After Reviewing Hundreds of Stock Advisories, there Is Still ONLY One Service I Recommend

It's run by professional money managers targeting gains of 3x - 10x+ in the coming years by investing in heavily discounted stocks that have been left for dead.

Right now, they're letting in new members for just $1.

In a nutshell, they look for deep value - stocks that are extremely undervalued and have the potential for 3x+ returns (at a minimum)

This is asymmetric investing >> Investing in stocks that have huge upside potential but low downside.

It might sound too good to be true, but I'll get into the details on what they look for and how they select their stock picks in a bit.

Hi, I'm Anders, founder and editor here at Green Bull Research.

I created this website in 2020 to help investors avoid the many overhyped investment opportunities that exist online.

Now, my small team and I help un-tease the teasers, exposing stock picks for free, as well as reviewing the underlying stock advisory services.

Most Investment Advisory Services Are Over-Hyped And Don't Perform Well

This is the conclusion I've come to after reviewing 100's of such advisory services.

There are plenty of these advisory/stock-picking services out there.

The problem is that most of them... well... just aren't that great.

Many are over-hyped and don't perform well, although they'll often lead you to believe that their subscribers are making loads of money.

What I've often found is that many of the companies providing such services spend most (or much) of their money hyping up new opportunities rather than finding good investments for their subscribers.

Now I'm certainly not saying that all their services are bad. But, what I am saying is that they are often mass-marketed and hyped-up to no-end... which usually leads to a lot of disappointed subscribers.

Here at Green Bull Research, we like results, not hype.

And this is the point of me writing this today... to go over the only stock advisory service I recommend and why.

You've Probably Never Heard of This Before.

My recommendation is "little-known", and the reason for this is simple... the guys running it are focused on results, not on mass-marketing it all over the internet.

It's called Insider Weekly, and the professional money managers running it look for stocks most wouldn't touch with a 20 ft pole...

Have you heard of it? 

Probably not.

Insider Weekly, in a nutshell, is a weekly newsletter advisory service run by professional money manager Chris Macintosh that provides unique market insight & commentary as well as off-the-radar investment ideas that you won't hear 99% of the other "experts" talking about.

Chris' investment approach is generally contrarian, but not always.

The main goal is, of course, to make handsome returns on investments. The way Chris goes about doing this is different from most.

Targeting stocks that most fund managers wouldn't touch with a 20 ft pole is what you'll often find.

What he recommends are stocks that are out-of-favor, and because of this, extremely undervalued.

Often out of public favor, these stocks are what provide asymmetric investment opportunities with little downside risk.

As mentioned, the goal here is 3x returns at a minimum.

I'll go over this approach in more detail shortly, but first let's talk about the guy(s) behind it all more.

Run by professional money managers, not "talking heads" in the media

You won't get any hype from Chris, and this is something I like. He's a no-BS kind of guy, not a professional salesman like much of the "experts" out there.

He's blunt, speaks frank, call's a spade a spade and covers controversial topics sometimes in very un-"politically correct" ways.

But, I joined this service to make profits, and if this is what you're looking for too then you won't find any better.

Chris Macintosh (the main guy behind it all)

Chris is the editor and founder of Capitalist Exploits, the name of the company behind Insider Weekly, as well as the founder of Glenorchy Capital, a private capital money management firm for high-net clients.

Chris started out his career at Invesco Asset Management, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan-Chase and Robert Flemmings, eventually working his way up to managing family offices internationally and overseeing over $30 million invested into venture capital opportunities.

Does he have some big fancy diploma from some ivy league university? Nope.

Chris mentions in an interview on the Jay Kim Show (an investment show) how he became extremely interested in finance and economics, and the history of it, very early on in life. This eventually led him to getting a job in the investment bank world in the mid-to-late 90's (during the dot-com boom) with no terciary education, but, as he puts it, working his "ass off" to make up for it (also mentions having a great mentor).

Over the years he's also gained first-hand knowledge of the global markets by traveling around quite a bit. According to the same interview I mentioned above (from 2020), Chris claims to have lived in 7 different countries.

This past career experience and global background is great and all, but what's not talked about quite so often, but is perhaps more important than anything else, is the fact that over the years of working in the industry he's made high level industry contacts all over the world. 

It's this "rolodex" of contacts that he often uses to get insight into what's going in the markets and the world in general that most people just don't have access to.

Brad McFadden (behind the scenes)

Chris isn't alone in this work. Behind the scenes, doing a lot of the research and digging around for unpopular stocks that are being traded at massive discounts, is Brad.

I'm not entirely sure how the two met, but I do know what they've been friends for years and both grew up in South Africa. 

Brad has 20+ years of experience in the markets, having worked at Henry Ansbacher managing high net-worth clients' funds as well as managing a trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa.

Besides working at Cap Ex, he's also the Chief Investment Officer for an investment community and education company.

