INSIDER vs INSIDER Weekly - The Difference Between $1 & $1,999

Anders, founder of Green Bull Research here.

By now you know that most investment advisory services are overhyped and overmarketed. And by now you know that we recommend Capitalist Exploits' INSIDER advisory service, which targets returns of anywhere from 3x to 10x and more.

But, there's a bit of confusion around the two options available here, and basically you can choose to spend $2,000 or $1 on a membership. I'll break it down for you so that you know exactly what you're getting into.

First... quick recap on what INSIDER is...

What Exactly Is INSIDER?

INSIDER is an investment advisory service where members are provided with unique investment recommendations in extremely undervalued sectors that have the potential for 3x - 10x returns. Furthermore, besides getting access to the specific recommendations that the guys running it are making, which they invest their own money in, members also get a wealth of valuable insight into the markets via their weekly newsletters service, monthly Q&A webinars, a private chatroom and more.

The Guys Behind It: 

Chris Macintosh and Brad McFadden are the guys behind it all - both professional money managers.

Chris has founded and built multi-million dollar investment businesses, has worked with overseeing as much as $30 million into Venture Capital opportunities, advises family offices around the world and so on. 

Brad does a lot of the "behind the scenes" work, digging into finding deep value where few look. His past includes managing high net-worth client funds at Henry Ansbacher as well as managing a trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa.

They are both high-level professionals who have "skin in the game" and are far from being "talking heads" in the media.

The Strategy: Target 3x - 10x+ Returns Where No One Else Dares

They look to invest in sectors that are extremely under-valued. It's by finding deep-value setups that they are able to target returns of 3x - 10x.

In a nutshell, the goal here is to find sectors that have been beat up and left for dead, yet are still vital for the functioning of society. Out-of-favor, hated, and unpopular sectors that no one else is looking at are what you can expect to be alerted to.

It's all about asymmetric investing, which is simply finding opportunities with big upside and little downside.

As Chris Macintosh has stated himself, "I engineer my portfolio so that even if I'm right only 25% of the time, I'm still profitable."

INSIDER Example: Uranium

I can't divulge too much information here, but Uranium is one sector INSIDER has recommended investing in. It's been hated and unloved for years now, and stocks in this sector can be bought at bargain prices. Not only that, but it is still very much essential for the functioning of society, and countries like India and China are continuing to increase their demand.

At the moment some INSIDER members (myself included) have already made 2 - 3x gains on the INSIDER-recommended uranium stocks due to recent up-ticks in price, and the party seems to just be getting started if prices are going to even come close to past highs...

*Chris and Brad think prices could break past highs here, claiming that this is one of the best set-ups they've ever seen.

What You Get as a Member: INSIDER vs INSIDER Weekly

So this is what all they offer.

1) Live Portfolio & Ongoing Trade Alerts [INSIDER Members Only]

Members get access to the live portfolio that always includes dozens of "buy" rated stocks... stocks that Chris & Brad are investing their own money in.

This is a running list of stocks with all the necessary information, including the Theme (the sector, such as gold, uranium, 5G, etc.), Ticker symbol, Name, the Exchange it's traded on, its Previous High, and Recent Price...

At the moment there are 80+ recommended stocks in the portfolio, in various sectors. Of course you don't have to invest in them all, but this gives you an idea of the amount of deep-value opportunties out there.

No need to watch this portfolio like a hawk. Remember, the focus here is long-term investing, and if it is time to sell a stock then an alert will be sent out to you.

And it's also worth mentioning that they don't promise a certain number of recommendations every month, like most advisory services do. This way, they aren't forced to recommend stocks to meet some quota and only make recommendations when they find true deep-value asymmenty. 

*NOTE: Detailed trade alerts are sent out when they buy or sell.

The Recently Added "Income Portfolio":

Chris & Brad recently added another portfolio to what INSIDERS get access to, called the "Income Portfolio". The focus here is a bit different from the main focus of INSIDER overall. It's all about recommending solid companies that pay out high dividends, many paying 10% and higher.

*Over 70 high-paying dividend stocks with solid balance sheets here. Great for investors looking to make regular income!

2) Weekly Newsletter & Stock Tips [INSIDER & INSIDER Weekly Members]

Members also can look forward to a weekly report (newsletter) that is sent out called INSIDER Weekly, which Chris writes.

These weekly reports are generally anywhere from 15 - 40 pages (depends on what's going in the market) and are packed with a wealth of professional knowledge on things like asymmetric investment ideas, market commentary & analysis, risk management tradecraft, and a whole lot more.

This is where they provide all the juicy details on what they're targeting next. And not only this, but Chris presents a variety of ways to invest, which you can go with depending on amount of risk you’re willing to take on.

Before stocks are introduced to the model portfolio, you'll hear about them here in INSIDER Weekly. 

3) Monthly Q&A Webinars [INSIDER Members Only]

These monthly Q&A webinars provide a heck of a lot of value, but you never really know what to expect. They are hosted by both guys and, as all Q&A's work, here they answer questions that were sent in by members.

Straightforward answers are provided and don’t shy away from questions, even when it comes to talking about losing recommendations (which do happen).

These webinars are usually anywhere from 2 to 3 hours and types of questions you can expect to hear answers to are on things like their views on specific stocks, sectors, portfolio management questions, predictions, their take on current events and crises, a bit of political talk (related to investing of course), and so on.

4) Private Chat Forum Access [INSIDER Members Only]

Members also get access to a private forum where they can communicate with other INSIDER members. Again, this is something that you can't really put a value on because the wealth of information you can find here is something unpredictable. 

The subscriber-base of INSIDER includes investors of all different backgrounds, ranging from hedge fund mangers, to mutual fund managers, to your every day retail investors like myself. So you can imagine the potential help a chatroom like this provides. If you have a question and post it in the chat, chances are someone will be able to answer it.

5) Special Reports & Video Content (Extras) [INSIDER Members Only]

As a member you'll also get access to a variety of special reports and video content in the "Extras" section of the members area. These extras are published as needed and are often focused on current events that are important for investors to know the truth about.

Just to give you a better idea of what to expect, here are a few of the extras available to me at the time of writing this...

Additionally, in the Extras section they also provide information on their suggested brokers, where they suggest buying cryptocurrency, their suggested reading list and more - all good information.

Cost to Join - You Have 2 Options

There are 2 options you have if you want to become a member and get access to the valuable information provided here.

1) Become a full INSIDER member for $1,999/yr

  • Get access to everything

*Note: There's a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if for some reason you don't like what you get, you can get your money back no questions asked.

2) Subscribe to only INSIDER Weekly for $1 ($35/mo after the first month)

  • Get access to the weekly newsletter service

Side-by-Side Comparison


Includes the weekly newsletter service 




  • Live Portfolio & Ongoing Trade Alerts
  • Weekly Newsletter & Stock Tips
  • Monthly Q&A Webinars
  • Private Chat Forum Access
  • Special Reports & Video Content (Extras)

Which Should You Join?

If you are hesitant about paying $2k for INSIDER, rest assured that they do honor the 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.

Alternatively, if you are hesitant about joining, why not take up the $1 offer to join INSIDER Weekly for the first month? It's a bargain deal to receive 4 weeks worth of their newsletter service.

Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed.


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