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Teeka Tiwari’s “Top 3 Coins for the Coming Crypto Bank Run” – All 3 Cryptos Exposed

May 5, 2023 by Anders

In one of his latest teasers, Teeka talks about some "$19.47 Trillion Bank Run" and teases 3 cryptocurrencies to capitalize on an even that is guaranteed to happen on 1st.

After doing quite a lot of digging around, I've been able to pretty confidently expose the 3 picks he's teasing for this one, which I'll get to shortly.

We're told that all of this has to do with "a new [banking] regime to take effect on 1 June 2023".

Teeka tells us that this could give you a chance to "turn $1,000 into a 7 figure nest egg in as little as 11 months".

Furthermore, he captures our attention by stating that he is "going to give away my entire crisis proof portfolio for free" and even goes on to say that you won't have to subscribe to any of his services or jump through any hoops to get it.

Sounds unlike him, but as you'll find out here or maybe already have found out if you managed to sit through the ridiculously long ~1.5 hour presentation, this promise is uphelp but NOT what we all wanted.

The teaser:

1.5+ hours of mostly fluff-filled presentation about all the money you could potentially make or could have made with his past recommendations. This is what it was... as is the usual from Teeka (remember his previous "Crypto Panic" teaser?).

He says he respects everyone's time here but this doesn't seem to be all that accurate.

By now you probably already know who Teeka Tiwari is, so I'll spare the introduction. If you want to learn more about the man you can read this detailed review I've done on him.

For this "Bank Run" teaser, Teeka tells us that if you miss this opportunity you "will never have another chance to add so much wealth to your net worth so quickly starting with such a tiny stake".

Pretty big claims here, but he's got my attention.

According to the presentation, these are "3 cryptos he's never recommended before"... and they are "they are 3 tiny cryptos".

Best of all, Teeka thinks all three have the potential to turn $1,000 into a 7-figure profit.

Why is Teeka so bullish right now on these cryptos?

Well, he speaks of a big event happening on June 1st that could supposedly bring nearly $20 trillion into the crypto market. It all has to do with China and I'll go into more details on this in a bit.

And his sales pitch:

The normal way to get your hands on these 3 picks would be to buy into Teeka's Crypto Elite service in order to receive his special report titled Teeka’s Top 3 Coins for the Coming Crypto Bank Run...

This costs $2,500 to buy in if you're already a member of one of his crypto services and more if not, along with a $249/yr maintenance fee.

But, luckily for you, I'll reveal these picks for free here.

The "Bank Run" he's talking about

If you're familiar with Teeka then you probably already know that he places a great deal of focus on crypto adoption. The price of Bitcoin and other cryptos isn't that important to him... if adoption is increasing then he believes the price will follow eventually.

He's talked before about how him and his team have some software that monitors the number of crypto wallets opened along with other metrics to give an idea of how much crypto adoption is actually happening. He's talked about this in more than one occasion in the past.

However, what he's talking about in this presentation isn't about current crypto adoption. It has to do with potential future crypto adoption.

It's all about how the crypto market could be opened up to Chinese investors, which could, as we're told, bring in almost $20 trillion. This statistic likely comes from the ~$20 trillion that China has in their asset management industry.

What's making this all possible are new financial regulations coming out of Hong Kong.

The Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong announced that starting on June 1st crypto exchanges will be able to service retail investors. 

So, while crypto is still banned in China, this new rule coming from Hong Kong will provide somewhat of a loophole for Chinese to invest.

Most of what I can find about this event online is a bit outdated and according to the South China Morning Post this will only allow Chinese to invest in big-cap crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but nonetheless it could possibly bring massive amounts of money into crypto and because of this the entire market could rise.

Unfortunately, I can't read Chinese so my information on this is limited.

What are the "Top 3 Coins for the Coming Crypto Bank Run"?

So, to the point here... what are the 3 coins that he thinks all have the potential to turn $1,000 into a 7-figure profit?

Well, as is usual with his presentations, he gives us exactly 0 information on these picks.

Remember how he said early on in the presentation that he was "going to give away my entire crisis proof portfolio for free"?

Ya, well this "crisis proof portfolio" includes BTC, VGSH, GLD and QDIV, all conservative picks. But, of course these aren't his picks that he thinks could turn $1k into 7 figures. These picks aren't what everyone was waiting to hear about.

The picks that he teases in his "Top 3 Coins for the Coming Crypto Bank Run" report, from what I've been able to find online, are:

  1. GMX
  2. OP (Optimism)
  3. BLUR

I was able to find someone (a subscriber to his services) sharing these picks in a microblog, also providing the information that Teeka supposedly provided for the buy-up-to-price, where to buy it, storing options, etc. 

