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Money Morning Review – Legit Investment Research?

Money Morning Review

August 11, 2020 by Anders

Money Morning is a website that provides investment research for free, but is it legit and is their research even worth following?

With all the investment gurus and "experts" out there selling their advisory services it can be hard to tell who you should trust, which is where Green Bull Research comes in. We review investment services to help out Main Street Americans, and in this review we'll be taking a look at Money Morning... what they provide, who's behind it all and more.


Money Morning
  • Name: Money Morning
  • Website: moneymorning.com
  • Products/Services: Investment research

What Is Money Morning?

Money Morning is a website that has been around since 2004 providing recommendations on global investment opportunities - many in growing tech, biotech, and energy markets - as well as trading tips, wealth protection guidance and more. The core focus here is on helping people grow their wealth more than the average investor... and to protect that wealth.

Mostly everything is provided for free on the website. The paid subscription publishing arm of the company is Money Map Press, and it is here that you'll find all the typical investment newsletters that can get pretty pricey, similar to Brownstone Research and Rogue Economics.

Overall the services provided are good quality and provide a lot of value, which is the reason the company has a solid reputation after being in business so long - according to a WHOIS search the website was registered back in 2004.

It's also worth noting that this is another Agora company. The address listed is...

1125 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, 21201

... and this is also the address listed for other Agora companies such as Stansberry Research for example. This is just one of the company's locations - they have multiple.

*The Agora is a large company that most controls most of the smaller investment newsletter publishers out there. They pretty much have what seems to be a monopoly over this industry.


Is Money Morning legit?

Yes, this service is legit. Of course there is risk involved when it comes to investing and you aren't guaranteed to make money following their advice, but this company does have a good reputation, at least with their free services.

That said, their Money Map Press arm has a fair number of complaints with the BBB, mostly due to hyped-up and misleading claims used in advertising campaigns, which is commonplace with investment services like this nowadays.

How is this service free?

Free services? You might be thinking... so okay, but what's the catch?

As they state on their website, "We are able to provide our free publications in exchange for your willingness to receive regular supplemental e-mails promoting our products and products from outside vendors".

So just keep in mind that there will be promotional emails coming your way if you do sign up for any of their services... which is how it always works.

Do they offer refunds?

Now of course I'm talking about their Money Map Press side the business here, which is where they sell their paid subscription services.

They do offer refunds but not on every service. With some of the more expensive services there is only the ability to have your account credited rather than to receive a money-back refund.


Money Morning doesn't skimp out when it comes to hiring experts. Their team has a lot of big names and, as far as they tell us, they have over 250 years of combined experience. 

Michael A Robinson is said to be one of the top tech and biotech financial analysts out there... and is the guy behind the "super vaccine" teaser. Besides editing investment newsletter services, he also works as a consultant, senior advisor, and board member for venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, and it's because of this that he has access to high-level information that the general public isn't able to get. He comes from a journalism background where his aggressive style has led to him being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Shah Gilani is another big name. He actually helped develop the Volatility Index (VIX) and started out with his first hedge fund in 1982 while at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. Later he went on to found other hedge funds and has developed high-level connections on an international level, which is why his insight is so valuable.

Tom Gentile is said to be "America's #1 pattern trader", but I'm not really sure where this statement comes from or how true it is. What I do know is that Tom is an options trader with a good reputation. He likes options and has developed strategies for pattern trading, starting out in his parents basement and eventually going on to found his own options trading eductation company, which he has since sold.

William Patalon III is the Executive Editor and Senior Research Analyst for Money Morning. He is someone else that comes from a background in journalism and had a pretty impressive career as a analytical business journalist. He has been given 20+ journalism rewards over the years and now puts his skillset to use helping guide investors.

DR Barton Jr has over 25 years of experience using technical analysis to zero in on investment opportunities. He actually comes from a chemical engineering background but developed trading strategies during his time working as such at DuPont. Additionally, Barton is also the author of The 10 Minute Millionaire book.