Brad is the Head Trader at Insider, and although you won't hear from him in the Insider Weekly newsletters, the work he does uncovering deep value opportunties with asymmetric potential is equally as important.

The two of them make a great team.

Asymmetric Returns by Investing In Out-Of-Favor Stocks

This is their strategy, and here are a couple examples of where they invest... at rock bottom...

The first chart shows an investment that took years (right around 4 years) to show any returns worth talking about, yet if you had waited those years you'd be sitting on 4x+ returns right now... with still a long way to go.

The second chart was more perfectly timed. They invested right at the bottom, have already made nice returns and, still, have a long way to go.

These charts track the performance of overall sectors, and the arrows point to when Chris and Brad first published recommendations in these sectors.

Basically, what Chris and Brad do is look for entire sectors that are extremely undervalued and out-of-favor, and invest in stocks there.

These sectors are often out-of-favor for political or social reasons, and are areas most fund managers wouldn't touch with a 20 ft pole. 

“We’re buying these things when they’re absolute toxic waste”. - Brad

Why do they invest in these sectors? Well, because sectors like these are where you can find great asymmetry, having stocks trading at heavily discounted prices.

It's all about asymmetric investing, which is simply finding opportunities with big upside and little downside.

As Chris Macintosh has stated himself, "I engineer my portfolio so that even if I'm right only 25% of the time, I'm still profitable."

Here's how they do it (a top-down approach)..

It's a top-down approach, and it doesn't always go like this but I've been a member of their service for over a year now and I'll try to break it down so that it's easy to understand, in 3 steps.

First, they start with the big, global macro, picture, often starting out looking at capital flows in and out of various sectors, supply and demand issues, what's needed to meet the often ridiculously unobtainable goals of politicians, entire sectors that are out-of-favor socially and/or politically and have been starved of funding, etc.

Oftentimes the sectors they invest in are extremely underfunded with valuations that will make one drool, yet still vital for the functioning of society.

So instead of it being a question of if you'll make money, it becomes a question of when?

Second, after identifying a sector that presents deep value, the question is how do you invest in it for the biggest upside and the lowest risk?

What angle do you take?

Gold, for example. Do you buy physical bullion or do you buy a gold ETF? Do you buy gold mining companies or do you buy gold mining royalty companies?

They look for what's profitable, practical, more resiliant to the chaos in the world, and... all-in-all, what has the most upside with the least downside.

Thirdly, after determining where to invest and how to do so, the last step is to select which companies to invest in.

These are usually companies that are 80 - 95+% down from previous highs, yet are still financially healthy and have been able to weather the storm of extreme lacks of funding.

Oftentimes, much of the companies in these unpopular sectors have went through bankruptcies and vanished. So, by default, much that have been able to stay afloat are strong and healthy.

But, of course, when picking a handful of stocks Chris and Brad look at all the typical financials, such as little debt as possible, P/E ratio, P/B ratio, dividend yield, profitability, etc., as well as look at their management team.

This is NOT a day trading advisory..

You can see by the example I showed above that this is long-term investing.

Chris and Brad aren't day traders, and so anyone considering signing up to this service must have patience for their investment theses to come to fruition.

Think of it this way: Yes, it might be hard to wait months or even years to see the returns expected, but the upside to this is that there is little-to-no portfolio management. 

For the most part, you invest and just wait.

No need to monitor your brokerage account like a hawk.

What you get with Insider Weekly 

As has become custom, each weekly issue of the newsletter starts out with a nice sunset photo sent in from a subscriber.

After this, you'll find the a list of what's going to be covered in the current issue and then you'll get to the meat of things, which can be quite a lot of content.

*These newsletters generally seem range from 20 - 40 pages of unique investment insight, depending on what's going on in the world.

As you know, Chris takes a global approach to investing. You can expect a wide-angle macro economical view in these newsletters. Some things you can expect him to cover include:

  • Geopolitical events and their effects on markets 
  • Supply and demand issues, and how we an position ourselves to capitalize from them
  • Capital flows in and out of various sectors and what they mean for us as investors
  • Talk about inflation, ever-rising state debt, the dying bond market, and how we can profit from the inevitable

Some of the content you'll find here will be a bit depressing, but there's not too much doom & gloom because Chris always provides practical solutions for profiting.

Finding ways to profit from just about any situation..

Governments have been racking up unsustainable debt-levels for years, and the stimulus packages that have been sent out in response to the coronavirus have only exacerbated this problem. 

Contrary to what the MSM is leading us to believe, the coming inflation is far from being "transitory" and debt levels are to the point that they could make blood shoot from your eyes.

Sounds bad, right?

Yeah, but we can still position our money to profit from it all.

Everything is relative, and in a time of inflation it's better to own "stuff" (like undervalued stocks) rather than fiat currency.

