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Teeka’s Top Five Coins for Escaping the Dollar Collapse – Exposed

November 15, 2023 by Anders

On November 8th Teeka's "Final Collapse" teaser came out where he teases us with 5 crypto investments. 

We've been lucky enough to expose all 5 of them for you... for free.

In the teaser, Teeka starts out with the pretty normal doom-and-gloom intro talking about how he believes millions or people will fall into poverty.

He tells us that this will be a "final collapse" of the purchasing power of the USD and that this could happen "by the end of this month".

This is because he tells us that there is a government event that's guaranteed to happen this month.

Why does he think the US dollar is going to collapse? 

Well, besides US debt ballooning to unimaginable proportions, we are also seeing increased de-dollarization of the world economy, something Teeka mentioned in his "The 'Biden Shock' of 2023" teaser where he teased his "#1 Stock for the Coming Digital Dollar".

Teeka mentions how USD has been strengthening against the Euro as of late, but the purchasing power here in the US has dropped drastically.

And the purchasing power is what we all really care about, right?

Other countries are working in concert to stop using USD in international trade, which was largely catalyzed when the US froze Russian assets after the Russia Ukraine war started.

19 countries have already announced plans to stop using USD - Russia, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, France, etc.

BUT, in typical Teeka fashion, there's no need to fear here. Teeka tells us that there is one asset class that will skyrocket more than anyone can imagine and save the day.

Of course, we already know that he's talking about crypto here.

His top pick, or so he claims, he gives us for free. This is Ethereum (ETH), which he's given us as his free pick many times in the past and while this coin does still have good potential to increase and give you a good return on your investment, it's ranked #2 in the crypto market by market cap (after Bitcoin) and certainly not a crypto investment you should expect to make 50x+ on.

Unfortunately, his other 5 picks aren't free.

He calls these "The Top Five Coins for Escaping The Dollar Collapse" and in order to get your hands on these... NORMALLY you'd have to buy into the service he's selling, which in this case is his Palm Beach Confidential service which is discounted to $2k per year with this offer.

However, we're going to go over these 5 picks for free in a bit.

How bad is the de-dollarization really?

A quick Google search will give you plenty of articles talking about this topic.

The overall consensus is that it isn't looking too good.

While some economists point out that de-dollarizing the world economy may take much longer and may prove to be more difficult than many countries can imagine, the end-point is still the same... a word where the US dollar is used much less as a reserve currency and much less for international transactions.

While there are different ways to measure de-dollarization, this overall trajectory of things isn't looking good.

From a Reuters article published in June 2023:

While the greenback's share of FX trading volumes remains just shy of record highs at 88% and its use in trade invoicing has not changed much over the last couple of decades, other areas have seen an erosion.

In the FX reserves held by central banks around the world, for example, its share has declined to a record low of 58%.

So... a record low in FX reserves for the USD. And I think it's pretty important to touch on what's going on with BRICS.

The BRICS countries and other big commodity exporters are making efforts to move away from using USD in their international trade, which has increased since the sanctions the US has thrown at countries since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war.

We have China looking to buy oil from Saudi Arabia using their own yuan as well as Brazil and China announcing the use of the yuan in trade. And then there is India, which just made its first oil purchase from Saudi Arabia using Rupees.

So, de-dollarization is real. Teeka isn't just blowing smoke here.

But let's get to the point and look at these 5 coins he's pounding the table on.

The "Top Five Coins" Teeka is teasing

As is normal with Teeka's presentations, he gives us absolutely zero clues to go off of to be able to figure out what he's teasing.

However, luckily for us, someone (a supposed subscriber of Teeka's) has shared these picks on a microblog and so here we have them:

Free pick = Ethereum (ETH)

5 other picks = Lida DAO (LDO), Chainlink (LINK), Rollbit (RLB), Optimism (OP), and Polygon (MATIC).

*If anyone can confirm these picks, please let us know in the comment section below!*

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Teeka believes that the "Final Collapse" of the US dollar's purchasing power will happen very soon
  • He believes the cryptocurrency market will skyrocket as a result
  • He teases us with "The Top Five Coins for Escaping The Dollar Collapse" and gives us his #1 crypto pick, which isn't one of these 5 coins, for free.
  • This free pick is Ethereum (ETH)
  • Thanks to a supposed Teeka subscriber, we've been given the other 5 picks as:
    1. Lida DAO (LDO)
    2. Chainlink (LINK)
    3. Rollbit (RLB)
    4. Optimism (OP)
    5. Polygon (MATIC)

I hope this has been of some help to you. Please let us know what you think about these picks below! 


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • I hold those coins and have for awhile. They are good. I would ad 2 tokens to that list AVAX, it will be a 20x or more. And GROK, the top ranked AI token that just launched

  • Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, has reaffirmed her bold prediction that Bitcoin’s price could soar to an astounding $600,000.

  • Teeka presents well and typically presents such compelling urgent messages . With each sales pitch he argues that he has “Generational changing” wealth opportunities to sell if we purchase the next new subscription.
    The guy seems so incredible. He looks at folks with watery eyes and calls us his dear friends.I bought no less than three subscriptions. I am out thousands of dollars in fees for said subscriptions and am down over one hundred thousand dollars despite initiating the plays/purchases he shared.Now he claims we should relax and let time do the heavy lifting. I am trying to do so hoping that he is correct.

    I do believe he has decent information however it gets stretched thin because he keeps needing to sell the next round of ” Hot picks”
    Thank you Green Bull Research for saving me the cost of yet another subscription.

  • I’m buying Nevada “goldbacks”. There are a few other states that issued “goldbacks” if you look them up. They are legal tender in their respective states. I’m just buying them as collectables, and if needs be, I will get my groceries in NV lol. I’m not recommending anyone buy them as an investment.

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