Chris Johnson is a Quantitative Specialist with over 20 years experience putting his technical analysis skills to good use. He is known for his advanced mathmatical abilities and has degrees in finance, statistics and accounting. When it comes to his track-record, much of his success is attributed to his proprietary analysis models that he built from scratch.

Andrew Keene has a very interesting story. It starts out with him becoming a head market maker at CBOE and becoming a multi-millionaire before the age of 30 to then losing everything and heading off to Thailand to teach English in a Buddhist monastery for six months. And it was during this time that he developed a new trading algorithm called SCAN that measures insider trading and has been a big success for him.

Investment Services

When you go on the website you will find that the main menu has different categories to choose from, which include Stocks, Options, Technology, Cannabis, and Startup Investing...

You can click on any of these to be provided a list of articles that fall into these categories. 

Filtering via category like this will bring up articles for Profit Alerts and Fast Profits, both being services that provide investment recommendations, market analysis and commentary. 

Profit Alerts

Profit Alerts are alerts that are sent out when there is a new recommendation, update on a past recommendation, or information on a strategy published that is relevant to the profit alerts you set. 

On the website you will be able to look through various categories and select different topics you'd like alerts on, such as for specific types of investments, trading strategies, when a certain expert publishes new information and so on. Here's a screenshot of a handful of the types of alerts they offer...

This service is completely free and you just have to provide your email address to stay updated. But don't expect to receive specific investment recommendations here.

Fast Profits

Fast profits is a free service that provides new trade recommendations on a weekly basis, which is something you don't normally come across... usually services that actually provide specific recommendations cost money.

The way it works is that every week a new recommendation is made and this is published on the website. These publishings are usually pretty short and provide a very brief explanation of the opportunity, along with a short video to compliment. Additionally, trade specifics are provided, as shown here...

The service isn't run by one person, and you can find many of the experts providing their recommendations from time to time, however Chris Johnson seems to be the most active... whom is the Quantitative Specialist with 20+ years of experience, as mentioned earlier.

According to the website, they "have a 98% win rate, with peak gains as high as 297% in 30 days, 361% in 30 days, and 1,297% in just 20 days", but I have not verified this statement and it seems unusually high.


Money Morning tracks the 1,500 most profitable companies and provides what they call VQScores, and the higher the more potentially profitable.

VQScores are one simple number and are calculated by looking at the stock's earnings power and whether EPS is accelerating or decelerating, then comparing it to the acceleration or deceleration of the demand of company shares. 

*A score of 4.0 or above means a stock is in the "Buy Zone".


They also provide some other free resources, such as ebooks and courses.


  • Start Investing Today: How to Buy Your First Stock and Start Building Real Wealth in 24 Hours
    • Goes over the basics of investing for beginners
  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Options
    • Goes over everything from the basics of options to actually placing your first trade
  • The 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap: 10 Essential Rules to Follow If You Want a Real Shot at Becoming a Marijuana Millionaire
    • About cannabis investing - is actually a promotion for an investment newsletter service from NICI because you have to subscribe to their service to get the ebook
  • The 10 Minute Millionaire
    • Book used to promote a newsletter service at Money Map Press - have to buy into the service to get the ebook


  • Tom Gentile's Cash Course 
    • Free 7-part course 
  • The Cannabis Investor's Masterclass: Three Simple Steps This Cannabis Millionaire Used to Make His Fortune
    •  A promo for NICI's cannabis investing master course
Other Services..

Because Money Morning is run by the same people as Money Map Press, they also provide links to all the services offered by Money Map Press, which include The 1450 Club, Dark Edge Project, Microcurrency Trader, 10X Trader, and more.

Cost & Refunds

Costs range quite a bit. Of course all of the services on the Money Morning website are free. However, if you go over to their Money Map Press side of the business then it will cost you $299/yr to subscribe to their flagship Money Map Report newsletter service, $599/yr for a Fast Fortune Club membership, $5,000/yr to be a member of Dark Edge Project, and $6,250/yr for Alpha-9 Trader... just to give you some examples.

