6 Reasons INSIDER Is A Cut Above The Rest

Anders here, founder of Green Bull Research.

Since I created this website to help every day investors cut through all the BS investment services out there and actually find good qualily investment services/products, I found it fitting to put together this post.

INSIDER is our #1 recommendation when it comes to investment advisory services, and for good reason. Here are a few reasons we recommend it and how it differs from the rest, much of which seems to be junk.

*In No Particular Order*

#1) They Have No Quota to Meet

A lot of advisory services out there promise 1-2 new recommendations per month. The problem with this is that there aren't always good recommendations to make, but they are forced to recommend stocks because it's what was promised, and sounds more enticing for potential subscribers.

With INSIDER there is no quota to meet. Chris and Brad only put out trade alerts when they find truly good stocks offering deep value.

#2) They Prefer Truth Over "Politically Correct"

Chris is the one you'll hear from the most since he's the writer of their weekly newsletter, but both certainly do not adhere to the PC talk that's become mainstream today.

It's better to hear the truth and this is exactly what you get here.

Some of their opinions can be rough at times, but we think it's better to hear them than some polished up PC talk.

Example screenshot pulled from INSIDER Weekly...

#3) They Invest Where Few Dare

Instead of chasing the hottest new stocks and trends like most advisory services do, INSIDER takes a completely different approach. They do a 180 and look for out-of-favor sectors that most won't touch with a 10 foot pole, and returns are almost guaranteed this way.

Chris and Brad are looking for extremely undervalued sectors that are still vital for the functioning of society. Maybe they don't fit the new PC narrative (oil, gas, coal, etc.), maybe they just aren't sexy like AI & 5G, who knows... but these guys look for deep value where few dare.

Since the stocks targeted here are beaten down yet still needed for society to go on functioning as normal, it becomes a question of not "if", but "when" they'll pop back up.

*Disclaimer: That said, results are not guaranteed and they do make losing recommendations at times.

#4) No Hype

It's no question that INSIDER isn't a very popular and well-known investment advisory service.

Why is this? 

Not because it's bad, but the reason is because they don't spend boatloads of money promoting the heck out of their services like most others do... and what you do find is non-hyped.

You won't find them promising 1,000% in 6 months off of this stock, or talking about exploiting some "glitch" in the market to receive checks regularly. INSIDER is cut & dry, and we like this.

#5) Their Results are Transparent

Another thing we really like is the fact that they are transparent with results. Once a member, you'll have access to their model portfolio that includes all of the positions they are holding onto. They also have a running list of closed positions. Yes, there are losing positions here, but it's nice seeing the transparency and how they aren't affraid to show loses.

#6) It's Small-Scale

As mentioned, INSIDER isn't very well-known. They don't have 100,000+ subscribers like some of the big ones out there, and we like this. As a member you're part of a smaller group, and you can feel it. Chris and Brad hold monthly Q&A webinars where you can email in your question; you have access to a private chat group where you can interact with other members; etc.

The team behind it is small-scale. No big marketing team pumping out the ads. It's small, but this shouldn't be confused with it not being good quality.

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