What Members Are Saying About INSIDER - Is it worth it?

At this point you probably are familiar with what INSIDER is and what it provides.

In a nutshell, INSIDER is an investment membership service run by two professional money managers, Chris Macintosh and Brad McFadden, that allows members to follow along with the trades they are making. Members are able to see exactly what the team is investing their own money in and are also provided with valuable insight, risk-management tradecraft and more.

  • Unique investment ideas
  • Trade alerts
  • Asymmetric risk management
    "I engineer my portfolio so that even if I'm right only 25% of the time, I'm still profitable." - Chris Macintosh

That's the core of what you get as a member. And in addition they also provide access to a private forum for investors, monthly Q&A webinars and more.

The service is phenomenal, but the price tag on this is no small amount. Priced at $1,999/yr, the full INSIDER service is something that a lot of subscribers have been asking me about.

On the fence? Thinking about joining but not sure if it will be worth it?

If this is you, then there isn't really any better way to help answer this question than to see what other members are saying, many of which have been with the service for years.

What Members Are Saying..

First off, Capitalist Exploits (Chris Macintosh & Brad McFadden's company behind INSIDER) has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, which is almost unheard of.

The reason for this is simple... they don't hype-up their advisory services and promise unrealistic earnings, and they always over-provide.

Capitalist Exploits trustpilot

You won't find a single bad review of their service. The worst I've been able to find was a 4 out of 5 star rating, which is still considered good. But most of 5 out of 5 stars.

So, I'm not cherry-picking positive reviews here. All of the reviews shown below are positive because that's all I could find, which says a lot about the quality of this service compared to others out there (it's pretty easy to find loads of negative reviews on other services).

*Note: The reviews shown below are from TrustPilot. I've blurred out names and faces, but you can visit trustpilot.com and search for Capitalist Exploits to see them for yourself... if you wish to.

- A "tremendous value" and a "rare breed"

The review below describes their services as a "rare breed", and this comes from someone who has joined many other advisories in the past...

- It's been "worth the money [a] million times"

From another member, in his opinion it has been well worth the cost of joining...

- "No hype and no need for mass marketing"

And here's a review from someone who loves the "no hype" approach taken (here at Green Bull this is something we can really get behind too)...

- "By far the best service I've come across"

This is a quote from no stranger to investing, a 20 year veteran, which goes to show the quality of what you get as a member...

- "Superbly-researched contrarian investment ideas"

This review (below) from Tim sums up the service pretty well, calling it "a rare gem" that provides "superbly-researched contrarian investment ideas with asymmetrical risk payoff potential"...

Another important part of the review shown above is that this is something "you will simply not find anywhere else"

- "Particularly valuable"

This is what a member named Boris stated when referring to "the INSIDER's viewpoint"...

- It has "made me a lot of money"

Below is a review from a 5-year member of the service, Randall, who claims the service has "made me a lot of money and taught me new skills and interests"...

Just how much money are people making with INSIDER?

Well, not many people are posting numbers, and of course you can't expect to join and have similar results, but here's a review (a bit old) from someone who joined back when the service was first released and...

- "I've made 13x my initial capital"

No hype.
No false promises.
Just results.

That's why myself and the team here at Green Bull Research recommend INSIDER so highly.

If you're serious about growing & protecting your wealth, and you're looking for a top-notch service to guide you, this is it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have experience with trading before I join?

It doesn't matter. The layout of what they provide is easy-to-follow. It will be a bit more challenging if you are a complete newbie, but isn't anything to be worried about.

Are there any discounts available?

Unfortunately not. The price is cut and dry, just like the information provided. The team at Capitalist Exploits aren't fans of tricky marketing tactics, and personally I like this.

How can you guarantee I won't lose money?

Well, this is certainly not something that they guarantee. 

Although Chris and Brad are experts, not every recommendation they provide is a winner. So members will at times lose money. BUT, and this is a big but... with their asymmetric investing approach this is all factored in, and a few loosing recommendations aren't going to kill your account.

Not only that, but they stand behind their service and offer a 30-day 100% moneyback guarantee in case things don't perform up to par.

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