The prices range a lot and so does the value of the information provided.

When it comes to refunds, this also varies quite a bit. There is no universal refund policy here. You will just have to be sure to be careful to read what the refund policy states on the checkout page of whatever subscription you look at.

Some have 60-day moneyback guarantees, some require you to try out the service for an entire year before you can request a refund, and some don't offer refunds, instead offering account credit.


While the company is legit and overall I like what I see, there are still some complaints about things that are worth mentioning, but not all too much.

The screenshot below (from reviewopedia.com) is of a complaint that states their service "seems to be an avenue for 6 financial and investment executives to temp you with get rich quick headlines"...

This statement goes back to their services being free. Yes, they provide free services, but in order to make money and be able to give away free services, they promote their paid services over at Money Map Press as well as other services from their partners.

And the complaint shown below mentions the "enticing videos" often used to lure in new subscribers. Hyped-up and exaggerated claims in teaser presenations are the new norm, and unfortunately Money Map Press is known for marketing their services in this way.

The horrible customer service talked about above is something else that is pretty common. If you do need a refund for one reason or another you might have to make multiple attempts.

Pros v Cons

  • Free services you can follow
  • Knowledgable experts with solid backgrounds
  • Longstanding reputation
  • Hyped-up marketing used (for their paid Money Map Press subscriptions)
  • Not guaranteed to profit following their advice (duh)
  • Refunds not always available (for the paid services)
  • Some concerning complaints

Who These Services Are Best For

There is such a variety of services provided here by Money Morning and their Money Map Press arm that investors of all kinds could potentially find a service that is a good fit for them. Whether you are looking to just get started investing, to invest in a specific industry such as cannabis, or to follow an expert with specific investment recommendations on a regular basis, you can it here.

But if we just look at the free services provided on the Money Morning website then these would probably be best suited for those just getting started who don't want to spend money buying into anything yet, or for those who are just looking for a bit of guidance, but not much. As we know, their Fast Profits service is completely free and actually provides specific investment recommendations, which is quite a rarity, but this still doesn't provide all that much information and will require due diligence on your own part. 

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

From what I have seen and heard, Money Morning is a solid company that provides good services. The decision to join or not is up to you, but here at Green Bull we won't stear you away from joining.

Free services, high-level experts, decent reputation... it might be worth your time.

And it's also worth noting that it's nice to see a service that doesn't seem to have any political agenda. Money Morning is focused on investing and preserving wealth... and they do a good job of not getting caught up in politics.

So anyways... I hope this review has helped give you a better idea of what this website is all about and whether or not it's right for you. As always, leave any comments/questions below. We like to hear back from our readers!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • I am always so grateful to read a Green Bull Research expose on yet another annoying teaser. The complaints referred to above are all valid. I try to get transcripts so I don't have to wade thru the very very long sales talks that invariably end with a pitch to join or buy some service.

    What I don't understand is how Green Bull Research funds itself? I don't see any publications or subscription services offered. So what is behind Green Bull, including the source of its funding?

    Thanks for all your great research and thank you in advance for answering my question.

    Cheryl Inglish

    • Hi Cheryl. Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you appreciate our work!

      And to answer your question, we do promote Caplitalist Exploits’ Insider investment advisory service, which I’m personally a member of and proud of it. We get a small kickback for bringing them other members, but at no extra cost to the members.

      If you haven’t checked it out yet I highly suggest you do (click here for more). The Insider service looks to invest in market sectors that are out-of-favor and extremely undervalued. With this service you get weekly newletters, monthly webinars, specific stock recommendations, and more. Great service.

  • This is all about trying to sell you another service . You get nothing but directed to pay additional fees for the service you bought . Just get teased and never actually get a stock tip .I wish I had never spent mu money here .

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