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Review of The American Prosperity Summit – Sarah Palin, Really?

The American Prosperity Summit Review

September 25, 2020 by Anders

The American Prosperity Summit is a recorded event with Sarah Palin, John Burke, and Charles Mizrahi, that showcases Mizrahi's investing expertise and claims to have the goal of helping Main Street American's make $1 million.

Sounds amazing, but don't buy into anything just yet! It's all a promotion, and in this review I'll be exposing Charles Mizrahi's "number one stock" that he thinks everyone should go out and buy today for the potential of making 300% profits.

Let's begin by going over the teaser..

The teaser:

The agonizingly long 1+ hour presentation is supposed to appear as some sort of news interview, but is really just a promotion by the Banyan Hill Publishing company for one of Charles Mizrahi's investment newsletter services...

The American Prosperity Summit

The woman in the presentation needs no introduction. It's ex-Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, and I must admit I was pretty surprised to see here here, although I have come across similar situations in the past, such as when Bill O'Reilly was featured in "The Smartest Investment Strategy of All-Time" presentation with Alexander Green.

John Burke's role in the presentation was that of a reporter, and it was Sarah Palin doing most of the talking.

According to Palin, "we need to fight for our financial future and for America's financial future".

She talks about how she often talks with your normal Main Street Americans and finds that they are struggling financially, even though they have done everything they were "supposed to do", such as save money and invest it wisely. And it is because of this that she and John Burke are putting on this special presentation, so we are told.

Sarah Palin wants to invite viewers to join here on "a mission to help you, and every other American who watches this event, make $1 million as the gains stack up, year after year after year"...

It seems that viewers will be getting information on or access to some simple strategy that she claims only takes her 10 minutes a month to use, which is also called a "rogue solution" and a "secret weapon" to help the average hardworking American come out on top financially.

But Sarah Palin isn't the one behind it. She's just using the "secret weapon" that was created by ex-Wall Street veteran Charles Mizrahi, who is introduced in the presentation at a later point. She tells viewers that she doesn't have the time to dig through quarterly reports and look at companies' profit margins, and so she follows Mizrahi's advice.

I'll be talking more about this "secret weapon" in a bit, and I'll also be going over what Mizrahi is calling his "number one stock" to buy today, which he thinks will "soar over 300% or more over the next few years".

Don't fall for the hype..

It all sounds amazing... the potential of 300% gains on one stock and the goal of making $1 million in the coming years...

BUT, don't fall for all the hype. At the end of the day this is all a promotional video, and you can't trust 100% of what you hear.

Take for example the testimonials we were shown in the presentation. Below is an image of "Paula B", who supposedly made a 95% return on her investments following Mizrahi's advice...

As you can see, the image of this woman is fake. It's a stock photo that I was able to find available for purchase on ShutterStock (and this is just one example).

The sales pitch:

The presentation, as expected, all ends in a sales pitch for Charles Mizrahi's Alpha Investor Report service, which I'll talk more about in a bit.

One of the main selling points is that you can get his "America's Alpha Stock" report...

America's Alpha Stock - The Company Leading a $708 Billion Revolution

This report provides the juicy details on his "number one stock" pick, a pick he thinks will provide investors with a 300% gain.

BUT DON'T BUY INTO ANYTHING JUST YET! I'll be exposing this stock pick shortly, for free (that's what we do here at Green Bull Research).

The People Behind It

As we know, Sarah Palin, John Burke, and Charles Mizrahi are the people in the presentation. John Burke is just a journalist/interviewer in it all so we won't talk about him, but let's talk a bit about Palin and Mizrahi.

Who knows how much Sarah Palin got paid to be featured in this promotional video. She claims to have been using Mizrahi's investment service herself before all of this, but I highly doubt this is the truth. She's the ex-Republican Governor of Alaska, believes in good old fashioned hard work to achieve the American Dream, and has developed quite a following because of this. This is the reason I'm guessing Banyan Hill Publishing (the company Mizrahi works for) went out to bring her on-board for the presentation.

Charles Mizrahi is the main person we need to talk about here because he's the one behind the investment advisory service being sold. Mizrahi, as was mentioned many times, comes from a Wall Street background. He started off his life as a middle-class American, but worked his way up to being ranked as the No. 1 commodity trading advisor by Barron's as well as the No. 1 performing market timer in the US for a period of time. On Wall Street he also managed money for large investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Credit Suisse.

With over 35 years of experience Mizrahi definitely knows a thing or two and has a good track record. Just take what he says with a giant grain of rock salt. Hyped-up teasers are the norm here, as was evident from his "No. 1 Marijuana Stock" teaser and the one for his AI stock pick.

The "Secret Financial Weapon"

In the teaser there was a lot of talk about the "Secret Weapon" Sarah Palin has been using to make tons of money investing.

