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Jimmy Mengel’s “God Chip” Company – 10,000% Gains?

Talk around the need for creating more powerful micro processing chips has been around for years, as technology is approaching a new era and several other sectors of the economy seem to be booming – from Artificial Intelligence to 5G,

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Ian King’s No. 1 Stock (Fintech) – The “End of the Dow” Pitch

In his latest pitch, “The End of the Dow”, Ian King talks about a disruptive new technology that will eventually remove 90% of the Dow Jones Industrial Average companies, replacing them with start-ups and smaller companies in more diverse industries

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Stanberry Research’s “Will You Be Left Behind?” Teaser – Reviewed

If you’re familiar with Porter Stansberry, then you probably already know his unique pitches and the style he uses to get his ideas across. The author is known for his storytelling techniques that have proved time and again to be

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