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George Gilder’s “Miracle Material” Graphene Company – The Most Valuable in the World?

George Gilder’s “Miracle Material” Graphene Company

August 20, 2023 by Theodor

America’s #1 Tech Futurist George Gilder has found a “Miracle Material” that is stronger than steel, lighter than paper, and the best conductor of electricity on Earth.

It promises to transform the planet and mint hundreds of new millionaires, let's find out what it is and if it can live up to the hype.


The Teaser

The biggest technological advances in the future will ALL stem from a single breakthrough tied to this thin sheet that looks like a teeth whitening strip.

Source: gilderreport.com

George Gilder is an investor and author whose claim to fame is accurately tipping off former President Ronald Reagan to the rise of the microchip. In the past, we have answered the question of whether George is a legit tech futurist or just another scam artist and also reviewed his Gilder Report newsletter.

Getting back to our regularly scheduled program, why exactly is this white strip…er “miracle material” so important?

For starters, Captain America’s indestructible shield is made from it.

If this weren't enough, it is thin as a paper cloth, yet strong enough to stop a bullet!

Source: gilderreport.com

No, I'm not talking about Vibranium here – the most sought-after material in the Marvel universe. The “miracle material” being teased is Graphene.

Graphene out of Garbage?

Graphene is indeed a material with many capabilities, from batteries to medical applications. But one thing has always held it back.

It’s been impossible to produce on a large scale.

The problem lies in the fact that isolated 2D crystals, which graphene is comprised of, cannot be grown via chemical synthesis beyond small sizes.

One company is out to change this by creating graphene out of one of the most common resources on the planet: garbage.

Its patent-pending process speeds up graphene production by over 350,000%. Taking a process that normally takes days and doing it in seconds.

My first questions are, does it work? And what about quality?

Apparently, this company solves both problems.

Its graphene production plant is already built, with production scheduled to start any day now and the process to create this high-quality graphene only takes seconds.


The Pitch

George calls it the most valuable company in the world that no one knows about and its name is revealed in a special report called Your Way In: Graphene’s Trillion-Dollar Takeover.

Source: gilderreport.com

All we have to do to claim our copy is take a risk-free trial of George's flagship service, Gilder’s Technology Report for only $77 for a limited time. A subscription includes 12 monthly issues of the report, a bonus special report – The Trillion-Dollar Ripple Watchlist, and buy and sell alerts to “special situations” that we should jump into immediately.


The Types of Multitrillion-Dollar Problems Graphene Solves

If you've never heard of graphene before and aren't a science nerd, it's easy to dismiss it.

But the carbon material really does have a wide array of uses. Here are some prime examples:

$71 Billion Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Remember the 2010 oil spill that cost $71 billion to clean up and got its own motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg?

Well, this crisis could have been completely avoided if BP had access to graphene…in a large enough quantity.

What’s even crazier is that this material allows you to collect and reuse any wasted oil.

Reports claim one company, DirectaPlus, has already recovered “400 tons of crude oil that was sent back to the refinery” from an oil spill in Romania. That’s over $250,000  worth of oil that would have gone to waste otherwise.

Not only can this “miracle material” easily filter oil from water, but it can also be used to filter out deadly pollutants like uranium, lead, and arsenic.

Clean Water for All

Even in one of the most polluted cities in the world: Lanzhou, China. Water polluted with radioactive waste could be turned into useful drinking water in seconds with graphene.

This has been known for a while now, it has just been a matter of real-world application.

Now that the technology to produce hundreds of pounds of graphene in seconds is here, it makes sense that governments will be looking to secure as much of this material as possible.

Just the two use cases noted above are worth untold billions, which means graphene's breakthrough moment could be here. Much like the massive wealth created by aluminum, steel, and other materials in past centuries.

One production plant is about to mass-produce the world’s most valuable resource and tap into all this wealth.


