile

Conclusion - Is This Your Ticket To Millions?

Since everyone seems to be interested in crypto, it's no wonder there are many advisories on it. Almost all publishers have at least one service devoted to the digital currency.

But this time, the newsletter focuses on a specific type. According to Money Map Press, this is the most lucrative crypto out there. In fact, it could finally make you a millionaire.

Microcurrencies are small crypto that some industries use so they can transact more quickly and affordably. The editor claims that you need to be in on this as soon as possible.

Gentile says his recommended microcurrencies can even grow up to 1,000% over the next year. It is just that good. He gave a few examples, of course.

But we know you will not take them at face value. You shouldn't. Or at least not immediately. There are a lot of factors why certain stocks astronomically rise, and you need to know about them first.

Of course, Gentile wants you to trust him since he claims to be among the first in crypto. He also repeatedly mentions that he is a multi-millionaire, so naturally, you can trust him.

But when you look at the reviews, there seems to be room for doubt. Yes, the BBB rating is excellent. But these are primarily about the customer service agents. 

When we looked through the Trustpilot comments, we saw pretty bad reviews about him and his publisher.

So, are you supposed to try it?

Well, ultimately, that depends on you. In this Alternative Wealth Network review, we gave you all the pros and cons, including the details. By this time, we hope you have seen what you were looking for to help you in your decision.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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