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Paul Mampilly’s Rapid Profit Summit – $200,000 Profits?

September 30, 2020 by Theodor

How would you feel if you were told you can turn a $5,000 initial investment into $200,000 profit in less than a month? Well you can learn all about it in Paul Mampilly’s Rapid Profit Summit, a one-hour video where he discloses a few tricks on how to make big bucks by investing. If you don’t have the time to watch the video, we have covered it all right here for you.

In his latest sales pitch hosted by Jeff Yastine, investor and financial analyst Paul Mampilly pitches one of his newsletter subscription services created in collaboration with Ian Dyer. The Rapid Profit Trader which costs a hefty $2,995 per year and, for that money, you’ll get a series of investment tips and tricks. 

The two authors are selling a unique method they came up with that promises easy earnings and fast profits in a short amount of time if you closely follow the instructions they provide. Members get access to one new trade recommendation per week, as well as step-by-step guidance on how to execute a trade. Apart from that, you will also receive a model portfolio and training guides to learn the basics of trading. 

Those who wish can also receive basic training on how to set up their trading accounts and follow their trade recommendations plus a bonus training component called “The Rapid Profit Blueprint”. 

Paul is teasing a proprietary investment system here that he suggests investing your money in, so let’s see what we were able to uncover from his marketing pitch.


Who is Paul Mampilly?

According to the Rapid Profit Summit’s website, Paul Mampilly is described as “one of the truly recognized millionaire makers in the investment world.” Originally from India, Mampilly moved to the United States to receive the best education in the world of finance and grew up to become a force in the field. 

He began his career “as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust” and, within years, he took over an asset manager called Kinetics Asset Management, then a $6 billion hedge fund. He managed to increase the hedge fund’s assets under management to $26 billion and now is the author/editor of Profits Unlimited, as well as six other elite trading services. 

A word about Ian Dyer as well, as he is a senior investment analyst for Rapid Profit Trader. He has a degree in Finance and has been involved with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) community since graduating from Duquesne University. 

Together with Paul Mampilly, Dyer is an editor and analyst of various services, including Paul’s Secret Portfolio, Rebound Profit Trader, and Bold Profits Daily newsletter.


What is The Rapid Profit Summit?

Normally, this section would be dedicated to the overall market opportunity or industry of the stock being teased. However, since we’re mainly reviewing a video call to action and not a regular stock teaser, we don’t have too much to reveal about any specific industry or sector.

Instead, Mampilly’s Rapid Profit Trader newsletter is a high cost program that promises you will get a decent profit once you understand the strategy he uses to identify the best stocks to invest in. The good thing with this type of subscription is that you have access to a wide array of stock investment opportunities and you’re not limited to a certain field like blue-chips, green stocks, 5G investments, cryptocurrencies, or biotech stocks – all fields which we have covered here before: Nick Hodge’s Crypto 66 Review and Jeff Siegel’s Anti-Aging Stock

On the other hand, you still need to do a lot of fundamental research on your own on the stock that you’re being pitched, along with anything you can learn about the general market so that you can properly assess all of the associated risks. 

For instance, some stocks are more suitable for speculators who are looking for large profits in a short amount of time. We’re talking about days, weeks, or a couple of months in extremely risky and volatile bets such as biotech companies and cryptocurrencies. Definitely not for beginners or the faint of heart that are looking to build up a nest egg over the long-term.

On the other hand, some stocks won’t make you rich overnight and may not even produce any noticeable gains in the first few years, but they are still credited as relatively safe long-term wagers by analysts. We’re talking about 5G stocks, marijuana stocks, AI & tech, all industries which have long runways for growth ahead of them. 

The Rapid Profit Trader pitches that it can identify some of these stocks for you and help you build a stable portfolio comprised of both riskier short-term stocks as well as more stable long-term investments.


The Proprietary System Being Teased

Unfortunately, Paul Mampilly’s Rapid Profit Summit doesn’t give us any concrete specifics about any particular stock. However, if you don’t want to pay $2,995 a year, here is what we were able to get out of the one-hour-long presentation:

  • Mampilly mentions a three-step method that can turn any $5,000 initial investment into $200,000 profit in just days, and he claims this method is efficient (in most cases).
  • The first step is to “find a suitable ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).” 
  • The second step is to find and pick a good individual stock that is owned by that ETF.
  • Finally, he states that you should “use stock options as a way to increase the payout and reduce risk.

He goes into detail for every step, so the first step is usually when the authors look at the momentum of a given ETF, then they closely examine this index of stocks to ensure it passes their three rules of “trajectory, consistency, and profitability” before trying to determine the right stock to invest in by looking at which ones owned by the ETF are hitting or are close to their 52-week highs, lastly you are to hedge the ETF and the stock using options to limit your exposure and increase your profits.

To its credit the newsletter does come with a series of disclaimers, including one that says: “We are NOT stockbrokers or licensed advisors. We are a publishing company that offers sound, analytics-based advice and recommendations” and that “our investment recommendations are never guaranteed.”  There are also no refunds offered to Rapid Profit Trader subscribers, which doesn’t surprise us given the sophisticated nature of the pitch as it even had me re-watching some parts.


Rapid Profits or Rapid Way To Lose $2,995?

This pitch was certainly different than many we have covered here, as there is no one stock being teased and no one industry that is being recommended. Instead, its a stock picking system that claims will give you the chance to average a winning trade every week. Moreover, if you are to fall short of this lofty claim, you get the second year of your subscription free of charge. 

As we previously mentioned, there is no money-back guarantee, which means you pay $2,995 for the promise of being delivered a trade recommendation each week, regardless of how profitable it is and you still need to do your own research before sinking any more of your hard earned money into it. 

Although we cannot outright claim the Rapid Profit Trader system as dubious, we would be very careful about placing any weight on a proprietary investment system recommended by analysts. Unless you’re already very familiar with stocks, sophisticated instruments such as options, and the market in general, you may want to forego the subscription here. As at the end of the day, nobody can guarantee you $200,000 in profits on any investment.

As a general piece of advice, you can likely make more over the very long-term by simply putting your money in a low-cost index fund than with any sophisticated stock trading system or from any individual newsletter recommendations.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • In his latest marketing pitch, former hedge fund manager turned financial analyst Paul Mampilly urges you to subscribe to one of his newsletter programs, the Rapid Profit Trader for $2,995. In exchange, the author promises to deliver investment news and a new stock opportunity each week, alongside valuable information on how to start your stock portfolio and how to trade your stocks.
  • Although he claims you can turn an initial investment of just $5,000 into $200,000 profit in less than a month, there is no guarantee that the stock picking method he teases will work, which means you still need to do your own homework about the stocks being recommended.
  • While we weren’t teased any particular stock or industry, we were able to reveal that Mampilly’s proprietary system suggests you first need to find a suitable Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and then determine which stock(s) owned by it are close to or hitting their 52-week highs, followed by undertaking a sophisticated stock option hedging strategy between the ETF and the identified stock. In other words, even after subscribing to the program, you’ll still be left with plenty of research to do in order to limit your risks and get the most out of your money. 

Do you currently subscribe to or use any stock picking system? Is it worth the subscription? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Thank you for the continuous review of the various pitches out there. What are your thoughts of Bear Bull Traders? They charge a lofty fee as well.

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