Here's a screenshot for you:

*If any other subscriber can confirm that these are indeed Teeka's picks it would be much appreciated!*

Good opportunity?

GMX as a decentralized exchange, the layer-2 Ethereum project called OP (Optimism), and the NFT marketplace BLUR.

While I don't own any of these picks at the moment, all are interesting. All seem to be growing in scale and adoption and investing in all three would give you a good diverse small basket of the crypto market.

Of course, Teeka's entire pitch hinges on the June 1st event coming out of Hong Kong. 

However, the information I've been able to find on this event is a bit confusing. 

As I mentioned earlier, most of what I've found is outdated... coming from back in February.

One article from Coindesk, published in February 2023, claims that the new regulations only provide accredited professional investors with access to the crypto exchanges, not ordinary retail investors.

If so, this makes a huge difference and is not at all as big of an event for the entire crypto market as what Teeka claims.

However, a more recent article from Decrypt states that: "The new rules are also expected to let retail investors trade major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) on June 1".

Which to believe?

I'm not entirely sure, but while Teeka's presentations are often hyped-up beyond belief and over-the-top in so many ways, they seem to always be based on real upcoming events and I imagine he and his team have better knowledge of this event than I. So, I'll take him at his word on this.

Regardless, his 3 picks appear to be decent based on the limited research I've done. 

Quick recap & conclusion

  • Teeka tells us that Hong Kong will open up the crypto market to Chinese investors starting June 1st
  • He says this could bring in almost $20 trillion
  • He proceeds to tease "3 cryptos he's never recommended before" to capitalize on this event
  • No clues were given, but according to one supposed subsriber, these picks are GMX. OP (Optimism), and BLUR

You're welcome! I hope you've found value in this post.

As always, let us know what you think in the comment section below!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • THANK U!! Has everyone put $10.00 on Pepe the frog?!! Did you see SWR+ for the warrants on SWR??thanks!🤗

  • Thanks a lot for the informations. I see that the 3 cryptos have lost min. 35% from Teeka’s recommandation

  • I can confirm that the 3 coins are GMX, OP and BLUR from a friend that is a subscriber send me the PDF file.

  • Although, I appreciate your research and willingness to share with us free through email, I personally do not believe these are the 3 he’s really talking about. If anything, he does his best to steer you away from the real money. One thing I’ve learned about crypto is nobody wants to reveal truth as they want to be the only ones to thrive. So I listen to what Teeka has to say and put it with my own research.

  • Thank you for this report. I very much enjoy your reports/reviews. I belong to another (until my year runs out ) of Tikis —Palm Beach Crypto Income – – so I am NOT privy to the above. As you have mentioned the presentations are pompous blowhard annoyances that I refuse to watch. They ALWAYS RUN WAY LONGER THAN THE 1 HOUR that he states. Complete waste of time. You can go through the transcript the next day in about 10 minutes by scrolling down past the 3rd or 4th pitch to sign up for the service to see if he actually gifted you the info he TEASED.
    Anyway a friend of mine has been asking me about these 3 cuz’ he knows I have a subscription. I said wait a week and I bet that GREEN BULL WILL put out a review that will let us know what it was about. So thank you again. K

  • Thanks for your research, Anders. I’ve followed Teeka in the past and have not netted a profit yet, but I’m still hopeful. Most of what he recommended went down precipitously, whether stocks, cryptos, collectibles, whatever. I’ll probably give these a try, but I’m not going to risk a lot. Fool me once…

  • Love this, keep up the good work. I don’t like the teaser’s myself. that crazy teasing us. barry give us more. thanks.

  • Yrs, I always read and value your analyses and you are so appreciated, keep up the great work you are helping, so many people!!

  • Thanks! I have confirmed these three picks elsewhere and appreciate not spending big bucks for them.

  • Anders, greatly appreciate your reporting, all of them, and very much so this one. I also looked him, the subject, up on another site dedicated to the similar ethical behaviors as you are, and it was very close to the info you offered.
    Thanks very much.

  • Since May 3rd (the image above) all three of these picks have lost an average of 20% and then going back to mid April it gets much worse… average loss of 45%…. Considering the entry point he recommended, these prices would usually be considered a screaming buy? no?

  • Thank you, I agree with all here who have been annoyed by Mister Arrogant whose free pick is always Ethereum. I have been foolish enough in the past to pay for his stock picks. Most were losers. He only seems to win when im not in,

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