Revealing George Gilder’s “Miracle Material” Graphene Company

Here are a few clues we got about the company shrouded in secrecy:

  • It’s all happening at one private location in Ontario, Canada. Forbes calls what is going on inside the plant “Modern-Day Alchemy.”
  • George has personally confirmed that the scientific team heading up this plant includes a man who is one of the 50 most influential scientists and another who’s been named “Scientist of the Year” and inducted into the National Academy of Inventors.
  • Thanks to a pending patent, the world’s only fast-graphene process is completely locked up by this one company.
  • The company has already signed a major deal with major medical and oil companies.

This set of clues led us directly to Universal Matter Inc. 

  • UMI has developed “cleaner, faster, and less expensive” patent-pending technology to commercialize graphene.
  • The company is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, with U.S. and U.K. Innovation Centers in Houston TX, and Redcar UK.
  • One of the founding partners, Dr. Jim Tour, was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors in 2015 and is widely acknowledged as one of the top 50 most influential scientists in the world.
  • Forbes's “Modern-Day Alchemy” article is partly based on Jim Tour's graphene research while at Rice University.

There's just one problem…Universal Matter is still a privately-held company.

George's antidote to this is Universal Matter's recent acquisition of publicly-traded Applied Graphene Materials plc (OTC: APGMF). It is the only backdoor way to own Universal Matter…for now.


The Most Valuable Company in the World?

“In two years’ time, this could be recognized as the most valuable company in the world.”

These are George's lofty expectations for Universal Matter. Does the company have what it takes?

Its proprietary and patented Flash Joule Heating process that can convert diverse carbon sources into graphene for an almost unlimited number of applications was first invented in 2018 by university researchers. Fast forward six years, and the company (UMI) to whom this proprietary process has been licensed, is finally set to commence production in the fourth quarter of this year.

Admittedly, I don't know enough about graphene production techniques to determine whether UMI's Flash Joule process is head and shoulders above the rest, as others are also fervently working on their own processes to commercialize the “super material.”

This patent-pending process is all we have to go on, as there is no low-cost production, economies of scale, or profits to speak of as yet. 

For me, it's a play-money type of early-stage speculation, rather any type of serious investment.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • America’s #1 Tech Futurist George Gilder has found a “Miracle Material” that is stronger than steel, lighter than paper, and the best conductor of electricity on Earth.
  • This material is not Vibranium, the most sought-after material in the fictional Marvel universe. It's Graphene and one company is closer than ever to commercializing it.
  • George calls it the most valuable company in the world that no one knows about and its name is only revealed in a special report called Your Way In: Graphene’s Trillion-Dollar Takeover.
  • We got to the bottom of it and revealed the company as Universal Matter Inc. Since UMI is still a privately-owned company, the only way to in-directly own it for now, is to buy Applied Graphene Materials plc (OTC: APGMFstock on the OTC market, as UMI acquired the business back in April.
  • UMI is closer to a speculation than an investment at this point in time. Definitely not for the faint of heart or for those unable to potentially lose their entire wager.

Is Universal Matter going to be the company that commercializes graphene? Tell us what you think in the comments.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • I believe Graphene is the next big product that modern material science has unearthered. Exploring graphene producing companies it seems that most of the graphene produced is not fully graphene but a mixture of graphene and graphite as graphene is very difficult to isolate. Check out Hydrograph Clean Power as it seems that it is the only one that produces 99.8% graphene, while no body else has commercial scale graphene that is more than 50 % some even 5%. Applied Graphene Materials plc makes products out of Graphene not graphene itself as it’s name suggests.

    • And applied graphene materials is not the company revealed in gilders teased Report “your way in.” If they are indeed owned by Universal matter, I’m not sure the reason Gilder may not have mentioned/suggested them; he may have in his more expensive offerings.

  • It could very well be, however it is too early to tell. It definitely is a company to watch along with a lot of other companies that will benefit from a less expensive graphene.

  • Apgmf has been bought by Universal matter indeed. However, they have purchased it with cash and the stock was scheduled to and has ceased Trading. I do not believe greenbull research has correctly identified the stock Gilder was recommending.

    • Pawel, What is ticker symbol on the Warsaw Stock Exchange; has its cost increased till the end of this year and how are their products compare with Glider’s designed for mass production?

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