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Ross Givens’ #1 Tech Stock of the Decade – The Top 5 Tech Stocks Rolled Into One?

Ross Givens’ #1 Tech Stock of the Decade

March 6, 2024 by Theodor

Ross Givens, yes financial strategist Ross Givens, not actress Robin Givens, is here to tell us about the “#1 Tech Stock of the Decade.”

This early-stage tech stock could mint more millionaires than all the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) combined! And it has five major catalysts going for it.


The Teaser

Ross says 150 million people use this company’s product every month and 29 billion man-hours are spent on it every year, that’s 43,000 human lifetimes for anyone keeping count. But it has nothing to do with streaming.

Source: stealthmodeinvesting.com

Ross Givens was the former VP of a major U.S. bank with $3.2 trillion in assets (sounds like Bank of America), before walking away in 2017 to “help out the little guy.”

We have previously reviewed Ross' “$3 AI Wonder Stock” pitch as well as a slew of other tech stock teasers, like Alexander Green's “#1 AI Stock.”

This windfall stock also isn't some Facebook knockoff and it has nothing to do with Bitcoin, 5G, or marijuana either. I wouldn't have made the connection to the last industry mentioned, but ok.

So what is it?

Ross mentioned the FAANG stocks at the beginning of his pitch because they all have one thing in common. A “hidden catalyst” that helped them beat out the competition and make their shareholders rich.

The 5 Tech Catalysts

Each of the FAANG's had a catalyst that powered them to world domination.

  1. For Netflix, it was recurring revenue

  2. Apple had its App Store and iTunes

  3. For Amazon, it was online shopping

  4. Google is free to use
  5. And for Facebook, it was the “network effect”

The tech stock being promoted today has all five of these catalysts in place, which in Ross' words will help us “pocket fistfuls of early-stage tech cash.”

This business does something that is exponentially bigger. We can almost think about this company as “a virtual amusement park.” Say what you will about Ross, but his quotes are gold.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ross is talking about an online gaming platform, which the Wall Street Journal has called “the future of gaming.”


The Pitch

A full research report has been written on this cutting-edge company called “The #1 Tech Stock of the Decade.”

Source: stealthmodeinvesting.com

The report is ours if we join Ross' flagship advisory service, the Stealth Trading GOLD system.

All it costs is $89 for the first year and we get the research report above, one new trade idea per month, a trade tracker, an exclusive stock watchlist, and live video training classes via Zoom.


Cracking Open A Trillion-Dollar Market

The video game industry is worth double the film and music industry, combined.

It generated $184 billion in revenue last year and is expected to top $250 billion this year, putting it well on its way to the trillion-dollar mark over the next decade or two.

The thing that may get it over the hump faster is something called Web3 Gaming.

Key to a Trillion-Dollar Market

Web3 refers to the next iteration of the internet, which is decentralized and built on blockchain technology rather than centralized servers.

The gaming aspect comes in when gamers can largely control the experience they have, as opposed to having it dictated to them by a centralized authority, like a game maker. Some examples of this are massive multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPG) such as Ember Sword and the so-called “immersive social party game” Blankos Block Party.

This may all sound a bit confusing, especially to us old-school Atari and Super NES gamers, but this new kind of gaming is gaining traction, and fast.

In January alone, it reported a 55% increase in average active users compared to the same time last year. 

The stock Ross teases here is positioning itself as an early leader in this emerging space and it's only adding fuel to its fire.

This is because beyond being at the forefront of a new hypergrowth market, it also has all five catalysts of the best-performing tech stocks in history, all baked into one.

For those keeping track, this company has:

  • Harnessed the network effect like Facebook
  • Tapped into raging “subscription revenue” like Netflix
  • And successfully copied Google’s “freemium” model, among other things

Add the fact that 3 out of 4 Americans are already using its platform every day and according to Ross “It could take us on the flying carpet ride of the century.” I never want this pitch to end.


Revealing Ross Givens’ #1 Tech Stock of the Decade

Ross drops a few hints about the identity of his #1 tech stock:

  • The company’s CEO, whose first name is David, is a Stanford grad, sold his first company 35 for $20 million, and was named one of the “100 most intriguing entrepreneurs” by the vampire squid Goldman Sachs.
  • This tech company has stacked up 35 patents, which is more than most of its competition.
  • Inside its online universe, people can chat with friends, engage in fun games & experiences, buy & sell digital products, and build little “worlds” like online architects.

These clues were enough to reveal the company…Roblox Corp. (NYSE: RBLX). The clues line up like a checkered sweater on a miniature schnauzer:


A Decade of Profits In A Single Trade?

Roblox stock is currently trading 35% above its all-time low made last year.

Is now a good time to get in?

First off, Web3 in general, and Web3 Gaming to be more specific, is a legit opportunity.

Ever since learning what blockchain technology is – a distributed ledger across a network of computers that makes it nearly impossible to change, hack, or manipulate information. I have thought its biggest applications would come outside of cryptocurrency.

Web3 Gaming is one of these applications.

At the moment, Roblox is profitable on a free cash flow basis, and its most significant metric – Average Daily Active Users (DAUs) is growing by a healthy 22% year-over-year.

But here's the best part…

Roblox's robust virtual platform has been built, and the man-hours and money to build it have already been spent. So, scaling and better margins and cash flow, are coming down the pipeline.

The company's fiscal year 2024 guidance backs this up, with growing revenue, margins, and cash flow expected.

Who knows whether Roblox will reach its ultimate goal of 1 billion daily active users, but it does have some inherent competitive advantages, like the network effect, brand loyalty, and scale, which is more than most businesses can say.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Financial strategist Ross Givens is here with a call about his “#1 Tech Stock of the Decade” and how it could potentially mint more millionaires than all the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) combined!
  • This stock isn't some Facebook/Meta knockoff and it has nothing to do with Bitcoin, 5G, or marijuana either. It's in the multi-billion dollar video game industry and it possesses all five catalysts that made the FAANG stocks what they are today – free to use, name recognition, subscription revenue, online shopping, and the network effect.
  • A full research report has been written on this cutting-edge company called “The #1 Tech Stock of the Decade.” It is ours if we join Ross' flagship advisory, the Stealth Trading GOLD system for $89 for the first year.
  • If you're reading this, you can put your credit card away, as we were able to reveal Ross' #1 Tech Stock of the Decade for free – Roblox Corp. (NYSE: RBLX).
  • Roblox stock sits just above its all-time low currently, is profitable on a free cash flow basis, and is beginning to scale its platform with the long-term goal of having 1 billion daily active users. Some of this has already been baked into the stock price, but it's still a growth story in the early stages.

Have you heard of Web3 Gaming, Roblox, or know anyone who uses it? Tell us in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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