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Shah Gilani’s Billionaire’s Reserve Market Picks – Turn $500 into Millions?

January 13, 2023 by Theodor

Shah Gilani thinks there's one market every American needs to be invested in. Not only to take shelter from the upcoming turmoil but also to offer a chance at truly unbelievable gains.

He calls it the “Billionaire’s Reserve Market” and there's two companies on it with nearly unlimited upside.


The Teaser

The market we're about to talk about was once the sole playground of the ultra-elite according to Shah. A private club reserved exclusively for those who could prove they had a fortune to invest.

Source: moneymappressinfo.com

At the start of the presentation, Shah Gilani is billed as “the world's number-one investment expert for uncertain times.” He is also the guy that developed what has come to be known as the Volatility Index (VIX), which gives him some credibility. We have taken a closer look at the man and the myth – Who is Shah Gilani? And also reviewed his “Pre-IPO Rights” teaser here in the past.

So what is the “Billionaire’s Reserve Market?” Shah confides that it is “comprised of small companies trading off the stock market.” The minimum investment for these Billionaire Reserve Deals is typically hundreds of thousands of dollars. And even among investors who qualify, only a select few know how to invest in it.

This is all about to change, as anyone can now invest in Reserve Market companies with as little as a few hundred dollars. We just have to know how to get in on these deals.

Don't Invest a Dollar Unless It Can Make a Million

Shah says there's always a place to make money and that we shouldn't invest a dollar unless we think it can make us a million.

Right now, we can't do that with stocks or with real estate. The money's in the Billionaire’s Reserve Market.

As an example, Pax8 – a software company based in Denver, Colorado went on the Billionaire’s Reserve Market in 2012. At the time, the company was worth just $5 million. As of this past April, it was worth $1.7 billion. That's nearly a 34,000% gain!

But this is just the start, as the best companies in the Reserve Market blow it out of the water.

  • Grafana Labs has gained more than 1140,00% since 2018.
  • Newfront Insurance is up more than 128,000% since 2017.
  • Branch – a technology company in Palo Alto was worth $1.58 million when it went on the Reserve Market in May 2014. As of 2022, they're worth $4 billion.

These were all tiny companies with groundbreaking products and almost unlimited upside that anyone can now invest in. 


The Pitch

Shah has put together all the analysis, the dossiers, the due diligence reports, and a special-access website showing us how to invest in these deals. It's all there waiting for subscribers of his Extreme Profit Hunters advisory service.

Source: moneymappressinfo.com

The cost is $595 for three months of access and “only” $1,750 for a full year. This also comes with exclusive briefings, exit alerts, zoom calls doing a deep dive on every recommendation, and more.


What is the World's Most Profitable Market?

It turns out the “Billionaire's Reserve Market” is not a market at all. But rather a rule.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates financial markets and its Regulation A rule allows private companies to offer and sell securities directly to the public and with more limited disclosure requirements than what is required for publicly reporting companies.

This “market” came to be in 2015 and provides a cost-effective framework for private companies to raise capital without the hefty expenses and reporting obligations of selling public securities.

So on one hand, its far riskier than the stock market because we don't have the same regulatory disclosures to rely on. And on the other, it's because these controls aren't in place coupled with the lack of institutional presence, that the opportunity for outsized gains exists.

The Last Mile is the Perfect Place to Invest

Because Reg A offerings are inherently risky, Shah has three check boxes that every deal he invests in needs to tick.

  1. He needs to see a functioning product.
  2. That product solves a big problem in a growing market.
  3. They need to have customers already in place. This last point is key.

Shah calls it “the last mile” or the two-yard line in football terms because the money invested will be the last little push the company needs to potentially unlock billions of dollars in sales.

The companies being teased today are in this exact same sweet spot.


Revealing the Billionaire Reserve Market Picks

There are two primary picks being teased. This is what we know about them:

The Earbud Company

  • It is building a pair of earbuds through which you can control a wheelchair or a laptop or anything else with an onboard computer and a Bluetooth connection.
  • The company the just signed a deal with one of the largest electric wheelchair companies in the world. The earbud control tech is being integrated into their wheelchairs.
  • This earbud is protected by more than 20 different international patents.

