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The Oxford Club’s 3 Dollar Stock – Exposed!

The Oxford Club 3 Dollar Stock

June 19, 2020 by Anders

The Oxford Club's 3 dollar stock has been teased by Alexander Green for quite a while now, and in this short review I'll be exposing the name and ticker symbol.

I assume this is what you came for.

The teasers:

This $3 stock has been promoted since at least 2018, that I know of, and is still being promoted by the team at The Oxford Club. There are likely multiple different presentations for this, but one I recently came across was called The Single-Stock Retirement Plan...

The Single-Stock Retirement Plan

Alexander Green is the man behind the promos for it. He's a chief investment strategist at the publishing company and runs several newsletter advisory services there, including The Oxford Communiqué that is being promoted through these teasers.

As you can imagine, since this 3 dollar stock has been teased for so long, there are some things that have changed over the years, but some of what's been said about it includes:

  • this "single $3 stock could generate a multimillion-dollar dream retirement in the coming years"
  • "this $3 stock could hand you the kind of carefree retirement most people only dream about"
  • it's referred to as the Single-Stock Retirement Plan
  • it trades under a secret name
  • its revenue is more than Google, Facebook, and IBM

Sounds pretty amazing, but don't get too excited just yet. This certainly is NOT like investing in Amazon or Apple early on... as he leads one to believe.

But what can you expect?... it's all a sales pitch anyhow.

Here's How It Works

Of course there is the teaser presentation that hypes the heck out of it. It makes everything sound like you're going to strike it rich and be able to retire early on your future private yacht and whatnot.

But, in order to find out more about the stock you need the "free" report that Alexander Green is giving out, called The Single-Stock Retirement Plan: How to Retire on This Obscure $3 Stock...

The Single-Stock Retirement Plan report

The kicker is that you have to pay to buy into his The Oxford Communiqué subscription advisory service before you can get this "free" report. This costs $99/yr for a premium subscription and is a follow-along advisory service that provides subscribers with monthly investment recommendations and whatnot.

But of course you'd rather just know what this stock is without buying in. So let's expose it!...

The $3 Stock Exposed

Without beating around the bush anymore I'll get straight to the point. The company he's teasing is Hon Hai. I've already exposed this in my review of Alexander Green's Single-Stock Retirement Plan, so you can read this review if you're looking for more details on why this is it.

Hon Hai does, you could say, trade under a "secret" name. The commonly known name for the company is Foxconn, which is a huge supplier for Apple's iPhones as well as a bunch of other tech devices for other large companies.

Worth Buying?

Right now, after you do the math, Foxconn is trading at less than $3. It's a Taiwanese company, so I'm talking about if you take what it's trading for in New Taiwan Dollars (TWD) and convert it into USD.

That said, many Americans will probably have to invest in the company through an ADR (American depository receipt) because it's not listed on US exchanges as normal. The ticker symbol is HNHPF in this case and the price of buying the stock this way is more expensive (over $3)

But before you go out and buy you should know, as mentioned, that this is definitely not like buying an early version of Amazon or Apple! It is a much different situation.

Foxconn trades for cheap, yes, but is a massive company already. It already has a market cap of over $70 billion and isn't some small-scale company that is just going to multiply 10x in price like Alexander Green leads one to believe.

Not only that, but as mentioned in my other review, the stock hasn't been doing all that well, even though the company's revenue is very high and they have all sorts of big deals with large tech companies. This, at least in part, likely has to due with their "brandlessness". Everyone knows them just as "the company that makes the iPhone"

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Alexander Green from The Oxford Club has been teasing this $3 stock for years now
  • He claims it "could generate a multimillion-dollar dream retirement in the coming years" and he calls it his "single-stock retirement plan"
  • Normally you'd have to buy into his The Oxford Communiqué subscription service to get his "free" report in order to learn more about the stock
  • I just exposed it - The company being teased is Hon Hai, aka Foxconn
  • Don't expect this to be the next Amazon or Apple... it's a very different situation

And there you have it. You're welcome!

Hopefully this short review has provided some value to you. Please leave any comments or questions down below. We like to hear back from our readers!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

    • Ron do you really think this is the secret name of the stock apparently this company has been around many many years when I was just reading about the company this has been going on many years before so am I just jumping to conclusions or do you really think this is the secret name. Valerie Martin

  • I'm confused. This is not at all a $3 stock. It's been a $50 stock at its worst. When it came out in 2007-ish, it was a $200+ stock. So, I don't believe this is the correct one.

  • Hello,
    Hon Hai’s (aka Foxconn) ticker symbol is HNHPF, correct? At this time it’s trading for $5.41 on Nasdaq. Does that dollar amount need to be translated to TWD for the actual price or is $5.41 the actual trading price? I’m confused!
    I read that Hon Hai is not doing so well, true or not?
    Why is it trading so low if it’s such a massive company? From reading, it seems to me that Foxconn has it’s fingers in an awful lot of companies ie; Apple, Sharp etc; I just don’t understand why this wouldn’t be a good trade given its holdings.

