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Teeka Tiwari’s #1 Coin for the AI Boom Exposed!

August 21, 2023 by Anders

If you're looking for what Teeka's "#1 Coin for the AI Boom" is then you're in the right place.

We'll get right to it here in this review because I want to get this posted fast for all of our readers.

Real quick, here's what we've been told:

If you watched the ridiculously long presentation then you'll already know that it starts out with the host, John Burke, talking a bit about the coin and then Teeka himself coming out to blabber on and on about it for a significant amount of time.

What we heard from John Burke at the beginning is that:

  • "something incredible is happening less than two miles from ChatGPT's headquarters"
  • "engineers from Google and Microsoft have been working on a little-known crypto project that could revolutionize the AI industry"
  • you can "get in on the ground floor of this project for less than $1"

What's the coin?

Well, according to some commenters on a microblog I've come across, his pick is Akash (AKT). There has been more than one person mentioning this pick...

There has been some information that was commented on that is incorrect, such as the August 23rd date that Teeka keeps pounding the table about being about the public sale of PASG (backed by Akash), but this doesn't make sense because this is scheduled for August 29.

Nonetheless, Akash does tick some of the other boxes from the clues mentioned - Akash Network's and ChatGPT's headquarters are in San Fransisco, and a recent post I just read talks about Akash Network testing the "First AI Supercloud".

In a nutshell, AI needs a heck of a lot of GPUs. Akash Network being a distributed decentralized cloud marketplace can provide a network of GPUs to power all the demand from AI.

Is it Akash (AKT)?

Well, it seems it very well could be. Not all of the clues match up. For example, it's trading above $1 (about $1.60 at the moment) but was trading around $1 a month ago.

It does match up nicely and it would be great if this is what Teeka's teasing because, lucky for me, I'm already invested in it, as mentioned in the review I wrote on Teeka's "Final Call" crypto picks.

So, if you somehow have access to these Crypto Income picks or have heard any other information about this "#1 Coin for the AI Boom", let us and all our readers know in the comments below!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Thanks for the expose!

    A great crypto miner is HIVE (formerly HVBTF), about $4.50/share. They have “a ton” of GPUs, AND the tech expertise to rent their GPUs as a cloud service for Ai processing … and they will soar in price. Olus the mine a LOT of bitcoin, and ONLY use green power, with sites in Canada, Greenland, and Sweden, I hold 1500 shares of it.


  • I believe the August 23rd date refers to Nvidia releasing their numbers. Teeka mentions this in his presentation. I, too, believe it is AKT.

  • Hi Anders, since you already own (AKT) do you know anything about the guarantee monthly payout that he said you would receive whether the price goes up or even down. Of course payment would be bigger if price goes up. Sounds to good to be true so it most likely is. What mad me mad is Teeka and John both said in there little Kindergarten play/skit that they would be giving the #1 AI pick for free, no catches no rings to jump through and when they say free they mean FREE. They even said that back and forth to each other. They made it seem as if there was low amounts of oxygen in the room and they were 5 yrs old. They didn’t give me anything free except a headache and indigestion from all the Sh!T they were feeding us for what seemed like 2 hours. Not sure how long it was but it’s time I can never get back. How could they both really say all that knowing that you had to pay $2000.00 dollars before you got your FREE coin. Which really can’t guarantee you anything. I would go so far as to call this a scam. If Teeka ever was, he certainly is no longer the worlds most trusted Crypto Guru. Sorry for the rant. Lol

    • Hi Randy,

      Ya, this is a typical marketing strategy of theirs. Since this was a promotion for Teeka’s “Crypto Income” service what he’s talking about here is earning monthly rewards via staking. I do stake my Akash and earn around 9% apy on them, but I’m not really sure how often they pay out. It could be monthly as Teeka teases, but I’m not entirely sure. But anyways, yes you’d still earn money on your crypto whether the market is going up or down in this case.

  • hi, August 23 seem to be the date Nvidia publishes its quarterly results which may be indirectly sending investors to AKT since making the GPU shortage problem very known.

  • I saw another one of his long winded infomercials and I believe it mentioned the graph GRT. It’s another one that’s only gone down since. Anyone have any insight into this?

  • Nothing but losses for me with Teeks’s services and I subscribed to three of them.
    The man is a natural born salesman but quite honestly I suggest save your funds and rather collaborate with Anders and the Green Bull community

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