She says it is simple, fun, and profitable... and she supposedly made more money in 2 weeks with this than most investment experts make in 2 years...

secret investment weapon

As we know, this "secret weapon" she's talking about is Charles Mizrahi's advice. So let's talk about how Charles goes about recommending stocks to his subscribers.

Charles' Strategy

He says he only buys "alpha stocks" and claims they "have 100% profit potential baked into the price".

But how does he find these stocks... which are the ones he's recommending to subscribers?

Well, here's the 3-step strategy for finding alpha stocks that we were told:

  1. Alpha Industry - The stock must be in an industry that is established but still growing. Some examples include 5G, AI, cloud computing, precision medicine, etc.
  2. Alpha Management - The companies must have CEOs and leadership teams with track-records of increasing revenue, earnings, etc.
  3. Alpha Money - The company must have good financials. He looks at the balance sheets, income statements, cashflow, 10-Ks, etc. and uses his experience and knowledge to determine if the company is undervalued.

Stock recommendations based on this criteria being vetted by a Wall Street veteran sounds pretty good... and it's also worth mentioning that at one point in the presentation it was stated that he made 48 winning recommendations in a row, and I also know that his investment newsletter services receive some pretty decent reviews from subscribers overall.

Charles Mizrahi's Alpha Investor Report Service

This is the service that the whole "American Prosperity Summit" promo video leads up to. In a nutshell, Alpha Investor Report is a follow-along newsletter advisory service by Charles Mizrahi. Subscribers are told what to buy and when, and are given all the details on why Mizrahi thinks you should buy.

Here's a breakdown of what you get if you sign up.

  • Monthly Research Briefings - This is an 8-page briefing that goes over market trends, what to buy, and provides in-depth information on any stocks that Charles rates as buys.
  • Model Portfolio Access - Subscribers also get access to Charles' model portfolio where one will be able to see all the stocks rated as buys currently, along with details on when he recommends selling.
  • Weekly Updates and Alerts - On Wednesdays short video briefings will be sent out where he'll go over market predictions, what's going on, updates on current positions, etc.
  • Members-Only Website Access - As a member, one will have access to the private website where everything mentioned above can be accessed.

The cheapest subscription level for this service is only $47 for the first year, however you'll be pushed to purchase their "Premium Subscription" for $79 for the first year.

Charles' #1 Stock Pick

And now finally, what you've probably been waiting for this whole time... let's expose the #1 stock pick that was being teased. 

To lure people even more into his newsletter advisory service, Mizrahi has his "America's Alpha Stock" report that he's giving out to new subscribers.

Charles claims he "hasn't been this excited about an investment since he told people to buy Microsoft before it soared 800%"...

Really now... so should we expect this stock to soar 800%? Well, he teases this new opportunity as a potential 300% gainer... which is weird because he claims to be "more excited" about it.

I don't know about you, but I'd be more excited about 800% gains than 300%.

But anyways, let's first take a look at the clue and expose this sucker. What we are told is that:

  • It's a "Tennessee-based company"
  • It "already employs 33,000 hardworking Americans"
  • They have virtually no competition, and we are told that "Home Depot tried to compete with them by opening a series of specialty stores only to close them a year later."
  • Has management from Home Depot and eBay
  • Tells us how a Wells Fargo analyst said "Holy cow... sales will likely accelerate"

Any guesses as to the name?

Let's see here.

Did you just say Tractor Supply? 

Well, if you did then you'd be correct. Yep, that's right, Tractor Supply is his top stock pick - the rural retailer that sells everything from pet food to lawn equipment.

All the clues match up nicely.

  • Yes, Tractor Supply is a Tennessee-based company (based in Brentwood, Tennessee).
  • Yes, the said number of employees (33k) matches up. According to Macrotrends the total number of employees in 2019 was 32,000 (close enough).
  • Yes, the company has management that came from Home Depot and eBay - Hal Lawton, the President and CEO of the company used to be a VP at eBay and the company's Senior VP, Christi Korzekwa, used to work for The Home Depot.
  • And yes, I was even able to find the quote from Wells Fargo analyst Zachary Fadem stating that "Holy cow… reason to believe comps could be even better.” He continued: “Considering the timing of today’s release, we believe sales likely accelerated throughout the month of May, and with all of June remaining in Q2, we believe comps could be tracking even higher today (+30%)." 
    • The quote wasn't exact and left out a lot, but this is typical of investment teasers.

Tractor Supply (TSCO) it is. But is this really the amazing investment opportunity Charles hypes it up as being?

Should You Expect 300% Gains?

I certainly wouldn't, but it could be a solid portfolio pick.

Tractor Supply has good financials with steady growth over the last five years. And what you may find surprising is that they reported record sales in the second quarter of 2020 when most other companies were suffering severely from the COVID pandemic.

