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Charlie Shrem’s “5 Favorite A.I. Coins” – Turn $10k into $1 Million?

Charlie Shrem’s “5 Favorite A.I. Coins”

May 21, 2024 by Theodor

Charlie Shrem invested in Bitcoin when it was trading for only $5, netting a 200,000% return and becoming a millionaire in the process.

Now, Charlie is loading up on a special project which is part Artificial Intelligence, part Crypto, and he is naming his “5 Favorite AI Coins.”


The Teaser

The crypto market may be on the verge of a full-on panic, but not the kind that crashes prices. Instead, this could be a slow melt-up driving prices to new highs.

Source: investorplace.com

Charlie Shrem is well-known in the crypto space for being an advocate and a trader who also spent some time in prison for indirectly helping people swap cash for Bitcoins on the Silk Road dark web marketplace. A real crypto rebel.

We have previously done a complete primer on Charlie's Crypto Investor Network after we subscribed to the service and an update on our experience.

Before every crash, there is always a run-up in prices driven by those who sat on the sidelines during the initial bull run and have a fear of missing out. It has happened in every asset bubble throughout history and the same thing is now about to happen to the crypto market.

There's No Melt-Up Without Massive Market Participation

More than a few prominent melt-up examples exist, from the Tulip and South Sea bubbles to gold and silver in the mid-70s.

But the best recent example is Bitcoin itself in 2017 and again in 2021.

In 2017, Bitcoin went up by 2,400% in a matter of months, before losing 84% of its value. The same thing happened again in 2021 when the price of Bitcoin appreciated by more than 1,100%, only to go down by 75% a year later.

However, these past melt-ups pale in comparison to what is coming for one simple reason – market participation.

Before this year, investing in crypto wasn't easy.

You had to open a crypto wallet, fund it, and find a crypto exchange before you could buy a crypto coin. For this reason, crypto participation remained relatively low compared to the stock market.

This is all changing thanks to the introduction of the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year.

Now, mom-and-pop investors who own the Dow Jones index can access Bitcoin through their regular brokerage account.

The boost in market participation will be a game-changer.

It was for gold and silver after their first ETFs were created. Gold soared more than 250% and the price of silver tripled after its first ETF launched in 2007.

Bitcoin ETFs are now seeing higher capital inflows for the first time since they hit the market and it could be the spark that starts a two-year melt-up in crypto prices.


The Pitch

Charlie is looking at a few special altcoins that he believes are going to melt up during what could be the last crypto bull market and he reveals the names of all of them in a special report called “My 5 Favorite A.I. Coins.”

Source: investorplace.com

All we have to do to get this urgent report is try out his Crypto Investor Network research service for only $49.

A membership comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and includes 12 months of timely crypto coin recommendations, a free subscription to TradeSmith's Crypto trading tools, anytime alerts on coins held in a model portfolio, and a bonus report titled Altcoin Investing for Beginners.


AI Meets Crypto & Free Government Money

There is one unseen force at work, that is the ultimate factor when it comes to crypto prices.

Money printing.

Throughout its relatively short history, whenever central banks made the money printer go brrrr, the price of Bitcoin and practically all cryptocurrencies increased.

Now that the Federal Reserve isn't expected to raise rates any further, money printing could come back in fashion.

Combine this with the availability of the new Bitcoin ETFs and crypto market participation, followed by prices, could go to the moon.

This thesis is very plausible, as central banks around the world, including the two largest, the Fed and People's Bank of China, have been printing money at an alarming rate.

The Currency of AI?

As for the Artificial Intelligence angle in all of this, Charlie tells us that quite a few of the hottest new crypto projects involve AI and as a result, AI is beginning to “get wrapped into crypto.”

What Charlie is talking about here are AI tokens specifically developed to fund new AI-based projects, applications, and services. There is a lot of hype around this and new AI tokens are springing up every day like mushrooms in the spring.

This is why this teaser is about separating the best AI tokens from the rest and Charlie has five that are his favorites.


Charlie Shrem's 5 Favorite A.I. Coins

Charlie's remarks about the five coins he's teasing are generic “These five AI coins are all projects I've been following for years as they developed.”

And don't lead anywhere “Because of their utility, I think these coins could last beyond a crash.”

Charlie must have been tipped off about Green Bull and our magical abilities to debunk investment teasers and was scared to drop any real clues. I don't blame him.

Still, we scoured social media posts, forums, and other dark recesses of the web and found what could be some of Charlie's picks:

This is all we were able to sleuth out and the last three picks remain a mystery.


Turn $10k into $1 Million?

The jist of Charlie's teaser is “Crypto is going to pump, then crash, and we should try and time it all.”

Not exactly confidence-inspiring stuff.

Charlie even admits that “Unlike the stock market, when crypto eventually crashes, 98% of coins could go to zero.” This matches what I have been saying, in that only one or two coins outside of Bitcoin are worthy of long-term holds.

In his presentation, Charlie hints that the run-up in crypto is likely to occur over the next two years from today. He could be right based solely on Bitcoin's price over the past few days.

However, market timing, least of all in an always volatile crypto market, isn't something that one should ever do with capital they can't afford to lose. As a pure speculation, buying a few crypto coins here and there may be a fun wager, but that's all it is.

Just know, that the chance of turning $10k into $1k or less is much higher than turning it into $1 million.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Charlie Shrem was early to the table on Bitcoin and made a fortune. Now, he's loading up on projects at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Crypto, and he names his “5 Favorite AI Coins.”
  • He's investing because he's sure crypto will pump higher over the next two years due to a confluence of factors, from increased crypto market participation by mom-and-pop investors thanks to crypto ETFs to central bank money printing.
  • Charlie is looking at a few special altcoins that he believes are going to melt up during this period and he reveals the names of all of them in a special report called “My 5 Favorite A.I. Coins.” All we have to do to get this urgent report is try out his Crypto Investor Network research service for only $49.
  • No specific clues were dropped about any of the AI Coin picks, but we did manage to find some things that point to 
  • Effect.AI (EFX) and Fetch AI (FET) possibly being two of his picks.
  • Trying to participate in and precisely time a crypto boom and bust cycle sounds more hazardous to one's health than a pet alligator.

Are you likely to buy AI Coins during the next crypto boom? Drop a Yes or No in the comments.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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