Seeing as how this business is still private, info wasn't easy to come by. I actually came across what I think is the pick via its founder's TEDx speech. I'm talking about NAQI Logix Inc. Here is how the clues align:

  • NAQI has built a set of earbud prototypes that allow touch-free, voice-free, and screen-free control of computers, robots, video games, and just about anything in the digital world.
  • Nothing on the NAQI invest website or online about a deal with a large electric wheelchair maker, so don't know where Shah got this info from.
  • Dave Segal, one of NAQI's founders and current Chief Innovation Officer is the inventor behind its 21 patents.

The Tunneling Machine Company

  • This company builds the kind of tunnels you can put a sewer in or subway train or bury industrial power lines. But their proprietary machine does it cheaper, way faster, and apparently, it's really, really cool to watch.
  • They're already an approved utility in over a dozen states. Plus, they have federal approval to work on government lands, including offshore projects in federal waters.
  • PG&E is already a client. The company already completed a pilot project with the major utility in California.

Upon first glance, I thought Shah is talking about Petra, the robotics company that focuses solely on underground utilities. But they're much too advanced, already having raised $30 million in Series A funding

Another possibility could be a small, Richmond, California-based public benefit corporation by the name of EarthGrid. The company isn't as far along as Petra and they are currently at the pre-seed, Reg A financing stage.

The company is developing a plasma robot that can dig underground tunnels 100x faster and up to 98% cheaper than existing tech, which is in line with the first clue. Much like NAQI Logix, its website is sparse, but according to a September 2022 Executive Summary. The company is in contract discussions with large utilities in CA, FL & TX

Nothing about a PG&E partnership, so I'm not 100% positive this is Shah's pick here, but it closely matches the description provided.


High Risk, High Reward

Having been pitched private placement deals in the past, I can say that they are very much “you do me a favor, I'll do you a favor” type of deals.

Most investors don't expect much to come out of them because of the seriously long odds faced by the businesses involved. It's classic Angel investing and it's not for the faint of heart.

If you have a few thousand dollars laying around and you don't care about disappointing your spouse by not going on that vacation. Both NAQI and EarthGrid are currently raising money, with the former taking on investors starting at just $1,500 directly on their website.

Personally, rather than go this route, I would look at publicly listed nano and micro-caps. They are much more liquid, have no investment minimums, and in some cases have just as much upside.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Shah Gilani thinks there's one market every American ought to be invested in. He calls it the “Billionaire’s Reserve Market”.
  • This is just a fancy term for Regulation A offerings of private company securities and Shah has identified two offerings that stand out.
  • He reveals all to subscribers of his Extreme Profit Hunters advisory service. It costs $1,750 for a full year to access.
  • Fortunately, we have the inside track on his first pick – NAQI Logix Inc. and possibly the second as well. It may be the tunnel boring robot (TBR) company EarthGrid.
  • If you have a few thousand dollars to spare and want to see what Angel investing is all about, then this is your chance. But if you're just looking to pick up some cheap shares with lots of upside potential, the public nano, micro, and small-cap markets are still your best bet.

Have you or would you ever invest in Reg A offerings? Let us know in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Thanks for your info on Shah’s “Reserve Market”, however, I was more interested in finding out how you access these “public listings of nano, and small cap shares”?

    • Great question Richard, most nano-caps can be found on the OTC, while micro and small-caps are most commonly listed on the Nasdaq.

  • You’re missing the point. Gilani is a bottom feeder. I’ve lived long enough to know a hustler no matter who his tailor is. Without an exact count, I’ve probably listened to this man through four hour-long presentations (I’m a very patient man.) He’s straight out of a carny sideshow: ” Step right up; walk right in. Give me the money first to see a lot of sin.”

    He’s highly promoted, but to me he’s seeking suckers and I wouldn’t take his advice for a nickel!

  • Hello my name is Art and currently I have been investing in Reg CF and Reg A for a year now following a Angel investor Time will tell how far will I go on this thanks God bless

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