This is just one of many examples I can give.

Sure, the world as we knew it pre-2020 has changed drastically with COVID coming onto the scene - lockdowns of draconian proportion, riots, supply destruction, governments printing cash like there's no tomorrow, increasing geopolitical tensions, etc.

This has all been added on top of the existing craziness that already existed.

With the endless flow of news and information in today's world (mostly garbage), it's hard to know what to listen to and how to stay safe.

This is what Insider Weekly helps with.

Essentially, Insider Weekly is a curated report of what Chris, as an experienced professional fund manager who has a single goal of profiting from current situations, finds to be important enough to share.

No BS.
No hype.
Just the important stuff.

That's the core of the Insider Weekly newsletter.

At the end of each issue, you will find what's called "The Big Five", which are described as:

"Five interesting long-term setups - unloved and totally off the radar of the average fund manager."

First you get all the important news of what's going on out there, and then you're left off with some actionable investment ideas.

This is what I like to see.

What you'll often find here are charts that offer huge asymmetry, like this one from a recent weekly newsletter... 

Right now it's only $1 to join

I can't recommend Insider Weekly enough. 

It's a breath of fresh air in an industry that is mostly filled with garbage and sensationalist crap.

Keep up to date with what's important and get quality unique investment ideas... for only $1.

This is the special offer that Chris has made available right now.

Insider Weekly costs $35 per month, which is one heck of a deal any way you look at it, but right now you can join for just $1 for the entire first month.

Just $1 for your first 4 Insider Weekly newsletters, with the latest issue sent out immediately upon joining.

Where they're investing at the moment

Of course I can't divulge everything that they're investing in, but I will explain one sector Chris and Brad are extremely bullish on right now and their reasoning.

This will give you a better understanding of how they invest.

What they're bullish on right now: Agriculture

Here's why..

Their Thesis (in a nutshell): Food shortages are going to get worse in the near future. This is mainly stemming from economically-destructive COVID "lockdowns" - an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, but with many unforseen second-order consequences that are starting to rear their heads.

Not only has this created an "unprecedented supply and labour destruction in our globalised food system", but if you add the increasing monetary debasement and geopolitical tensions into the mix, well, this only is exacerbating the problem.

You've likely already noticed some of these second order consequences, but much of this is still playing out in real-time.

It takes time for the effects to be felt, as consumers are at the end of the food supply chain.

All of this, although a bit glum, is something that we can profit from. It's the perfect storm for food prices to rise. 

The team behind Insider Weekly has created a small 4-part documentary going into more detail on this thesis.

These are the types of investment opportunties Chris and Brad look for - often times profiting from chaos.

Now, this agriculture investment thesis isn't typically what you find with Insider Weekly. Normally, as mentioned, Chris and Brad look for stocks in out-of-favor sectors that are unpopular and have been left for dead, offering heavily discounted prices.

But their recommendations don't always follow this strategy.

They're just looking to exploit the markets and to profit. 

Agriculture is obviously vital for the functioning of society and right now we have a unique opportunity to profit from the coming rises in food prices.

It's not a sector that is "out-of-favor" or unpopular, but it is heavily discounted at the moment, offering the kind of asymmetry they look for.

Remember, 3x profit potential is the minimum they're looking for.

Why I recommend Insider Weekly

I stumbled upon this service pretty much by luck over a year ago.

And it goes without saying that I've been a member ever since (a happy member at that!).

I've reviewed 100s of investment advisory services over the years, many before even starting this website.

Most are heavily marketed, chase the "hottest" new trends, and simply do not perform all that well.

Inside Weekly isn't like this at all. It's truely unique in the field.

And I'm far from the only person who agrees. 

In fact, the company behind Insider Weekly, Capitalist Exploits, has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot - almost unheard of.

Here's a review I found from someone claiming they've "been an investor for over 20 years" and that "this is by far the best service" they've come across...

Here's another, this one from a subscriber talking about the uniqueness of the service, stating that it's something "you will simply not find anywhere else"...

That's a statement I'd have to agree with based on my personal experience as well.

And here we have a review mentioning the "no hype, no need for mass marketing" approach. This is another reason I'm more than happy with the service myself.

Just some of the overwhelmingly positive reviews this service has received.

So, if you're looking for my top recommendation, this is it.

Just be warned... Chris isn't known for beating around the bush, nor is he known for being "politically correct".

He's a professional money manager above everything else. 

He's looking to profit, and he calls things as he sees them.

If you have thin skin and are easily offended, this might not be the right service for you.

But if you give him an open mind and listen to the unique market insights and investment ideas presented, which are often far from what you'll hear in the Mainstream Media, then you'll likely a lot of value here.

Chris and the team are allowing new members in for just $1 right now, so I'd join...

*They'll send you the latest issue of Insider Weekly immediately after joining.

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