It's certainly not going to make you rich quick, but this could be a good pick for value investors... and it's a company you can feel proud owning.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

Well that was a heck of a lot to cover, so let's do a quick recap and breakdown of what we just went over.

  • "The American Prosperity Summit" is a promotional presentation for Charles Mizrahi's Alpha Investor Report advisory service... and who knows how much Banyan Hill had to pay Sarah Palin to get her in the ad.
  • With this service, they claim the goal is to help Main Street Americans make $1 million... all by following Mizrahi's investment recommendations.
  • Mizrahi also teases his "number one stock" to buy right now, which he thinks has the potential for 300% gains.
  • In order to get details on his "number one stock" you first have to buy into his Alpha Investor Report service... but of course I just exposed the stock pick to you for free so that you no longer have to.
  • Tractor Supply is the company being teased here.
  • Don't expect those 300% gains anytime soon!

And there you have it folks! You're welcome!

I hope this review has provided you with some real value and helped you out some.

As always, let us here at Green Bull know what you think of all of this. Is this a good stock pick? Does Sarah Palin really use Mizrahi's advisory service? 

Comment down below...


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • I really appreciate your insights and comments. Years ago I was buying stocks through a broker and did not do very well. I moved over to an independent advisor and have done better.
    I would like to try Insider Weekly. Questions: Do you subscribe and use IS for investing in stocks?
    Where is the best place to open an account for stock purchase?
    Again thank you for your input.

    • Hi Ron,

      Thank you for the comment. Insider Weekly is indeed focused on stock investing, and in particular it is focused on global opportunities. Because of this they recommend Interactive Brokers, which give investors access to many stock markets all over the world rather than just those in the US.

  • I've listened to at least 4 different 1.5 hour long infomercials about investing. As presented by AI onundefinedbetween utube videos. They all were connected to the same soured….the private investor .com I think it was. Ironically they all prod you to invest in the technocratic technologies currently being used to advance the World Economic Forum's vision of global government I.e. 1 world government currency and religion. I feel this is pure Evil!

  • Thanks a lot! I got this promotion this morning on my cell phone, and almost signed up. I noticed before I filled out the application that it did "push" you toward the $79 a year subscription. While this is not dishonest in itself and is common in many promotional vids, I was rather irritated by it and did not pull the trigger on the application, deciding to do some more research first. I'm glad I found your site, and it did give an accurate recount of the promotion and addressed the same questions I had ( ie: Sarah Palin… Really?)
    etc. I'm still not sure about moving forward with American Prosperity, but your review of the video was reassuring. Thank you and I will be looking forward to getting more of your investment video reviews

    • I have been “ravenous” in researching and understanding the stock market. This was a great read and definitely very helpful. I recently opened an online trading account with a jokingly 250$. I’m retired. I did not save for retirement so I’m looking to catch up. Years ago I was with Scottrade with 600$ invested in Chico’s women’s clothing…I should have bought Under Armor instead!!! Wish I did?‍♀️
      JoAnn H.

  • I was all ready to sign up until I saw that Banyon Hill Publishing was involved. BH gives me the creeps. That' when I googled to see if this was a scam. Tractor Supply does not get me going. I've got 10 picks I think will do better. Will not be ordering The American Summit. Sorry to see Sarah Palin involved, but that's her choice. I will not judge.

  • Tractor Supply tries to buy up established Mom & Pop feed stores and when they refuse, it sets up shop down the street and uses its buying power to push shoddy Chinese import tools and decor goods while using tried and true loss leaders — to run the local, community-involved farm supply companies OUT of business. Basically, The Walmart Model. PROUD TO OWN? Not hardly!!

  • I could sus out the 'hype' of Sarah Palin in this promotion. The desire to become a millionaire was the tempter here but I know that she already has over 22m in assets. So I questioned that part of it. But in the end I could tell he just wanted subscribers for his information. Tempting but no thank you.
    I appreciate your article. I was guided to exactly your info this am with my questions. Thank you.

  • Thanks Anders! These types of, "We'll do the stock research for you and we'll tell you what to buy and when to sell, just pay a subscription." Is getting more common. I like the idea that I can get professional guidance on stock buying, but promotional videos like this make everything look like a scam. Have you also reviewed Profits Unlimited headed by Paul Mampilly? The Motley Fool seems on of the most well known. Is there a service that you would recommend?

    • Hi Kyle. I have not reviewed Profits Unlimited, only exposed some of Mampilly’s teasers that funnel people into this service. So unfortunately I can’t say how well it performs. The only service we really recommend here at Green Bull is Insider from Capitalist Exploits. Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor has performed well as a whole, but there “beating the market by 4x” statistics are largely skewed from big winners like Amazon and Netflix.

  • I just saw the teaser on a YouTube ad. I thought it was maybe a big joke, an extended SNL skit or something. Anyway, thanks for breaking it all down. Your writing is very clear.

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