  • October 6th 2020
    Today I must have listened for about an hour of Alexander Green's presentation single stock retirement plan. After being pitched for about an hour or so on the idea of a single stock retirement plan in the last few seconds of the presentation suddenly along with all of the other free publications was going to be information about a portfolio of stock.
    Nevertheless I was ready to sign up for the $49 offer for a full year and as such it was going to be with the option of getting my money back within a year.
    However somehow watching this on my cell phone I discovered I had navigated off of the page and all I was hearing was Alexander Green speaking and I could never find the button that said subscribe. Searching for their web address I ran across your commentary that the secret single stock was none other than foxconn. Furthermore green has been hyping this same message for possibly multiple years so the urgency of buying this stock before its price skyrockets become somewhat questionable to say the least. Knowing that there are trolls on the internet that are quite willing to put down what very well could be their competitors one does not really know what direction to turn.

  • I have been following this“miracle company”for 2 years now. I was put off by Foxconn’s huge company going by a different name. Wasn’t that the phone we couldn’t buy? I to was skeptical of reaping huge returns from this huge Chinese company. At the time I I needed more information on how Chinese companies were traded. Most companies are owned by the government and how would that affect my profit? Trump nearly achieved in establishing a manufacturing plant with at least a small part of this company (Fox Conn) to the US but in the end they backed out. Finally! A place to turn for answers!

  • thanks for the research and exposing this bull. I was thinking of joining this news letter, but i found fraudlent advertising. It reports that you get a $249 value for $49. As it turns out you get a basic subscription which is always $49 no special deal. the $249 is the price of a premium subscription and it is $99 not $49 as presented. Icalled the number to point this out, but it got me nowhere. I'm thinking of calling th better business bureau for decptive advertising. I will when i have more time.

  • thank you for exposing these misleading "douche bags of the Universe" type of people claiming to be investors and assuming that dumb and desperate people will sign up and this douche bag can legally milk new investors like a "newbie, got em! Teach him the ropes by raping him first, that way he learns it's all about raping, buy low – sell high sounds like rape to me but I guess sell fair, honestly sells! An let me guess the low price this guy steaks from people is just under the legal limit allowed for stealing because notice just about every one of them are BS. Although I have ran across one who states he is using his own money and actually showing his actual entry into a stock and when he exits. I have not used his service yet, but plan to once I gather enough money in my account of trades that I will be able to start.

  • I was interested to read your comments about Alexander Green and Hon Hai akaFoxconn.

    I have three questions:
    1. Why do all these so called investment experts
    want to act as advisers rather than just invest and
    enjoy gains with their own money? It must be the dollars but why endure the hassle of writing reports regularly, of selling themselves like a snake oil salesman etc?
    2. Without specifying names several of these advisers
    use the age old “bait and switch” technique. But that is
    within the first few minutes of taking up a so called
    “Last chance, never to be repeated offer”. But then week after week they assail you with offers to upgrade. Based on the quality and style of their communications they are all being written by one man.
    I have been ensnared once and made money following
    the recommendations received so I am not complaining but wonder why they cannot behave
    professionally and charge a fair fee for what they offer
    and not give the impression of being vampires wanting to suck every cent out of my bank account.

  • Hi, so I was just getting ready to buy into his whole books and reports with Bill O’Reilly. I always do a little research before spending the money on something I’m not 100% sure about. Can you give me you take on his entire work?? Thanks.

  • Thank you, Anders, for exposing guys who want to exploit us, through their hyped, overrated services. Keep it up. We appreciate, especially we who are rookies in the 'investment realm'.

  • Nice work! I was doing research to find this stock with out purchasing membership. These guys take you for a ride that’s why I listen and do DD on my own. I thought the company was NOK. In my research found NOK bought company that has 29000 patents aswell. It’s on the stock exchange so why did they say it’s not?
    Let’s send one of these stocks to the MOON……?

  • Thank You for not beating around the bush and for getting straight to the point. It is next to impossible to find anyone that does this anymore. Most so called " Stock Advice" is nothing but a scam to sell a book or a video of some sort, claiming that it will reveal this magnificent ticker. BS! Thank You for your honesty!

    • I purchased the newsletter and bought the stock over two years ago. I paid a little over $3 for it and have held it ever since. It is currently up $25% or approximately 12.5% yearly far less than what I was expecting but at least I haven't lost any money.

  • Thank you very much for the work you do! Very appreciated. Oxford club guy is a sales man. He did that presentation to get money from people. Oxford club member, I doubt that. Just part of the sales pitch. People might get lucky from getting a stock that soars in value. That is rare and not common. Every presentation you see about the next winning stock always ends in You will get my special report in your membership for 997. So You cannot rely on the crap. Thank you again for your exposures. Very appreciated. Keep it up!

  • this is the very aest research I like on the entire internet. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR internetTGANK YOU THANK YOU for

  • i bougt the stock over a year ago, and it has been under water since I bought it for approximately $9.00 (adr price).

  • Thanks for the info. I was almost convinced that I found the way to retire rich. Only to realize I had to subscribe first.

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